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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Lamma Island

    Tranquility in chaos
    Hong Kong is much more than shiny skyscrapers and wide, busy streets. What makes Hong Kong so special is its mixture of urban and nature. Particularly, the many idyllic islands offer an ideal alternative to the bustling city life. With its fishing villages, temples, beaches and hiking trails, Lama Island is one of the most popular retreats.
    Lama Island
    Hong Kong
  • Man Mo Temple

    Incense and oracle
    This Taoist temple was erected in the middle of the 19th century in honour of the gods of literature (Man) and war (Mo), and is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. Countless smouldering incense spirals hang from the ceiling of the temple; the smoke is intended to carry the prayers of the faithful up to the gods. The same building complex also houses the Lit Shing Kung temple, where people can have their futures foretold by the bamboo oracle (chim).
    Hollywood Road, bei Ladder, Central
    Hong Kong
  • Victoria Peak

    Local mountain
    The people of Hong Kong call it "The Peak". Victoria Peak is 552 m high, and stands behind Hong Kong’s Central District. The mountain is most popular and famous for its spectacular views. You travel up by Peak Tram to reach the tower and shopping mall on top. Be sure to walk along Lugard Road and enjoy the views from there of Hong Kong, the harbour and Kowloon.
    Tsing Fung St.
    Hong Kong
    +852 2849 0668
  • Sai Kung

    Remote nature
    This former fishing village is located in the city’s green north and serves as the ideal starting point for day trips and hikes. Either you hop on a boat and explore the surrounding islands or you venture out into the beautiful nature by foot. Walking along the coast you’ll eventually reach Tai Long Wan Bay, where you might discover that you’re the only person in the vicinity.
    Sai Kung
    Tai Long Wan
    Hong Kong
  • Tian Tan Buddha

    Large and impressive
    Until 2007, the Tian Tan Buddha was the biggest sitting statue in the world. At 34 m, it certainly is tall – and heavy too, at 250 t, and it’s at its most impressive when you approach it on the Ngong 360 cable car. It is situated on Lantau Island at the Po monastery, and is both a magnet for visitors and a popular destination for many locals. The large Buddha is surrounded by eight smaller statues holding symbolic objects towards the large Buddha.
    Hongkong, Po Lin Monastery
    Ngong Ping, Lantau Island
    +852 2985 5248
  • Wet Market

    Typical Hong Kong
    No one knows how long these traditional street markets will continue to exist; the city administration would sooner shut them down today than tomorrow. But the people of Hong Kong are fighting this move – which is allegedly for reasons of hygiene – and continue to shop on the markets every day. It has the freshest fish, some still swimming in tanks, a huge selection of vegetables, flowers, tofu of every kind, hundred-year-old eggs and handmade noodles. This is the place to come if you want to experience the real Hong Kong.
    e.g. on Peel Street, Central
    Hong Kong
  • Stanley

    Shopping and beach
    Expats and locals like to spend time here, alongside the tourists who come to this “village” in the southeast of Hong Kong Island to visit the famous market and beach. Already the drive there is worth it: from Central you can reach Stanley by a bus that winds along the hilly and narrow coastal roads. Make sure to sit by the window! Less touristy alternatives are, for example, Repulse Bay and Shek O.
    Hong Kong
  • Kowloon Park

    Green oasis
    The city’s «green lung» is centrally located in Tsim Sha Tsui. This 33-acre site was once a British military base. In 1989 it was transformed into a classically laid out Chinese garden and filled with exotic plants, flowers and birds at a total cost of 300 million Hong Kong dollars. Locals meet here at lunch, for tai chi or for a romantic assignation. On Sundays there are stands selling handicrafts and demonstrations of traditional martial arts.
    Austin Road, TST
    Hong Kong
  • Bird Market

    Chinese Garden
    Hong Kong’s bird owners congregate in this charming Chinese garden with their singing pets. The birds are carried around in tiny cages or hung up on trees so they can communicate with each other. A vast selection of exotic birds is available to buy here, and there are all kinds of traditional avian accessories, such as artistically carved cages or hand-painted porcelain drinking bowls. Right next door is a colourful flower market.
    Yuen Po Street, Mong Kok
    Hong Kong
  • Star Ferry

    Popular form of transportation
    The legendary Star Ferry has linked Hong Kong Island with Kowloon since 1888. Today, a fleet of twelve ferries carries 70,000 passengers every day – or 26 million people a year. Even though there are now other ways of crossing the harbour (railway and road tunnels), the Star Ferry remains the most popular and cheapest way of doing so. The trip from Central - TST costs HK$ 1.80 (23 Swiss cents). The ferry sails every 10 minutes between 6.30 a.m. and 11.30 p.m. Passengers pay by putting coins in the turnstile on the pier. You have to have done it!
    Central Star Ferry Pier
    Hong Kong
    +852 2118 6208
  • Maxwell’s Clothiers

