Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Alexander Garden

      Park full of memories
      The Alexander Garden (Alexandrovski Sad), abutting the Kremlin and Red Square, is open around the clock. It began as a pleasure garden for Tsar Alexander I and today it's a green oasis in the middle of the city. With a number of monuments and tombs, it also serves as a memorial commemorating the wars. This park outside the walls of the Kremlin is as popular with inline skaters as it is with strollers and sun worshippers who lie on the benches and grassy areas to relax.
      Alexandrovski Sad
      Moscow, 103073
    • Red Square

      Forecourt to the Kremlin
      Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshad) was originally conceived to be the city's market and assembly square. It was also nicknamed 'Burnt Square' because the market stalls so often went down in flames. Nowadays, Red Square is the most famous square in Russia and lies directly in front of the Kremlin. Red Square is a bit of a misnomer; the Russian word krasnaya actually means both «red» and «beautiful». During the winter the city erects an ice skating rink on the square across from the Lenin Mausoleum.
      Krasnaya Ploshad
      Moscow, 103073
    • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

      Most important church in Russia
      The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Chram Christa Spasitelja) glows in pure white with a golden dome. It was completely destroyed in 1931 under the rule of Stalin. Reconstruction did not begin until 1994. Now it has become the most important church in the nation and a real eye-opener. It's the largest Russian Orthodox church, with room for around 10,000 faithful. A museum in the church cellar traces the dramatic and eventful history for visitors. A pedestrian bridge connects the cathedral with the opposite bank of the river.
      Ulitsa Volkhonka, 15
      Moscow, 101000
    • Kremlin

      Centre of power
      Concentrated within the Kremlin and its walls are the military might, the faith and the wealth of the nation. This is more than the centre of Moscow; it's the heart of the entire Russian empire. In 1156 Prince Yuri Dolgoruki gave the order to have this citadel built. The early, modest wooden structures offered little protection at the beginning, but the first church built of stone was erected for the Kremlin in 1326. This prompted the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church to relocate to Moscow. It wasn't until later that Italian architects were brought in to design the magnificent Kremlin churches and palaces that are so famous today. The Trinity Gate Tower (Troitskaya Bashnya) is the most important and, at 76 metres, the highest tower in the Kremlin and is viewed as the counterpart to the Spasskaya or «Saviour» Tower. The Trinity Gate Tower is also the main visitors' entrance to the Kremlin, which takes them over the Trinity Gate Bridge to the Alexander Garden.
      Moscow, 103073
      +7 495 695 41 46
    • Gorky Park

      Amusement park
      From Ulitsa Krymskiy Val you can directly enter the popular part of this park, featuring rollercoasters, carousels, a Ferris wheel, pony rides for young children and shooting galleries for adults which draw visitors by the hordes every day. The man-made lake is great for boat rides in summer and ice skating in winter. Many of the paths are flooded on purpose in winter to provide even more fun for ice skaters. There are restaurants to satisfy growling bellies and an open-air stage where shows are performed on a regular basis.
      Krymsky Val, 9
      Moscow, 119049
      +7 495 995 00 20
    • St. Basil's Cathedral

      Visitors to Red Square can already see the colourful, cheerful onion-domed towers of St. Basil's Cathedral (Sobor Vasiliia Blazhennogo) illuminated in the distance. This is surely the most photographed building and THE landmark of Moscow, if not all of Russia. It was initially erected between 1555 and 1560 to celebrate the capture of Kazan. This unusual complex is actually eight churches, each crowned with its own, uniquely decorated dome, surrounding a ninth church in the middle. The interiors are decorated with an intricatedesign of around 400 icons and frescoes. The floor plan forms a Russian Orthodox cross.
      Red Square
      Moscow, 109012
      +7 495 698 33 04
    • Yeliseyev

      Lovely grocery store
      Gourmands take note! Yeliseyev is more than Russia's loveliest grocery store; they were once the suppliers to the courts of the tsars and to the general secretaries. The tsarist era is also reflected in the magnificent art nouveau interior. Browsing through the Russian delicacies, wines and souvenirs, and buying a few, is a real pleasure here.
      Tverskaya ulitsa, 14
      Moscow, 109012
    • Bolshevik

      The cakes here are beautifully, colourfully, intricately decorated. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, you're likely to get weak in the knees here. It's hard to decide between the many gorgeous cookies, pastries and cakes and harder to leave empty-handed.
      Leningradskiy Prospect, 15
      Moscow, 125315
    • Gum

      Largest department store in Russia
      Directly across from the Kremlin you'll find Gum, both the largest and the most beautiful Russian department store. The white façade beams in the sunlight, inviting passers-by to shop in its gorgeous ambiance. Shoppers stroll down brightly lit aisles under the airy, glass-domed roof. The mall houses shops by internationally known designers such as Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander and Dior. It also features equally upscale perfumeries, watch and jewellery stores and friendly, even reasonably priced cafés and restaurants.
      Red Square, 3
      Moscow, 101000
      +7 495 788 43 43
    • Krasny Oktyabr

