You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

  • Jackson Fillmore

    This neighbourhood trattoria with simple, tasty South Italian specialities and a good selection of wines has been a firm fixture on legendary Fillmore Street in the pretty Pacific Heights district for over 20 years. Always full to bursting point, this atmospheric establishment is as popular with hipsters as it is with «ordinary» people. The «Seafood fra diavolo» dish is known all over town.
    2506 Fillmore Street | San Francisco, CA 94115
    +1 415 346 52 88
  • The Alembic

    This fashionable, rustic restaurant in the new vintage look is located in the former hippie haven of Haight-Ashbury. You can have a big meal or stay with tasty snacks and starters. The Alembic is well-known for its cocktail bar, which has an extraordinary selection of drinks ranging from classic cocktails and various sakes to trendy microbrews. Which is not to say that food plays a secondary role – the New American dishes are exquisite.
    1725 Haight Street | San Francisco, CA 94117
    +1 415 666 08 22
  • Imperial Palace

    Best dim sums
    Admittedly, the Imperial Palace is a place of antiquated glamour, and is located in the middle of the city’s touristy Chinatown. The service can be a little uneven, too. But the ambience transports guests to the Chinese Empire for a short time – and the dim sum, handmade in the open kitchen, are divine. A trip to San Francisco, which has the second-largest Chinese population in America, is not complete without trying these traditional pastry dumplings.
    818 Washington Street | San Francisco, CA 94108
    +1 415 956 98 88
  • Chez Spencer

    After completing his chef’s training in France, owner and head chef Laurent Katgley perfected his craft in restaurants such as L’Escale and Alain Chapel. In the 1990s he cooked at the top New York restaurant Lepinasse, after which he moved between various top-line kitchens in California. In 2002 he opened his own bistro Chez Spencer – a small, uncomplicated eatery with a large wood-burning oven and first-class Californian-French bistro dishes.
    82 14th Street | San Francisco, CA 94103
    +1 415 864 21 91
  • Michael Mina

    Award-winning chef
    Michael Mina is one of the best, and best-known, chefs in the country, and from his base in San Francisco has created a modest restaurant empire that stretches all the way to Florida. Mina learned his craft in various top restaurants. The restaurant that bears his name is in the Westin Hotel on Power Street has one Michelin star for its New American cuisine, which is served in an elegant ambience.
    335 Powell Street, 13th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94102
    +1 415 397 92 22
  • Zuni Café

    The Zuni Café is one of the city’s legendary eateries and, together with Chez Panisse located across the bay in Berkeley, ranks as a pioneer in the new Californian cuisine that is based on fresh Mediterranean-style market cuisine. Zuni is known for its simple, tasty dishes such as ricotta gnocchi, radicchio salad with anchovy vinaigrette, and roast chicken with bread salad. A visit to the Zuni Café is one of the musts when in San Francisco.
    1658 Market Street | San Francisco, CA 94102
    +1 415 552 25 22
  • Coi Restaurant

    Owner and head chef Daniel Patterson is one of the most innovative cooks in the Bay Area. He combines seasonal market cuisine with avant-garde ideas based on molecular gastronomy, using the best, freshest products from the region, and occasionally even uses essential oils. He is also known for his preference for various salts and salt combinations. Meals are served either in the stylish dining room or in the more relaxed atmosphere of the lounge.
    373 Broadway | San Francisco, CA 94133
    +1 415 393 90 00
  • Slow Club

    Industrial look
    A classic on San Francisco’s new restaurant scene. The industrial-concrete look of this place, which has been popular for years, perfectly represents the city’s food style: simple, fresh meals prepared with the best local seasonal products and a solid value-for-money balance. «Slow» in the name is an allusion to the «slow food» philosophy. Popular: the luxurious Sunday brunch.
    2501 Mariposa Street | San Francisco, CA 94110
    +1 415 241 93 90
  • Tartine Bakery

    For the sweet-toothed
    This small bakery, with a few seats around rustic wooden tables, is in the middle of the trendy Mission district. The crispy croissants, tarts with fillings such as banana cream or frangipane, chocolate soufflé or Devil’s Food cake and the unique sandwiches (pecorino and almond, anyone?) smell fabulous and taste heavenly. This jam-packed bakery has the same effect on the sweet-toothed as a honey pot on bees.
    600 Guerrero Street | San Francisco, CA 94110
    +1 415 487 26 00
  • Caffe Trieste

    Best espresso
    Caffe Trieste on North Beach still looks the same today as it did in 1956, when Italian émigré Giovanni Giotta first opened this important institution in the city. The best quality espressos and cappuccinos were already being served here long before coffee became trendy. The brews must have been inspiring: a young Francis Ford Coppola worked on the screenplay of «The Godfather» in a corner of the café.
    601 Vallejo Street | San Francisco, CA 94133
    +1 415 392 67 39
  • Blue Bottle Café

    Roasting its own
    You earn your coffee here: guests wait in a line for a small eternity before being allowed to enter the «holy hall». However, the hype surrounding the Blue Bottle Café is well-founded. The Blue Bottle Coffee Company, which owns the café, roasts selected, sustainably grown coffee beans itself, turning them into a wide range of extraordinarily good coffee drinks. Very popular: the filter drip from a kind of distilling apparatus.
    66 Mint Street | San Francisco, CA 94103
    +1 510 653 33 94
  • Bourbon & Branch

    The bar is a homage to the 1920s and 1930s and Prohibition, when illegal alcohol could only be consumed in secret. That’s why it has no outdoor signage. So read the note on the sign (Anti-Saloon League) in the picture carefully – once you’ve found it, you’re in the right place. The interior is delightfully decadent and old-fashioned, the atmosphere terrific. And of course, it has lots of strong drinks.
    501 Jones Street | San Francisco, CA 94102
    +1 415 346 17 35
  • Press Club

    Top wines
    Eight of the top wineries from the Napa Valley, an hour north of the city, joined forces to create the tasteful, modern-styled Press Club wine bar at the heart of San Francisco. Each winery has its own tasting bar where guests can sample the best wines without having to leave town. Tasty snacks are available for the peckish.
    20 Yerba Buena Lane | San Francisco, CA 94103
    +1 415 744 50 00
  • Infusion Lounge

    Stylish and light
    Located close to Union Square, the Infusion Lounge has one of the most artistic interiors on the San Francisco club scene. LED-illuminated glass adorns the dance floor, private rooms and VIP areas. Food is also available in the club. The Infusion Lounge shines with top DJs and fabulous concerts.
    124 Ellis Street | San Francisco, CA 94102
    +1 415 421 8700