Naturally, the capital of Denmark could rest on its laurels - its wonderful location on the sea, its affluence and its sights - but Copenhagen is a city that keeps reinventing itself, a courageous metropolis, eager to experiment, in touch with its citizens and green.

Anyone who walks through Copenhagen nowadays can sense how successfully the environmentally friendly ideas have been implemented. More than one third of its residents bicycle to work, the harbour and its many canals are so clean that you can swim everywhere, old military and industrial premises like the Carlsberg brewery are being made useable again.

To explore the city, visitors should really go by bike on land and paddle boat by water to quickly experience the «Copenhagen Effect». Copenhagen has set a goal to be the first carbon-neutral capital in the world by 2025. It's no wonder that many metropolises would like to Copenhagenise themselves. But you don't need to be an urban planner to enjoy this city of 1.2 million. Copenhagen has wonderful museums, and beautiful parks and beaches. You can visit castles or get your fill of modern architecture.

There are top restaurants like Kodbyens Fiskebar in former slaughterhouses and old warehouses and shops that look like your living room. Copenhagen is child-friendly and uncomplicated. And Copenhagen is without a doubt the fashion capital of the North. Scandinavian fashion is quite modern and minimalist, simple but refined.

City Facts

  • Location

    Capital of Denmark on the island of Zealand.

  • Population

    about 560,000

  • Size

    77.2 km²

  • Public transport

    Very well connected network of busses and commuter and underground trains.

  • Climate

    Maritime climate with warm summers and cool winters.

  • Best time to visit

    Early summer. The days are long with comfortable temperatures.

  • Good to know

    The water in Copenhagen's harbour is so clean that you can leap in to cool off without a concern for your health.

  • Nice to know

    The restaurant Ida Davidsenoffers guests a 1.40-metre-long menu (a world record) with more than 250 types of open-faced sandwich or smørrebrød to choose from. Many of them are named after celebrities like Victor Borge, Michael Laudrup and Crown Prince Frederik.

  • Airport

    Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup; 8 km south of Copenhagen

  • Metro

    Leaves every 4 to 6 minutes during day and every 15 to 20 minutes in the evening. The underground station is located right above terminal 3.

  • Railway

    Trains leave every 10 minutes from Terminal 3. A trip into the city centre takes about 13 minutes.

  • Bus

    Bus 5A goes directly to the city centre. The journey takes 30 minutes.

  • Taxi

    Taxis depart from Terminals 1 and 3.