Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park

    Back to nature
    Anyone who wants a break from city commotion need look no further than Kalemegdan Park. The fortress is Belgrade's landmark, which is a must-see for any visitor. Telling of the Ottomans, the Habsburgs and the two World Wars – an immersion in Serbia's history is guaranteed here!
    Terazije 3
    11000 Belgrade
  • Belgrade Greeters

    Out and about with locals
    This service is provided by the city’s tourist organisation for visitors who fancy the idea of exploring Belgrade with young locals (mostly students). The Greeters will not only show you all the traditional sights, but can also put together individual tours with a particular focus of interest. The programme is worked out together, and might include design, nightlife, subculture, sports, shopping, or specific parts of the city. Information is available from the city’s various information offices.
    Masarikova 5/IX
    Belgrade 11000
  • Nebojša Tower

    Historic building
    This cannon tower on the Danube is one of the oldest buildings in the Belgrade fortress, now a huge park with lawns, trees, monuments and playing fields. Sadly, even this 15th-century bastion, the last bulwark of Christendom, was unable to hold out against the Turks forever. During the Ottoman occupation the tower was used as a terrible dungeon for numerous VIP prisoners. A vast amount of effort and international funding was used to restore the Nebojša Tower and transform it into a state-of-the-art exhibition hall.
    Bulevar Vojvode Bojovica
    Belgrade 11000
  • Avala Television Tower

    Off to the hill
    Anyone with a little time and a car should consider an excursion up 511-m Avala mountain. The wooded hill to the south of the city is a very popular destination. Lots of groups of school children can be seen wandering around, visiting the various heroes’ memorials. The TV tower was originally built in 1965, and was destroyed during the NATO bombing. In 2009 it was rebuilt to the original plans. The 204-m high tower looks like a space rocket.
    Jovana Ristićа 1
    Belgrade 11030
    +381 11 369 32 51
  • Choomich Design District

    Avant garde
    A lot of what’s in this underground mall is completely over the top. Avant-garde for all it’s worth. However, there are also some really lovely items, clever items and delightful souvenirs. It’s also easy to strike up a conversation with the sales staff, many of whom are fashion designers themselves. When things are quiet, the lady and gentlemen designers like to sit down together and chat over a cup of coffee.
    Čumićevo sokače
    Belgrade 11000
  • Millinery Draslar Aleksandar

    Family Business
    The parents and grandparents were milliners, and the millinery is still run as a family business today. Only natural materials are used, and everything is made by hand. There are felt and other kinds of hats, caps, and some particularly lovely straw hats. All presented in a tiny, old-fashioned shop in the main shopping street of Belgrade’s pretty Zemun district.
    Zmaj Jovina 13 Zemun
    Belgrade 110000
    +381 11 26 11 065
  • Supermarket

    Shopping, eating, wellness
    The concept store in Dorcol means a lot to the people of Belgrade. The opening of this vast designer store (which incidentally really is situated below a supermarket) was seen as a symbolic act in the normalisation of the Serbian capital. At Supermarket, you can buy clothing (Acne, S’nob, Resterods ,the Belgrade men’s label Valter) and design objects, have your hair done or a massage, go to the sauna, read books and drink coffee. At the highly successful restaurant, Dutch chef Sem Veldheer cooks up sophisticated world cuisine at good prices. Cucumber cannelloni with goat’s cheese and orange marmalade and falafel sticks are on the folded origami menu.
    Višnjiceva 10 (Ecke Strahinjica Bana Street)
    Belgrade 110000
    +381 11 2910 942
  • Kalenic Market

    Souvenir market
    This wonderful market in the pleasant Vracar district has what are probably Serbia’s most delightful souvenirs: herb teas, dried fruits, nuts, cured beef and cheese. Most of the produce comes from the surrounding area; very little is grown in greenhouses. There are home-made jams with hand-written labels and gorgeously sweet stewed fruits and honey. The sales assistants will be pleased to let you try before you buy.
    Maksima Gorkog
    Belgrade 11000
  • Nikola Tesla Museum

    Following in Tesla's footsteps
    A beautiful, old villa is home to an extensive collection from the inventor Nikola Tesla. Besides housing Tesla's private legacy, the museum also features interactive exhibits that reveal the sophisticated findings of this genius mind. A must for all technology fans!
    Krunska 51
    11000 Belgrade
    +381 11 24 33 886
  • Museum Macura

    Surrealism and Dadaism
    Situated a good 45 minutes from the city in the small town of Novi Banovci, this private museum is a very special kind of experience. Art dealer Vladimir Macura fulfilled his dream here, right on the Danube, and built a fabulous building to house his amazing collection. The focus is on Yugoslavian Surrealism and Dadaism, the Zagreb Gorgona Group and the scene around «Zenit» magazine. The works, books and photographs mingle with «ethnographic» art, chairs from various periods, but also furniture and everyday objects. This is because Macura has a bedroom on the first floor, and lives in his museum for part of the year. One particularly impressive feature is Macura’s Malvich chapel with a cruciform rood that lifts up. It combines Orthodox icons with Catholic religious art.
    Zenit 1 Novi Banovci
    +381 64 47 29 629


Silicon Valley is the name of the street in Belgrade where people go to see and be seen. It’s the main artery of the city’s nightlife. It has chic and expensive restaurants and bars, and there are Ferraris, Mercedes and Maybachs on the streets. Silicon Valley is the world of the nouveau riche, business people and foreigners. Incidentally, it is called that because of the many ladies who have bought themselves their slightly-too-perfect and too big chests and lips.

Ulica Strahinjica Bana
Stari grad
11000 Belgrade

The Restaurant Iguana is right on the water, in an old shipyard. The ambience is totally cool. The restaurant is in the style of a loft. There are regular performances by live bands. The restaurant’s chef spent many years in Australia, and there’s definitely a touch of «down under» to the dishes. But the menus are great, as are the cocktails.

Restaurant Iguana
Karadordeva 2-4
11000 Belgrade
+381 11 328 3749

The Homa restaurant is one of my latest discoveries. The ambience is amazing, and the interior is in plain white. The restaurant has a lovely terrace where you can sit and just enjoy a drink, if that’s all you want. However, I really do recommend the Tasting Menu. The very finest fusion food!

Restaurant Homa
Žorža Klemansoa 19
11000 Belgrade
+381 11 3286659