Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljana Grad)

    Landmark of the city
    The city's most striking sight sits up high on the castle hill. There are wonderful views of Ljubljana and the surrounding area from the tower of the medieval castle. The ancient rooms house various exhibitions that tell the exciting story of the castle's history. There is a funicular railway up the castle hill, but it is also an easy walk. Restaurant Strelec. is situated inside the turret, and serves excellent Slovenian cuisine.
    Grajska planota 1
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 306 42 93
  • Ljubljana Zoo

    A visit to the home of the animals
    The zoo is a 20-minute walk from the centre of the city. It is in the heart of the countryside, right next to a forest. The zoo is home to species from every continent, but focuses mainly on native animals. Special family tours teach children exciting facts about the various zoo animals, and they can even help at feeding time. There are also night-time tours, when visitors can experience the zoo and its nocturnally active inhabitants from a completely different angle.
    Večna pot 70
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 2442 188
  • Archaeological Park

    Experience the past
    Over 2000 years ago, the town of Emona stood where Ljubljana now stands. The remains of this fascinating time can still be seen in the Jakopič Garden. Visitors walk through the well-preserved foundations of a house from this era. The archaeological park offers interesting insights into the days of Emona in many different ways. Admission is free.
    Mirje 4
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 24 12 500
  • Dragon Bridge

    Watching over the city
    The massive dragon sits on the bridge with his smaller companions, watching over it. Hardly a tourist leaves the city without having been photographed with it. Smaller versions of the dragon are available in every shape and colour in the souvenir shops. The steel bridge was designed in Vienna, and is considered a masterpiece of the architecture of the time.
    Zmajski Most
    1000 Ljubljana
  • Tivoli Park

    A walk in the country
    The park is the city's "green lung", and is very spaciously laid out. There is space for athletes, walkers and families. It has its own exhibition centres with changing events. Various little cafés and restaurants, play areas and even gymnastics equipment make sure that visitors are never bored. The Tivoli Park measures around five square kilometres, and reaches as far as the city centre.
    Ecke Bleiweisova Cesta und Erjavceva Cesta
    1000 Ljubljana
  • Triple Bridge

    Crossing the water
    The Triple Bridge spans the Ljubljanica River like a fan. The oldest of these bridges was once of tremendous importance: it linked the countries of north-west Europe with the Balkan states. Much later, footbridges were added on both sides. The Triple Bridge is a tourist magnet, and is to be found right next to Prešeren Square.
    1000 Ljubljana
  • Prešeren Square

    Meeting place
    The square used to be a junction outside the city gates. Today it is the ultimate tourist hotspot. It's home to the Tourist Centre, and the starting point for tours of the city. The main shops and many of the sights are close by. The square is always full of visitors, with street artists and musicians providing entertainment. The perfect starting point for a great day or evening in the city.
    Prešernov trg
    1000 Ljubljana
  • Shoppingcenter BTC City

    Shopping mall in oversize
    Where to start here? With over 450 stores the BTC City shopping centre is the biggest in Slovenia and one of the biggest in Europe. In addition to numerous shops, the attractions include a water park, game arcades, a multiplex cinema, a whole range of restaurants, a gym, and much more. A special train goes from Ljubljana station to BTC City in just a few minutes.
    Šmartinska cesta 152
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 585 22 22
  • Kraševka

    Slovenian specialities
    Raw ham, wine, spirits, sausages and cold meats, honey and olive oil from Istria - this charmingly appointed shop offers a wide range of Slovenian specialities. The culinary delights are of the very highest quality, mostly made by hand, and available individually or in gift baskets. You'll discover new tastes, and most definitely find the perfect souvenirs.
    Vodnikov trg 4
    1000 Ljubljana
    + 386 1 232 14 45
  • Galerija Emporium

    Designer shopping centre
    The Galerija Emporium is a luxury department store in the middle of the city. Fashion-lovers have been shopping at this fabulous Art Nouveau establishment for over 100 years. Its five floors offer clothes, shoes and accessories by 90 brands, including renowned designers such as Alexander McQueen, Versace and Michael Kors. But you will also find young fashion by Diesel, Supertrash, Drykorn or Desigual.
    Prešernov trg 5a
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 41 377 500
  • Čokoladnica Cukrček

    A dream in chocolate
    Chocolate makes us happy. It's no different in Ljubljana. Čokoladnica Cukrček is a family company with four branches in the city and you'll find chocolate in every variation here. There is even a dragon, the symbol of Ljubljana, moulded in chocolate and packed in elegant wooden boxes. Other delights include chocolate-covered fruits and salt, which are also extremely popular.
    Mestni Trg 11
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 421 04 53
  • Literary paths

    In the footsteps of the great poets and writers
    Slovenia has a strong culture of reading, and is considered a nation of poets and writers. In 2010, Ljubljana was the World Book Capital. The city's artists have contributed much to Europe's cultural treasure chest. There are numerous memorials in the city that offer an insight into their lives. The best thing to do is book one of the many guided tours. A literary walk will take you, for instance, to the main stations in the life of Slovenia's best-known poet, France Prešeren.
    Tourist Center
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 306 12 15
  • Slovenian National Museum

    The country's history
    The National Museum transports visitors on a journey into Slovenia's past. Prehistoric treasures feature as much here as archaeological findings from a time when Slovenia still belonged to the Roman Empire. The National Museum is housed inside a fabulous palace in the heart of the city. Information on the temporary exhibitions at the museum is available on its website.
    Muzejska Ulica 1
    1000 Ljubljana
    +386 1 241 44 00