You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • To Kafeneio

      Authentic atmosphere
      «Sharing is caring» is the tagline of To Kafeneio. This restaurant's menu features traditional Greek dishes that diners can order together and share. The To Kateneio is located in a stone building steeped in 400 years of history, lending the restaurant an irresistible charm, packed with nostalgia and authenticity.
      Epicharmou Street 1
      Athens 10558
      +30210 3246916
    • Athiri Restaurant

      Innovative cuisine
      Traditional Greek recipes meet creative, modern dishes at the Athiri restaurant. Award-winning chef Alexander Kardasis' innovative cuisine has already won him the Greek Cuisine Award and the Michelin Bib Gourmand Award 2015. To ensure that he cooks up an unforgettable taste sensation for diners in his restaurant, Kardasis exclusively uses the best produce that Greece can offer. Reservations are a must.
      Plateon 15
      Athens 10435
    • Market halls

      The nightlife in Athens demands energy. After a night of partying, you should take some fortification without fail. You’re best doing so at one of the pubs in the central market halls. They are open all hours and have diverse soups on offer. The classic amongst them is tripe soup, but the more delicately strung can also choose chicken or beef soup. Simply point to the pot of your choice, and a little later the steaming plate is on the table in front of you.
    • Milos

      Regional fare
      There’s a Milos in Montreal, one in New York, one in Stockholm, and this one in Athens. The recipe for success is as simple as it is fascinating: Take the best ingredients that Greek cuisine has to offer, prepare them as gently as possible, and serve them with appealing minimalism. The Milos chefs invest a large part of their work in the search for the best ingredients: the purest honey harvested by monks, the best and rarest cheeses, and fresh fish and vegetables. For this purpose, they travel from island to island, cajoling fishers and housewives into selling some of their wares. And when you take a look at the goods in the glass cases in front of this magnificent restaurant’s open kitchen, you’ll see that all of this effort is definitely worth it.
      Vas. Sofias 46
      Athens 115 28
      +30 210 724 44 00
    • Balthazar

      Gourmet restaurant
      An oasis under the leaves of palms and other trees in the atmospherically lit inner courtyard of a classical villa nestled at the heart of Athens’ closely huddled structures. This gourmet restaurant with couches is reached on a slightly raised terrace over an extensive bar. Here you can take it easy, and even the service staff have a casual look. Notwithstanding, Balthazar is a high priced restaurant. The chef Georgos Tsiaktsiras and his team offer Mediterranean delicacies with a touch of Oriental spices, for instance marinated lamb with yogurt and hummus. The menu also includes unusual vegetarian and fish dishes. You are advised to reserve a table even during the week.
      Tsócha 27 (near the Ampelokipoi Metro station)
      Athens 115 21
      +30 6942559231
    • Varoulko Seaside

      Excellent fish dishes
      Lovers of fish and seafood should definitely not miss out on the Varoulko. The creations by Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou are nothing but a dream. A picturesque location right on the seafront, affordable prices and outstanding Greek cuisine – what more could you want?
      Akti Koumoundourou 52,
      Mikrolimano, Piraeus 18533
    • Café Skoufaki

      This cosy, narrow café is populated by lawyers from the neighbouring legal offices, artists, and those wanting to be artists. And even the voluminous shopping bags can somehow find a place after you’ve visited the excellent boutiques in the heart of the Kolonaki neighbourhood. This, we hear, is the exact opposite of Starbucks. That’s true.
      Skoufa 47–49
      +30 210 3645888
    • Tailor Made

      A tailor-made coffee break
      Many years ago, the Agia Irini Square used to be dominated by drapers' stores and tailors. Today, the square has turned into Athen's latest happening district, lined with hip restaurants, and cosy bars and cafés. One of these is the coffee shop, Tailor Made, whose name is in keeping with tradition. The baristas roast beans and provide customers with detailed information about the different sorts. This is a place for simply sitting back and enjoying.
      Plateia Agias Eirinis 2
      Monastiraki, Athens 10560
      +30 213 0049645
    • Lotte Cafe-Bistrot

      Cafe with charme
      Charming, small and covered in vintage details, it’s how the Lotte Café-Bistrot welcomes its guests. It attracts with snacks, cakes, good coffee and low prices. Everything is offered in colourful and mixed tea-sets like out of grandma’s kitchen. On top: here you can get the best “Loukoumades” (fried dough balls covered with honey and cinnamon) in town.
      Tsami Karatasou 2
      Athina 117 42
      +30 21 1407 8639
    • Da Capo

      For a leisurely sojourn
      Elderly gentlemen seem to regard the cafés on Kolonaki Square as their second living room. Yet also the younger bloods spend a lot of time at the tables in and around Da Capo. Especially since the well stocked kiosks all around offer more than enough material for reading and discussion. People meet, share the news, and discuss where to spend the evening. And – The espresso at Da Capo is beyond all shadow of a doubt.
      Tsakalof 1
      +30 210 360 2497
    • gazARTE

      Huge, yet elegant and even cosy, this lounge bar with terrace can be found in the Gazi neighbourhood. Candles, leather sofas, and art books provide for a pleasant ambience. The music, somewhere between jazz, soul, and tango, is not too loud, and the guests are chic, but relaxed and grouped in larger cliques around the tables. At gazARTE you can eat, or simply drink something, or dance on the top floor. Renowned live acts regularly appear on the agenda.
      Voutadon 34
      Athens 118 54
      +30 210 346 0347
    • Bios

      Electro and dance
      Bios is not your usual run of the mill club. Bios sees itself as a studio for the experimental arts. There are films, videos, theatre, and electronic music of high quality. While dance music is being played on the ground floor, the DJ above casually puts on the whole potpourri. Humorous, complacent, and full of ingenuity. A well equipped bar, corner seats, and magazines let you take a welcome break from dancing. The guests represent all age brackets.
      Peireos 84
      Athens 104 35
      +30 210 342 5335
    • 360 Cocktailbar

      An absolute must
      The 360 Cocktailbar belongs to the same named hotel in the middle of the lively Monastiraki Square. Whether you fancy a break for lunch, dinner or a cocktail, this bar is an absolute must. It's definitely worth it! The rooftop terrace affords drinkers a fabulous view of the city. It's almost as though you could reach out and touch the Acropolis!
      2 Ifestou
      Monastiraki, Athen 105 54
      +30 21 0321 0006
    • Galaxy Bar & Restaurant

      Drinks on the rooftop
      Chic and cosmopolitan: The popular Galaxy Bar is located on the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel. A spectacular view of the Acropolis, refreshing drinks, sushi and canapé specialities all make this rooftop bar a top venue.
      Athens Hilton Hotel
      Vassilissis Sofias Avenue 46
      Athens 11528
      +30 210 7281000
    • Baba au Rum

      Top-class cocktails
      Those in search of the perfect cocktail should look no further than the Baba au Rum. This bar offers a tremendous range of drinks and is reputed for its extraordinary creations. Only fresh ingredients and carefully selected spirits from around the world go into their drinks. Jamas!
      Klitiou 6
      10560 Athens
      +30 211 7109140