You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Jardin de Russie

      Dine like royalty
      The Hotel de Russie has a famous garden. You will feel like royalty as you dine under the open skies in the «Giardino segreto». The menu ranges from delightful antipasti and excellent entrées such as truffled pasta or soups, to exquisite fish and meat dishes and irresistible desserts. A very special experience.
      Via del Babuino 9
      00187 Rome
      +39 06 328 888 70
    • Ristorante Oliver Glowig

      Two Michelin stars
      This restaurant, which belongs to the top German chef Oliver Glowig, is one of the best in Italy. His restaurant in the elegant Roman suburb of Parioli was very quickly awarded two Michelin stars – and quite rightly so. Glowig enhances a traditional pasta dish with sea urchins, while his snails are combined with chickpeas and a hint of espresso. Buon appetito!
      Aldrovandi Villa Borghese
      Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 15
      00197 Rome
      +39 06 321 61 26
    • Il Margutta

      Vegetarian restaurant
      Rome’s best-known vegetarian restaurant is situated just a few metres from the Piazza del Popolo on the Via Margutta. Wonderfully delicious food, prepared with a tremendous passion for detail, is served in the pretty, colourful ambience. Diners delight in the extensive menu and friendly service.
      Via Margutta 118
      00187 Rome
      +39 06 326 505 77
    • Checco Er Carettiere

      Hearty & good
      The famous traditional Checco Er Carettiere lies in the suburb of Trastevere. It’s not a place for tiny portions or lots of frills. The tables in the restaurant's large room are covered with white tablecloths, and there are little lanterns hanging from the ceiling and the walls – which are lined with photographs of celebrity guests. Everyone has been here – absolutely everyone! And after the meal we understand why.
      Via Benedetta 10
      00153 Rome
      +39 06 581 70 18
    • Urbana 47

      Delicious curiosities
      Perfect, top quality ingredients are essential here; Urbana 47 actually honours its producers – mostly organic farmers – with black-and-white portraits on the restaurant’s wall. The sensationally cool chefs work in a glassed-in open kitchen, concocting tasty specialities such as stracchino, a grilled cheese that is served with crispy spinach and spicy jam. Mmmmmhhh!
      Via Urbana 47
      00184 Rome
      +39 06 478 840 06
    • Angelina a Testaccio

      Delicious tiramisu
      Until 1975, Rome’s slaughterhouse and market halls were once located in the suburb of Testaccio. Today, it is chic and popular – it’s delightful to stroll down the streets and relax in its trendy restaurants such as the lovely Angelina. Grilled meat and vegetables are served in its fabulous rooms with white tiles, basement shelves and red metal chairs. A must: the tiramisu.
      Via Galvani 24a
      00153 Rome
      +39 06 572 828 40
    • Er Buchetto

      Italian delights
      A tiny establishment near the railway station with just three small tables. It serves delicious suckling pig flavoured with oregano and fennel at good prices. Fancy a nice cold beer to go with it? Perfect.
      Via del Viminale 2F
      00184 Rome
      +39 06 488 30 31
    • Restaurant Giggetto

      Popular with the Romans
      Romans won’t hear a word against Giggetto. It might not be the most comfortable place in the city, but the kitchen is brilliant. The restaurant is famous for the special way it cooks artichoke: it deep fries them whole. It’s also worth a visit to sample the polpette or the ricotta cake with sour cherries. The audience is eclectic, the prices upscale.
      Via del Portico d’Ottavia 21
      00186 Rome
      +39 06 686 11 05
    • Le Due Fontane

      Tasty little things
      Hardly any tourists every find their way to this enchanting café on a wonderful piazza with impressive old apartment blocks, two fountains and a few trees that provide delightful shade. The perfect spot to take a little break.
      Piazza Perin del Vaga 13
      00196 Rome
      +39 06 321 41 05
    • Caffè in the Villa Medici

      Fabulous views
      This magnificent villa close to the Spanish Steps has been home to the French Academy since 1803. The café with its enchanting mixture of modernist furniture and ancient statues is a place of relaxation and inspiration. It's an absolute delight to enjoy your cappuccino along with the fabulous views of the city and the villa’s gardens.
      Piazza Trinità die Monti 1
      00187 Rome
      +39 06 676 11
    • Caffè della Pace

      This old-style café can be found down one of the narrow alleys to the west of the Piazza Navona. Marble, mahogany and a piano plus – of course – the usual busts, statues and a huge bouquet of flowers. There is the wonderful aroma of freshly-ground espresso beans, the music is a little too loud, and well-dressed ladies are seated at the tables outside.
      Via della Pace 3-7
      00186 Rome
      +39 06 676 11
    • La Casa del Caffè Tazza d'Oro
      and Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè

      Rome’s best roasters
      If you ask the locals where to find the city’s very, very, very best caffè, the most likely answer will be one of these two coffee roasters. There’s no question – the espresso, cappuccino and so on really are excellent, but let us take this opportunity to say again that the quality of most of the cafés in Rome is well above average. So don’t worry if neither of these two roasters is on your chosen city route.
      Via degli Orfani 84
      00186 Rome

      Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82
      00186 Rome
    • Freni e Frizioni

      Pretty cool
      This cool bar down one of the many narrow alleys in the suburb of Trastevere has a somewhat curious name: it translates as «Brakes and clutches». Probably because it used to be a car repair workshop. Everything is just right in the Freni e Frizioni: the Campari, the art, the old furniture and the barkeepers. The delightful aperitif buffet, which is set up on a large table between 7 and 9pm is included in the standard drink prices, is particularly pleasant.
      Via del Politeama 4/6
      00153 Rome
      +39 064 549 74 99