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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Place d’Armes

      Place to relax
      The Place d’Armes is THE square in Luxembourg and the centre of the city. This is where the fortress soldiers once paraded. Today it's a pedestrian zone and the square is ringed by numerous streetside cafés and decorative lime trees. This is a place to relax, both for tourists and locals. In the summer there are concerts and numerous events held here.
      Place d’Armes
      1136 Luxembourg
    • Grand Ducal Palace

      Noble residence
      The Grand Ducal family resides in the second and third storey of this genteel building when they are in town. The oldest parts date back to the 13th century. This has been the seat of the Grand Duke since 1890. If you see two soldiers on parade and the national flag is hoisted, then the Grand Duke is in residence. The Chamber of Deputies meets in the newest part, built in 1856. Visitors have access to some of the foyers, halls and salons, which are decorated with artistic stuccoed ceilings, antique furniture, tapestries and oil paintings; however, tours only run from the middle of July until early September.
      Rue du Marché aux Herbes
      1000 Luxembourg
    • Cathédrale Notre Dame

      The three steeples of Notre Dame can be seen from far away. They are the city's landmark. The church is one of the few late Gothic buildings that also impress people with little knowledge of art history. The interior is flooded with light and full of artistic embellishments. The Saxon master builder Daniel Müller created the lovingly ornate main portal with the statues of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the magnificent mother of god.
      Rue Notre-Dame 7
      2240 Luxembourg
    • Corniche and old town

      Beautiful vantage point
      The Corniche has been called the «most beautiful balcony in Europe». It lies on the edge of the plateau where Luxembourg's old town is located. From the Corniche you have a great view of the cliffs and the remainder of the old fortress. Below you can see many old homes belonging to craftspeople. We recommend you start your walk behind the building housing the state archives below the Place du St. Esprit. From there, you can stroll along the entire panorama up to the cliffs. It's only a hop, skip and a jump from there to the picturesque old town. The whole walk takes about one hour.
      Chemin de la Corniche
      1339 Luxembourg
    • Kirchberg / European Centre

      EU Centre
      Kirchberg began as a small, picturesque village outside the gates of the city. In the Sixties the first buildings of the European Community sprang up here. Large blocks of flats, banks, sports facilities, shopping centres, and the Luxembourg Trade Fair premises followed. The most recent architectural wonders are the extravagant buildings of the new philharmonic, the Mudam. Behind it rises the core of the EU, the Kirchberg European Centre, surrounded by a number of new institutional buildings. One of the most interesting architecturally is the extravagant Hémicycle, the main conference hall.
      1, Rue du Fort-Thüngen
      1499 Luxembourg
      +352 43 02 57 751
    • Bijouterie Léa

      Paradise for jewellery
      As a true boutique workshop, the jewellery store Léa is surely one of the most creative in the city: original creations, individual orders, redesigned classics and fantasy jewellery, repairs – the team at Léa works with all materials: metal, gold, silver, real pearls (the house speciality), crystal and mother of pearl. If you don't find what you're looking for, they'll be happy to put something unique together for you.
      13, Rue des Bains
      1212 Luxembourg
      +352 26 10 37 30
    • Gaastra

      Sailing fashion
      Gaastra apparel is focussed on those who sail. They only carry popular, high quality brands. The clothes and dresses are comfortable, well cut and colourful, the vests and accessories waterproof. Their selection includes the top-selling brand – the Saint Barth collection with polos celebrating the annual Caribbean regatta.
      30, Grand-Rue (Galerie Neuberg)
      1660 Luxembourg
      +352 26 20 05 68
    • Grand-Rue

      Shopping mile
      The Grand-Rue is Luxembourg's main shopping street. It's lined with fashionable shops, boutiques and galleries. You'll find it all here, apparel to shoes, home decoration to label boutiques. Stroll down the street and stop into the charming shops. And then rest up at one of the cafés. Make sure your shopping tour on the Grand-Rue includes the Galerie Neuberg, Centre Beaumont and Carré Bonn.
      1660 Luxembourg
    • JB Boutique

