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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Mediterraneo Restaurant

      Open air restaurant
      Stunning views of the Indian Ocean, palm trees all around and romantic candle light – the atmosphere here is unbeatable. On top of that, delicious Italian and Mediterranean dishes are served – even wood-fired pizza. Definitely recommendable are the seafood dishes like lobster and octopus ink pasta. For those who can’t part with this place: the Mediterraneo also offers nice hotel rooms.
      Kawe Beach, Tuari Road
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 777 812 56
    • The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant & Beach Bar

      Romantic at sunset
      The name says it all. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the Indian Ocean. The menu presents fish, seafood, meat off the grill, and a plethora of pizzas. This highly frequented restaurant is very popular with both locals and tourists. Even if it’s only for a cool drink in this magnificent ambience.
      Msasani Peninsula
      Slipway Road
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 22 2600893
    • Zuane

      Zuane offers Italian cuisine. This restaurant also has a playground, so it is a particular favourite with families. Here the pizza is served directly from the stone oven, and there’s a huge selection. There’s also a diverse range of antipasti and pasta. And, of course, meat and fish off the grill. Even the desserts are based on Italian cuisine – tiramisu, ice cream, and chocolate cake.
      Mzingaway Road
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 22 260 01 18
    • Capetown Fish Market

      Asian-African mixture
      The name is deceiving – it’s not a market but a restaurant, which serves nicely prepared sea food with roots in the South African and Japanese cuisine. And as you might guess, the original comes from Cape Town. Make sure to get a table on time for the beautiful sunset over the Msasani bay. On weekends the experience is often underlined with live music.
      180, Masani Bay, Msasani Peninsula
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 758 555 366
    • Samaki Samaki

      Top fishfood
      If you want to eat at Samaki Samaki, you should order the following: fish, fish, and more fish. This restaurant is considered to be the best fishfood restaurant in the city. You can order vegetables or chips as the side dishes. Guests also appreciate the ambience here. Not too over the top, but simple and yet modern. And that to the cool sound of DJs. You’ll get all this at theMlimani Shopping Mallfor a good, relaxing stop during your shopping tour.
      Mlimani Shopping Center
      Mlimani City
      Dar es Salaam
    • Mamboz

      You want the feeling of street food, but at a restaurant? Then Mamboz is the right place for you. Here, pullet and meat come straight from the grill, prepared in the real Tanzanian manner. In other words, the meat is seasoned with many local spices. You can expect a gourmet ambience. So if you want to experience genuine Tanzanian cuisine and preparation, Mamboz is just the right place.
      Corner Morogoro Road & Libya Street
      Dar es Salaam 7420
      +255 784 243734
    • Oktopang Korean Restaurant

      Korean BBQ
      In Africa and still feel like eating Asian? Look no further. The spicy Korean BBQ here is just mouthwatering. Right in front of your eyes fresh seafood and high-quality meat are thrown on the tabletop grill – which is perfectly combined with the zesty kimchi cabbage.
      Plot 1098, Chole Road Masaki
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 754 481 817
    • Coral Ridge Spur

      Popular chain
      Fast food for a change? Without a doubt, meat lovers are better off here than vegetarians. In this restaurant chain the focus lies on different variations of steaks and other meat dishes, like burgers and chicken wings. Especially families with children will love it here: there’s a playground and special supervision for the little ones.
      Sea Cliff Village, Msasani Peninsula
      Dar Es Salaam
      +255 764 700 657
    • Al Basha

      If you like Lebanese cuisine, you’ll love Al Basha. Here you’ll be served really authentic dishes in a cosy, heartfelt atmosphere. Also the service is friendly and highly appreciated by the guests. At Al Basha, you’re stuck for choice between all those tasty dishes. Special praise goes to the hummus, not to mention the moderate prices.
      Bridge Street
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 22 212 68 88
    • The Terrace

      Dining outside
      Like the Hotel Slipway, this restaurant is located in the shopping complex of the same name. On the lovely terrace guests can enjoy excellent dishes made from fresh and local ingredients. The service is outstanding, the view beautiful and sometimes even live bands perform here. The Slipway complex also hosts the terrific Waterfront Restaurant and Bar.

      Hotel Slipway
      Slipway Road, Msasani Peninsula
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 22 260 08 93
    • Shooter's Grill

      Straight from the grill
      This restaurant convinces with its great view from the roof terrace, the attentive service and the consistently good food. Make sure to bring an empty stomach since most of the dishes are everything but low on calories. Classics are the steaks and other delicious barbecue specialties.
      1196, Haile Selassie Road, 6th Floor Oyster Plaza
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 754 680 160
    • Caffè Classico

      For a coffee with a view
      You’ll find Caffè Classico at the Seacliff Hotel.. A modern, urban café in an enchanting ambience. There is a varied selection of coffee, tea, and sweets. Or sandwiches, salads, or even whole menus for the peckish. The location by the sea is great for a break with a super view.
      Hotel Slipway, Msasani Peninsula
      P.O.Box 3030
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 22 5529 900
    • Sheesha Garden Café

      For sheesha fans
      The ambience at the Sheesha Garden Café is simply magnificent. Sitting cosily on sofas outside, you can order from a whole range of exotic flavours. These include Chocolate Mint, Honey Berry, Passion Fruit Mojito, and Melon Crunch, to name but a few. Then there are tasty drinks, coffee, fine ice creams, cakes, and flans. And, of course, the obligatory large TV screen for the sports fans.
      Kaunda Drive, Oysterbay
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 777 000 313
    • George & Dragon

      Popular pub
      A chilled glass of draft Kilimanjaro, a tasty cocktail, or perhaps a steak and chips for the first pangs of hunger? The George & Dragon is a popular pub in the city. You really feel as if you are somewhere in good old Albion. The telly is on, it’s loud, and everybody’s in a good mood. The guests are international, and you quickly get talking to each other. Ideal for an evening of convivial drinking.
      Haile Selassie Road
      Msasani Peninsula
      Dar es Salaam
      +255 7178 000 02