Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

The place is called Coffee Pirates and it’s a coffee paradise. I could spend hours there. What I love the most with this place is simply … the coffee. Indeed, they roast the coffee beans themselves which gives quite a unique taste to the coffee. Instead of roasting large quantities of beans in one go, they roast a small quantity and differently depending on the type of beans and the use of the coffee (for filter coffee, espresso or special brew). Plus they use very unique and high quality coffee beans. The owners are extremely friendly, passionate about coffee and really happy to inform curious customers about the coffee process: from beans selection, how to roast a coffee and how to prepare the perfect espresso. The atmosphere in the shop is really relaxed with a light and cosy interior design. Plus, the roasting machine is in the lounge and often being used during the day. If you’re lucky, you can actually see the Coffee Pirates in action.

(Manager JV Performance & Star Alliance)
Coffee Pirates

Spitalgasse 17
1090 Vienna

At Therme Wien, you can really recover from the hustle and bustle of Vienna. This thermal spa is less than thirty minutes from the city centre and offers pure, unadulterated relaxation. I simply love doing nothing for a change and relaxing in one of the many sulphur baths. There’s also a fantastic sauna area. In short, an oasis quite close to the city!

(Flight Attendant)
Therme Wien
Kurbadstrasse 14
1100 Vienna
+43 1 680 00 96 00

In the winter, the town hall square in Vienna is the venue for a marvellous Christmas market where you can really enjoy a glass of punch. After a stroll through the Christmas market, I like to go to the roof terrace of the25hours Hotelwhere I can enjoy the fascinating view of the city.

(First Officer)
Christmas market
1010 Vienna

I fell in love with this cosy, Californian beach-style café straight away. Today, there are three of them in the city. They were founded by a flight attendant who also sells treasures from all four corners of the world. The cafés are stylish yet decorated extremely cosily, and you just sense that the owner has a passion for travel – especially for American cakes, muffins and bagels. Simply sensational!

(Flight Attendant)
Pure Living Bakery
Burggasse 68
1070 Wien

When in Vienna, it is essential to visit the Trzesniewski – with the fabulous by-line of «Unspeakably good rolls» in District 1 close to the famous Graben. This legendary eatery was founded in 1902 by Franciszek Trzesniewski of Cracow, and is famous for its delicious open sandwiches. There are over 20 different varieties. My tip: bacon and egg with wild paprika. Served with a «Pfiff» (small beer), and you're ready to carry on your tour of Vienna.

(Maître de Cabine)
Pub Trzesniewski
Dorotheergasse 1
1010 Vienna
+43 1 512 32 91

The finest food from morning till evening, inspired by Oriental and specifically Israeli specialities, can be found at Neni on the Naschmarkt. Whether meze, salads, or the awesome Jerusalem-Teller, everyone will find here his personal culinary favourite.

(Cockpit Crew Planning)
Restaurant Neni
Naschmarkt 510
1060 Vienna
+43 1 585 20 20

In Vienna, you will find the Wiener Schnitzel on nearly every corner. My favourite Wiener Schnitzel is served at the restaurant Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper. I go to this restaurant every time I stay the night in Vienna. The modern and pleasant ambience, the potato salad side dish, and a glass of wine or beer: I couldn’t imagine a stopover in Vienna without Plachuttas.

(Flight Attendant)
Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper
Walfischgasse 5-7
1010 Vienna
+43 1 51 222 51

I recommend Hotel Daniel which is very modern in a fresh and hip way. The rooms have a simple yet tasteful design. The breakfast buffet is served in a living-room atmosphere with music, armchairs, sofas and magazines, and is available until 12:00 on weekends and offers everything you need. Having brunch at Daniel’s is not only a treat for hotel guests; many locals visit the hotel for a Sunday morning breakfast as well. The hotel produces its own honey from beehives on the rooftop. The honey as well as their own branded shower gel is sold in the charming little hotel shop. For a small fee, you can rent bikes or Vespas to explore Vienna.

(Responsible Quality & Procedures Service Centers)
Hotel Daniel
Landstrasser Gürtel 5
1030 Vienna
+43 1 901310