    This is not the place to come if you want a suit run up quickly; Maxwell’s is committed to meticulous workmanship with at least two fittings. The tailor’s has been based in Hong Kong for 40 years, and has many regular customers from abroad who order their shirts or suits by phone and have them shipped. There is a huge section of materials, and the tailors use the finest cotton, silk and wool. Expect a suit to take about ten working days and cost from SFR 380.
    3–41 Hangkow Road, TST
    Hong Kong
    +852 23 66 66 58
  • Cat Street

    Flea market and antiques
    The antique shops and stalls of the street flea market stand cheek by jowl, and offer all manner of curios. Cat Street is also popular with the locals since it is the perfect place to find a special gift – although some serious haggling has to be done before a purchase can be completed. Those in the know may well come across an item of furniture from the Ming Dynasty; everyone else will have to make do with a lotus lamp, Mao medal or Chinese porcelain. Open daily, although some shops are closed on Sundays.
    Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road, Sheung Wan,
    Hong Kong Island
  • OVO

    Asian objects for the home
    Fans of genuine Asian accessories or those with just a touch of Asia about them will feel as if they were in paradise here. Apart from the furniture (which can be shipped wherever the buyers want), there is also a rich selection of smaller items that are easy to transport. For example, a black ceramic teapot with a bamboo handle, or a marble bowl lined in gold leaf.
    16 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
    Hong Kong
    +852 25 26 72 26
  • Ming Cha-Tea

    Tea paradise
    Forty different varieties of Chinese tea, all of outstanding quality and beautifully packed. Be sure to try the delicate chrysanthemum tea and the strong oolongs. In addition, there are tea accessories such as pots and cups, strainers, sugar bowls and snacks. There are various outlets, including Oliver’s, Prince’s Building; Central, Great Food Hall, Basement, Pacific Place, Admiralty; Design Gallery, Hong Kong Convention Centre, Wan Chai; Museum of Art Shop, TST ThreeSixty, Elements and Kowloon West.
    12/F Wah Ha Factory Building
    8 Shipyard Lane, Taikoo
    Hong Kong
    +852 2520 2116
  • Shanghai Tang

    Although the name suggests differently, Shanghai Tang comes from Hong Kong. The latest store is located in a former post office with a hallway that is hung with beautiful old black-and-white photos of old Hong Kong. This wonderfully nostalgic lifestyle store offers fashion, home textiles and accessories. Traditional Chinese motifs and patterns have been used to create products with a contemporary bent.
    House 1, 1881 Heritage
    2A Canton Road, TST
    Hong Kong
    +852 23 68 29 32
  • Sonjia

    Treasure trove for antiques
    This shop on picturesque and extremely popular Sun Street is a veritable treasure trove. It has also recently started selling antique glasses, silver cutlery, ceramic objects, noodle bowls and occasional furniture, but the real attractions remain the carefully selected fashion creations by various designers. The most spectacular ones are the design by Sonjia Norman herself – such as a coat made from a hand-embroidered and hand-painted kimono.
    1-2 Sun Street, Wan Chai
    Hong Kong
    +852 25 29 62 29
  • GOD

    Trendy store purveying home accessories, bags, books and souvenirs of every kind. The various objects that have transferred everyday life to consumer articles such as paper towels and slippers are particularly amusing. It also sells the impressive «luxe» guides and a good selection of CDs. GOD also has fashioned a retro-look Starbucks café: Duddel Street Starbucks, 13 Duddel Street.
    Causeway Bay, Leighton Centre
    Sharp East Street, Causeway Bay
    Hong Kong
    +852 28 90 55 55


Ned Kelly’s Last Stand is the oldest pub in Hong Kong, which makes it an absolute must. One thing that has helped it to keep going for so long is without doubt the jazz band. It is simply perfect, and takes you back to the «old days». The pub serves a selection of light meals and snacks. People come here from all over the world. Definitely a place to see.

Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
11A Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
+852 2376 0562

The Aqua Spirit Bar with the best views of Hong Kong by night is on the 30th floor in the middle of Kowloon. It serves designer drinks, and popular DJs take care of the music. Prices are a little on the high side, but the views and experience make it well worth the money. It’s also very popular with locals who want to treat themselves to a slightly more special night out. One floor lower are the Aqua Roma and Aqua Tokyo, where fabulous Italian and Japanese food is served.

Aqua Spirit Bar
Aqua Spirit Bar Hong Kong
1 Peking Road
Hong Kong
+852 3427 2288