You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Restaurant lila Sosse

      German cuisine with pizzazz
      This restaurant focuses on national recipes and products. They are based, for instance, on beef, lettuce, potatoes or trout, and seasoned with local thyme, sage or lavender. Complemented by accents from beyond the country's borders – such as wasabi, chili or limes. However, the lila Sosse is not only a restaurant; it is also a pub and a meeting place for an aperitif or a snack after work or exploring. Rustic cosiness meets bright, fresh colours and artistic elements in the area of the Dresdner Kunsthof, the Art Court.
      Alaunstrasse 70
      im Hof der Fabelwesen
      01099 Dresden
      +49 351 803 6723
    • Restaurant Caroussel

      Gourmet cuisine
      With good reason this lovely restaurant earned a Michelin star. The clever ideas in the kitchen come from the young star chef Benjamin Biedlingmaier, who dares to play with ingredients like lamb or combinations of beef and crayfish. Prepare to get spoiled in the elegant ambience of the Bülow Palais Hotel – complete with chandeliers and china.
      Königstrasse 14
      01097 Dresden
      +49 351 800 30
    • bean & beluga by Stefan Hermann

      Award-winning cuisine
      The bean & beluga is pure pleasure on the very highest level. Michelin star-winning chef Stefan Hermann has fulfilled his dream of having his own restaurant, wine bar, delicatessen and cooking school. The interior is puristic, with white dominating in all the rooms. Gourmets love the special creations and combinations of spices and seasoning. Every single dish is a veritable delight for the palate. The "bean and beluga burger" with goose liver and black truffles has long been a classic. Booking is advised.
      Bautzner Landstrasse 32
      01324 Dresden
      +49 351 4400 8800
    • Schmidt’s Restaurant

      Creative and fresh
      "Schmidt’s macht abhängig!" – "Schmidt is addictive!" – promises the team at this restaurant and it is quite possibly so. The loft-like location – a must anyway for anyone who is interested in architecture and design – serves a weekly selection of seasonally inspired dishes and different market-fresh dishes of the day during the day and in the evening. When the weather permits, the delightful summer garden on the premises of the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau are irresistible. Booking is advised.
      Moritzburger Weg 67
      01109 Dresden
      +49 351 804 4883
    • Curry und Co.

      All things sausage
      Anyone who loves currywurst simply has to come here. The interior might be more like a coffee house than a typical sausage and snack shop but that only makes it even cosier. Not only does it serve the classic with mild or hot mustard but diners can also choose chilli onions, peanut or honey mustard sauce - all served with French fries, of course. It also serves no fewer than 18 different beers. Naturally, the vegan currywurst is also available. There is another branch on Loschwitzer Strasse.
      Louisenstrasse 62
      01099 Dresden
      +49 351 209 3153
    • Dresden 1900

      Just like old times
      This restaurant serves the typical Saxon cuisine – that always brings to mind Grandma's old recipes from roughly 1900. The speciality is called the "Dresden Batzen". It is a piece of pork neck that is seasoned with cumin and marjoram, then brushed with mustard and dipped in Radeberger Bier. It is served with onion sauce, fried potatoes and bacon sauerkraut. However, the Dresden 1900 also moves with the times and serves a selection of vegetarian dishes that are made with local ingredients. The ambience is rustic: Helene, Dresden's oldest preserved tram dating back to 1898, can be admired here and waiting staff wear the old conductor's hat.
      An der Frauenkirche 20
      01067 Dresden
      +49 351 4820 5858
    • Lesage

      Culinary hotspot
      A car factory that uses olive oil? Nothing unusual for head chef Thorsten Bubolz. He cooks in the middle of the all-glass VW works. The menu includes creations such as cold cucumber and wasabi soup, or fillet of sea bass with paprika risoni and sautéed romaine hearts. The Lesage is undoubtedly a culinary hotspot in Dresden, where dishes are served in a modern ambience. Also popular are the Sunday Brunch, the Business Lunch, which is served from Monday to Friday, the After Work Lounge and the "Lesage for Kids" workshop.
      Lennéstrasse 1
      01069 Dresden
      +49 351 420 4250
    • Blumenau