      Oldest chocolate factory
      A call to all chocolate lovers: this way to paradise. The oldest chocolate factory and confectioners in Moscow operates a store just across from the German embassy. The assortment here is infamous in Moscow and guaranteed to make you forget all about losing weight for a moment. The name Krasny Oktjabr means «Red October».
      Povarskaya ulitsa, 29/36
      Moscow, 101000
    • Stoleshnikov Pereulok

      Luxury shopping lane
      This short but jaw-dropping lane is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world and anyone who has strolled along it understands why. International luxury brands are strung along it like pearls on a necklace. You'll see fashion, watches and jewellery labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Hermès and Piaget.
      Stoleshnikov Pereulok
      Moscow, 125009
    • Arbat

      In the Arbat, a nearly 1,000-metre street in the historical centre of Moscow, you'll find what is likely the largest selection of standard souvenirs: matryoshkas, samovars and shirts with different prints. It's popular with tourists, but the neighbourhood with the same name offers a lot more. Now it's a trendy place with plenty of cafés, hawkers and the atmosphere of an artists' colony. One popular restaurant there is the Praga.
      Moscow, 101000
    • Tverskaya

      Shopping street
      This is the main shopping mile in the city, where everyone strolls and hangs out. There are many stores and boutiques here with an enormous selection of lovely and special products. The jewel in the crown is surely the famous delicatessen,Yeliseyev located in the former palace. At TJ Collection (Tverskaya ulitsa, 12), you'll find elegant and original accessories and those looking for upscale shoes will be in heaven at Rendez-Vous (Tverskaya ulitsa, 15).
      Tverskaya ulitsa
      Moscow, 125009
    • Tretyakov Gallery

      The collection of the Tretyakov Gallery spans from medieval iconography to works by Marc Chagall. It can hold its own against the likes of the Prado, the Louvre and the Ermitage and no visit to Moscow is complete without it. The museum was nationalised in 1917, but it was the revolutions and the civil war that really made the Tretyakov Gallery what it is today. Many art lovers voluntarily donated their collections and seized private collections from around the nation landed here at the gallery. The museum displays around 100,000 pieces of art at a time: old Russian art, works from the early 20th century, graphic arts and Russian sculpture. Closed Mondays.
      10, Lavrushinsky Lane
      Moscow, 119017
    • Kolomenskoye

      Open-air museum
      From Red Square you only need a good 15 minutes by metro to reach this former residence of the tsars, which is now an open-air museum. The large park grounds feature ancient wooden buildings, including the Church of John the Baptist, which served as the model for St. Basil's Cathedral. The Church of the Ascension, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also quite remarkable for its 62-metre-high tower. The park is sprinkled with individual, old wooden homes transported here from around the country. Most of them house thematic exhibits you can view. Lying on the banks of the Moskva River, the park is a popular destination for outings by tourists and residents alike.
      Prospekt Andropova, 39
      Moscow, 140102
      +7 495 232 61 90
    • Bolshoi Theatre

      The major theatre
      Bolshoi is Russian for «large» and «great». The neoclassical building housing the eponymous theatre is certainly large and the worldwide renown of the ensemble is doubtlessly great. The theatre is magnificent in red and gold with room for more than 2,150 spectators. The Bolshoi Theatre rose to fame in the 19th century with composers like Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov, singers such as Feodor Chaliapin and, even during the Soviet era, prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya was reason enough for people to continue viewing the Bolshoi Theatre as the landmark of Russia.
      Teatralnaya Square, 1
      Moscow, 125009
      +7 495 455 55 55
    • State Historical Museum

      Russia's past
      This immense structure houses everything you could ever want to know about Russia's history in 48 halls. The State Historical Museum on Red Square is the largest of its kind dedicated to national history in Russia. The excellent permanent exhibits feature pieces reaching back to the early stone age. The quality of the temporary exhibits is equally impressive. The ground floor holds a lovely souvenir shop and the restaurant in the vaulted cellars of the museum serves up tasty Russian dishes.
      Red Square, 1,
      Moscow, 109012
      +7 495 692 37 31
    • Pushkin Museum

      Second largest collection in the country
      There's no way to see all 500,000 plus works of art on exhibit in a single day. The majority of pieces come from Moscow University's 19th century collection. The gallery took on the name Pushkin Museum in 1937. It is perhaps most famous for having the world's largest collection of Impressionist art. You'll see Renoirs, Monets and Cézannes among others. The Pushkin Museum also offers pieces by Kandinsky, Chagall, Picasso and van Gogh for your admiration. Closed Mondays.
      Volkchonka, 12
      Moscow, 121019
      +7 495 609 95 20
    • Art Strelka

      Ten galleries and a bar
      This is one of the coolest, most modern projects in the city. On the premises of the former chocolate factory Krasny Oktjabr, directly across from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, a cultural centre with ten galleries has arisen. You'll see young artists, concerts and performances outside the mainstream here. The Strelka Bar, with its large selection of cocktails, is especially popular and trendy.
      Building 5a
      14 Bersenevskaya Embankment
      Moscow, 119072
      +7 495 268 06 19


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