You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Clichy

      French cuisine
      «Luxury yes; fuss and bother no!» That is how chef Ekkehard Reiman describes the Clichy. And for over 30 years, his guests have been thanking him for it. It’s a good idea to book, because the charming «in» restaurant, which offers a clever combination of elegance and feel-good atmosphere, is extremely popular. Excellent wines and superb food guarantee a wonderful evening in the Clichy.
      Weissekreuzstrasse 31
      30163 Hanover
      +49 511 31 24 47
    • Titus

      Modern cuisine
      The cuisine served by owner and chef Dieter Grubert appeals for its excellent quality, lack of fuss and total concentration on the products themselves. Guests can choose from a full and a snacks menu and an excellent wine list. The restaurant is small and cosy, and guests are guaranteed a successful evening in this delightful atmosphere.
      Wiehbergstrasse 98
      30519 Hanover
      +49 511 83 55 24
    • Tomo Sushi

      Japanese cuisine
      This friendly Japanese restaurant that serves much more than just sushi is in the eastern part of the city. Both the gyoza and the miso soups taste just as they do in Japan, and there are also other specialities that you won’t find everywhere. There’s definitely a strong feeling of Japan here – be sure to leave a space for little treats such as horenso and wakame.
      Volgersweg 17
      30175 Hanover
      +49 511 34 34 43
    • Restaurant Meteora

      Greek cuisine
      An excellent and very popular Greek restaurant. Many people believe it is actually the best Greek restaurant in the city, so be sure to book. The ingredients are fresh and of the best quality; the food tastes wonderful, and the service is unbelievably friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended: mezedes – little snacks that are ordered with an aperitif.
      Hamburger Allee 37
      30161 Hanover
      +49 511 31 52 37
    • Kaffee Pause

      Warm and friendly
      The best things about the day were, and are, the breaks. Muesli in the morning; a tart or salad at lunchtime, and perhaps another little break with coffee or waffles in the afternoon. Guests in the Kaffee Pause – which means coffee break – often like to stay for a second cup. It’s a popular spot in the popular Linden district.
      Davenstedter Strasse 27
      30449 Hanover
      +49 511 727 644 47
    • Holländische Kakao-Stube

      Ever-popular classic
      As the name implies, this establishment is about chocolate in the broadest sense, and cocoa in the strictest. In winter in particular, there’s nothing nicer than to sit in the Holländische Kakao-Stube after a stroll around the city and warm up over a hot drink. Accompanied perhaps by something chocolate-y from the confectionery or a slice of the popular «tree cake». Mmmm.
      Ständehausstrasse 2-3
      30159 Hanover
      +49 511 30 41 00
    • Café Konrad

      Institution in the Old Town
      Cosy Café Konrad is on two floors in a beautiful timber-framed building in one of the four oldest streets in Hanover. It’s lovely to sit in the garden in summer, or on lively Knochenhauerstrasse, over coffee and cake – or even enjoy one of the delicious meals on the regularly changing weekly menu.
      Knochenhauerstrasse 34
      30159 Hanover
      +49 511 32 36 66
    • Béi Chéz Heinz

      Cellar club
      Whether punk, open mics or disco, the programme at Béi Chéz Heinz is varied and always full of surprises. The mood is unbeatable, the audience relaxed and the location a little bit different – well, it’s in the cellar. But best to check the programme yourself and get over to the popular Linden district and get rockin’!
      Liepmannstrasse 7b
      30453 Hanover
      +49 511 214 299 20
    • Steintor

      The Steintor – «stone gate» – is a large paved square on the edge of the Old Town. It is named after the medieval northern stone city gate. Close by is the Steintor-Kize with Hanover’s red light district, and a popular nightlife area with clubs, discos and lots of cosy and rustic pubs such as the Rocker, the Sansibar and the Havana.
      30159 Hanover
    • Glocksee

      Dance the night away
      Whether live music or DJ sets, the Glocksee is a club where guests dance the nights away. Away from the mainstream, the atmosphere is hot, and guests love the slightly «rocked out» charm of the Glocksee. Incidentally, it serves a mean G&T. So – here’s to an excellent party night!
      Glockseestrasse 35 (backyard)
      30169 Hanover
      +49 511 161 47 12
    • H’ugo‘s

      Lovely lounge
      Hanover’s cool people come to the cosy lounge of H’ugo’s close to the main station to enjoy the (equally) cool drinks or fruity cocktails and relax to the groovy beats. It’s a lovely oasis in the middle of the city. The Mediterranean cuisine served in the neighbouring restaurant is also extremely popular. The open kitchen is a particular treat for guests.
      Ernst-August-Platz 10
      30159 Hanover
      +49 511 763 528 30
    • Rocker

      Hard rock
      A small club that is an essential part of Hanover’s rock scene. The music in the 60 square metre rockers’ cavern is harder than anywhere else. The music is live, and accompanied by cool lighting effects. It’s obvious that this place is about rocking as well as dancing.
      Reuterstrasse 5
      30159 Hanover
      +49 172 512 84 75