      Brunch and more
      "Hearty breakfast" is one of the brunch choices on the menu of the Café & Bar Blumenau. And indeed, the salmon, ham, salami, herb quark, cream cheese, vegetables, fresh fruit, bread and bread rolls are more than filling. It also serves crêpes, cakes and muffins, and various dishes for lunch and in the evening. There is a tremendous selection of coffee varieties, which are available in several sizes. Friends like to meet here in the evenings for an aperitif.
      Louisenstrasse 67
      01099 Dresden
      +49 351 802 6502
    • Kreutzkamm

      Traditional establishment
      Founded in Dresden in 1825 and once the holder of the royal warrant, the Café Kreutzkamm is a paradise with tradition for the sweet-toothed. Cakes, gateaux, chocolates, fine pastries, specialities and other delights are available in abundance in this shop in the Altmarkt Gallery. Baumkuchen - "tree cake" - and Rosinenstollen - "raisin cake" - are especially popular with customers. And those who wish to enjoy its sweet delights back at home can take advantage of its international shipping service.
      Altmarkt 25 (corner of Wilsdruffer Strasse)
      01067 Dresden
      +49 351 495 4172
    • Sperling

      Small but packing quite a punch
      The Café Sperling opened its doors in October 2013. The owner puts her faith in the tried-and-tested: the cake recipes she uses belonged to her grandmother. She also serves bagels, breakfast and eggs en cocotte and there is a small changing lunchtime menu with dishes such as soup, pasta or salad. This little establishment is invitingly bright and cosy.
      Alaunstrasse 86 (corner of Timaeusstrasse)
      01099 Dresden
      +49 174 187 2342
    • Club Paula

      House and techno
      Paula used to be a club, then it was a series of events, and since 2012 it has again been a club in Dresden's industrial quarter, and a firm fixture in the city's nightlife. House and techno music are the main sounds. Behind the decks are top DJs and party series such as "Seelensauna" or "UnterDruck" have numerous fans amongst the city's night owls.
      Meschwitzstrasse 8
      01099 Dresden
      +49 351 263 0864
    • Wohnzimmer

      Cosy and nostalgic
      This is a wonderful place to relax after an exciting day's sightseeing or after business meetings. Because it's (almost) like being at home. Cool drinks, 60s music, nostalgic lampshades, candles and velvet Art Nouveau sofas: that's the Wohnzimmer (living room). The large windows provide clear views of the bustle outside. Sit back and enjoy the coffee specialities, cakes, wines and various cocktails. Thursday is Ladies' Night: their cocktails are available at special prices.
      Jordanstrasse 27
      01099 Dresden
      +49 351 563 5956
    • Dresden Gin House

      For gin lovers
      At least 37.5 percent proof and juniper – then you know you have gin in your glass. You're spoilt for choice at the Gin House, which in addition to an extensive range of standards brands also creates its own flavours. Naturally, it also serves wine, Prosecco and mineral water. The ambience of this boudoir style bar adds a certain something when enjoying a drink in this establishment near the Frauenkirche. It also offers gin courses and tastings for groups of up to 14 people.
      An der Frauenkirche 13
      01067 Dresden
      +49 351 417 27 0
    • Katy’s Garage

      Cars and relaxation
      From April, a little green oasis can be found here, in the midst of the new town. Plants, the garden fountain and the terrace are brought up to scratch and the barbecue and tap are good to go. Later on, it's time for the club. The interior decor consists of car doors, exhausts and spare parts; the tables are entire engine blocks, stacks of tyres or bus seats. Whether a concert or a party with a DJ – this is the place to celebrate.
      Alaunstrasse 48
      01099 Dresden
      +49 351 656 7701