      Shoes for her and him
      JB Boutique, near the Place d’Armes, has an enormous selection of footwear sized 35.5 to 42 for women and 39 to 46 for men, as well as handbags, slippers and belts. Here you'll find brand names like Moreschi, Sebago, Lloyd and Montemario for men, and Vitulli, Stuart Weitzman, Pitti and in-house creations by JB Boutique for women.
      2, Rue des Capucins
      1313 Luxembourg
      +352 22 32 31 1
    • Extrabold

      Concept store
      Extrabold is a cool concept store with a broad range of fashion and lifestyle brands for men and women. Scandinavian brands like Cheap Monday, Dr. Denim, Nudie, WeSC and Vagabond share space with international trendy names such as Fred Perry, Vans and Minipink. Accessories, funky gadgets, inspiring books and art collections further enrich the selection. Those looking for a trendy article will strike gold here.
      24, Avenue de la Liberté
      1930 Luxembourg
      +352 26 64 96 03
    • Retrolver

      Local designer
      Retrolver is a fascinating designer boutique for women and men. It has a huge selection of vintage articles, dresses and accessories from young, local designers, as well as creations by Kling, Bluggeschwister and Collégien. This is the place to find that perfect piece to complete your wardrobe or the ideal present. They also have gadgets you won't find anywhere else in the grand duchy.
      11C, Place du Théâtre
      2613 Luxembourg
      +352 26 48 05 21
    • Bank Museum

      All to do with money
      The Bank Museum shows the history of Luxembourg as a bank bastion in images and documents. Here you'll discover more than 140 years of banking tradition and innovation. Visitors will learn about the development of the bank and the financial centre over time, its contribution to Luxembourg's economic growth, and services offered today. For a thrill, check out the video of the greatest bank robberies from Lucky Luke to Louis de Funès.
      1, Place de Metz
      2954 Luxembourg
      +352 40 15 24 50
    • Casino Luxembourg

      Contemporary art
      The Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain is similar to an art gallery; throughout the year it organises exhibits on contemporary art topics meant to illustrate the diversity as well as the complexity of the art of today. The 13 rooms in the renovated historical building art used dynamically for this purpose, allowing multiple exhibits to run simultaneously, augmented with an array of programmes ranging from general and thematic tours, to conferences and talks, all the way to encounters with contemporary music.
      41, Rue Notre-Dame
      2240 Luxembourg
      +352 22 50 45
    • Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

      Modern art, unusually presented
      Architect I.M. Pei chose the historical site of Fort Thüngen to construct the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (Mudam). The museum, located on the Kirchberg Plateau between the Place de l'Europe and the Old Town, invites visitors to discover contemporary art. The public rooms and the exhibit areas are spread across three storeys and more than 4,800 square metres. The museum aims to demonstrate its remarkable diversity: artists and designers can exhibit their work in the traditional exhibition halls as well as service areas and passageways such as the café, museum shop and auditorium. The collection includes more than 200 pieces by more than 100 artists.
      3, Park Draï Eechelen
      1499 Luxembourg
      +352 45 37 85 960
    • National Museum of History and Art

      History of Luxembourg art
      The museum is located right in Old Town. Visitors can take a tour of discovery through the prehistory, early history, Gallo-Roman era and Middle Ages of the region. The earliest archaeological finds and the famous Mosaic of Vichten can be admired in a room of their own. The museum's department of visual arts has a broad range of Luxembourg painting from the 18th and 20th centuries, including works by Joseph Kutter, Sosthène Weis, Dominique Lang and Auguste Trémont. In addition to national artists, a number of pieces by foreign artists can be seen such as Alechinsky, Bazaine, Bissière, Lurçat, Maillol and Pignon.
      2345 Luxembourg
      +352 47 93 30 1


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