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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Kodbyens Fiskebar

      Gourmet restaurant
      This extraordinary gourmet restaurant is housed in a former city abattoir. A generously proportioned room with the charm of an industrial hall, white-tiled walls, unvarnished furniture, and a wonderful tin counter. The clientele is young and attractive and the place is humming with activity. It's no wonder, though, since everything fits. The fish is freshly caught, the dishes are combined for exciting results, the service is warm and unconventional. Fine dining in shorts. Make sure you save room for dessert!
      Flæsketorvet 100
      Copenhagen 1711
      +45 32 15 56 56
    • Atlas Bar

      Multicultural mix
      The Atlas Bar is located in the middle of Copenhagen's Old Town. It's a good place to head for after shopping or before going out. This basement bar in Larsbjørnsstræde offers Thai and Pakistani dishes, tortillas and tandoori, Danish classics and crisp salads. It sounds like a crazy muddle but everything is delicious and goes together wonderfully. The word on the street is that the staff is a mix of photographers, dancers and musicians. It sounds like La Bohème.
      Larsbjørnsstræde 18
      Copenhagen 1454
      +45 33 15 03 52
    • AOC

      Dining in the cellar
      Christian Aaro has been named Denmark's best sommelier three times now. His elegante restaurant in a vaulted 17th century cellar is one of the most exciting addresses in the city. Chef Ronny Emborg serves up light and fresh food on handsome Royal Copenhagen tableware.
      Dronningens Tværgade 2
      Copenhagen 1302
      +45 33 11 11 45
    • Ida Davidsen

      Smørrebrød for every taste
      The Davidsen family has been breaking records since 1888: They've created 250 variations of the national dish smørrebrød, buttered bread slices topped with everything imaginable. Their bread is sold in all forms possible, so that no one goes hungry. And when the restaurant feels you've reached the prominent status to deserve it, you will get your own smørrebrød named after you, like the Crown Prince Frederik.
      Store Kongensgade 70
      Copenhagen 1274
      +45 33 91 36 55
    • Falernum

      The whole day
      Simple, little tables, an impressive collection of various chairs, a plain but chic place to eat. This wine bar on one of the busiest streets in Vesterbro is open all day. Whether you'd like a croissant in the morning, a gazpacho for lunch or a plate of tapas in the evening, this is the place. And don't forget the espresso. This place gets totally full after 10 p.m.
      Værnedamsvej 16
      Copenhagen 1619
      +45 33 22 30 89
    • Dyrehaven

      Retro cult
      One look at the Dyrehaven, the local word for «deer park» and you'll know why it's everyone's favourite hangout. Up until recently it was called Acid Garden and was one of the trendy places where the scene meets in Vesterbro. There's still any number of odd birds around but the district near the central station has been greatly refurbished and visitors are more likely to see dads walking here with their flaxen-haired offspring than rockers or pimps. The panelled bar and a few nicotine-stained landscape paintings remind guests of the earlier times. Those who like it retro and cosy are hardly going to be phased by the antlers and pleather seats. The Dyrehaven is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      Sønder Boulevard 72
      Copenhagen 1720
    • Bar and Café Victor

      For business lunches
      Everything served from the zinc counter at Victor is perfect. The salads and small dishes are as easy-going and stylish as the masterful bartenders. The Café Victor, in the middle of Copenhagen's business district, is an institution. Classic yet stylish, busy yet relaxed.
      Ny Østergade 8
      1101 Copenhagen
      +45 33 13 36 13
    • Café og Restaurant Ofelia

      Pretty terrace
      In contrast to the opera house, which came out somewhat crude, the new theatre building is a real treasure for the Nyhavn district. In the front on the quay the tables are so close to the water they nearly fall in. Guests lay their bare feet on the chairs and enjoy the summer and the royal open-air theatre to the fullest. The crowd is massive, so the waiters can be a touch on the rough-and-ready side. Things are somewhat more civilized inside. High ceilings, a harmonious design, a view like the old masters once painted. The delicious salad dressing alone is worth a visit.
      Sankt Annæ Plads 36
      Copenhagen 1250
      +45 33 69 39 31
    • Vega - House of Music

      Concerts, dance, bar
      Vega is and remains one of the most important places to go out in Copenhagen and perhaps all of Europe. Every year, 250 concerts and events are held here. The two halls, Store (capacity of 1,500) and Lille Vega (500) are housed in a former trade union building. It's fifties modernism with a touch of working class. The interior decoration and the bars are a dream for any interior designer: mahogony floors, curvacious furniture, art on tiles, Nordic lighting. After the concert, attendees chill out at one of the bars or party into the night at one of the clubs – everything is practically under one roof.
      Enghavevej 40
      Copenhagen 1674
    • Harbo Bar

      Artsy place
      Self-created furniture, candles on the tables, colourful wood panelling and a huge mobile on the toilet ceiling. There's no doubt that artists have been at work here. The Harbo Bar, run by twin sisters Gitte and Lene, is a neighbourhood bar in the hip Nørrebro district, unpretentious and friendly. The regulars come with colourful tattooes, horn-rimmed glasses, and hand-decorated laptops, but older guests also feel more than welcome at the Harbo Bar.
      Blågårdsgade 2D
      Copenhagen 2200
    • Kødby / the «Meat District»

      Evening out in industrial halls
      Those who like to stay up late and mix with Copenhagen's hipster crowd should head toward Kødby. This former meatpacking district is full of bars and clubs where there's always something going on. The buildings on the premises are under monument protection and some of the warehouses are still in operation. Nowadays, restaurants, galleries and clubs like the Karriere Bar (with art by Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein and Dan Graham), Bakken and Mesteren & Lærlingen have become a more or less permanent fixture. The whole thing has the feeling of being pleasantly improvised, flexible and non-commercial.
      Between Halmtorvet, Skelbækgade, Ingerslevsgade and Kvægtorvsgade
    • Eiffel Bar

      Good atmosphere
      The first impression is that a bunch have Vikings have accidentally landed in a painting by Toulouse Lautrec. Guests sit and drink between Eiffel Towers, kitsch and cockades. Just as the energy is starting to build, the DJ plays «Last Christmas» in the middle of summer. Everyone sings along. If you weren't enjoying your beer before, you definitely will now. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.
      Wildersgade 58
      Copenhagen 1408
      +45 32 57 70 92