You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Dallal

      A chic and very romantic Mediterranean paradise in the middle of Neve Tzedek. Both the atmosphere and the culinary offer are spot-on at the Dallal. The sirloin carpaccio, trio of Dallal burgers (one classic, one with Mozzarella and one with pastrami) and the fabulous desserts are not to be missed!
      10 Shabazi Street
      Neve Tzedek
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 510 9292
    • Jos & Los

      Good food, good prices
      By women – but not only for women. The Jos & Los is an institution in Tel Aviv! Regular guests of the two lady owners are intellectuals, artists and people who don’t have to have modern design. The food served here, in the flea market-furnished interior, is good and inexpensive, and it’s a veritable who’s who of the city. Get here early, as the ladies aren’t into reservations.
      51 Yehuda Halevi Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 560 6385
    • Toto

      The sirloin melts in the mouth, the «Bangkok Hit» seafood platter overflows, the pasta is perfectly al dente, and the Israeli wines could not be fruitier. The Toto is also dedicated to Italianità. Life is wonderfully uncomplicated on the black leather bench, watching the (never too) stylish Tel Aviv guests in the long mirror over the bar.
      4 Berkovitz Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 693 5151
    • Brasserie m&r

      French charm
      This is THE brasserie in Tel Aviv – comfortable, busy, and nice and big. Painted in a warm yellow with a black floor, black tables and black-framed mirrors on the walls, this 24/7 restaurant radiates the laid-back French charme à la Coupole of Paris. Try the breakfast menu, which is extensive and excellent, or the coq au vin or the boef bourguignon – they’re all delicious!
      70 Ibn Gvirol Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 696 7111
    • A place for meat

      For carnivores
      As the name implies, the focus here is on meat. On fabulous large entrecotes, T-bones or Porterhouse steaks with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. The attractive steakhouse with the modern prices has another advantage: a nice, quiet terrace. Tasty and cosy.
      64 Shabazi Street
      Neve Tzedek
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 510 4020
    • Herbert Samuel

      The «in» place to be
      He is one of Israel’s star chefs. The haute cuisine chef Jonathan Roshfeld has been in charge of the restaurant’s kitchen since it opened, creating excellent light Italian fare in an unpretentious Mediterranean atmosphere. Everything is excellent – and the desserts are a dream! Like the exquisite Messa and the Montefiore, the Herbert Samuel is another fashionable restaurant.
      6 Koifman Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 516 6516
    • Charcuterie

      Swiss owner
      More and more chairs and tables are set up every evening down this side street of the flea market in Old Jaffa. The Charcuterie is popular, and one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. What started as a tiny eatery is now, thanks to the Swiss owner and chef Vince Muster, a popular restaurant with homemade specialities ranging from boudin blanc to choucroute garnie, loup de mer to his volcano fettucine. Delicious!
      3 Rabbi Chanina Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 682 8843
    • Ali Karavan

      For humus lovers
      This is THE place for lovers of all the different types of humus (chickpea puree). Also known as the Abu Hassan after its last owner, it’s a veritable humus Mecca at the foot of Old Jaffa. Don’t be put off by the queue at the door; so many members of the family work here that you won’t have to wait long. But do be sure to come along before two in the afternoon – after that everything is cleared away and the place closed.
      1 Hadolphin Street
      Old Jaffa
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 682 0387
    • Container

      Fish specialities
      The seafood salad, tuna confit and spicy tomato salad with smoked potatoes could not be better. Nor can the atmosphere. Diners sit outside at wooden tables right on the waterfront, watching the fishermen mooring their boats. Art and music events often take place inside in the vast warehouse restaurant. This is the first restaurant opened by the Swiss Charcuterie chef Vince Muster. It’s very relaxed.
      Warehouse 2
      Jaffa Port
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 683 6321
    • Port Sa’id

      Young, hip and delicious
      Our recommendation: share your dishes! Otherwise you can’t taste enough. Port Sa’id is the perfect place for having dinner outside on a warm evening. The atmosphere is hip but very laid back. The daily chaning menu provides fresh prepared and typical regional food. In addition the inside of the restaurant is stuffed with an old record collection – a DJ is spinning regularly.
      Har Sinai St 5
      Tel Aviv-Yafo
      +972 3-620-7436
    • Suzanna

      Outdoor paradise
      The perfect garden restaurant. An enormous fig tree provides shade for guests. Sit outside to enjoy a snack and aperitif, or maybe even an Arab menu. When it’s cold, guests can sit inside in the comfortable restaurant. Just the thing for an excursion into the countryside.
      9 Shabazi Street
      Neve Tzedek
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 517 7580
    • La La Land

      Nice beach restaurant
      Along with the Manta Ray on Alma Beach, the La La Land on Gordon Beach is probably the nicest beach restaurant – and the one with the best food. The chairs and umbrellas are stuck in the stand; the atmosphere is convivial; the guests’ outfits range from bikinis to tunics, and the menu is light beach food. The perfect spot for a sundowner with live music!
      Gordon Beach
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 529 3303
    • Rothschild 12

      Café in the morning, bar in the evening
      Before venturing out onto the famous Rothschild Boulevard with its shops and galleries, treat yourself to a caffè latte with an extra-large fresh croissant at one of the little tables on the sidewalk. Although the menu is in Hebrew, just order what the people at the next table are having. At night, the inside of this dilapidated old building becomes one of the hottest destinations for the Tel Aviv party crowd – it really rocks!
      12 Rothschild Boulevard
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 510 6430
    • Comme il faut

      Coffee break
      Bait Banamal belongs to the «comme il faut» fashion house, and is a bright, airy, modern complex in the trendy new area in Tel Aviv’s port. You’ll find fashion, culture, relaxation and food under one roof. Or to be more precise: fashion boutiques, shoe and jewellery shops, a women’s spa, art exhibitions, a child-minding service and a large café/restaurant with a roof terrace and views of the Mediterranean.
      Bait Banamal, Hangar 26,
      Tel Aviv Port
    • Benedict

      24-hour breakfast
      The window says «Benedict – All about Breakfast». And that’s what it is: breakfast is served here 24 hours a day – in every variation. The intimate café goes with the typical uncomplicated way of life in Tel Aviv, and it offers it guests home-baked bread with whatever breakfast they want (New York, organic, Greek, Mediterranean, Israeli etc.), all served with a friendly smile – at any hour of day or night.
      171 Ben Yehuda Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 686 8657
    • Café XoHo

      Come in and feel welcome
      „Food Porn” - that’s the title of he picture gallery on And yes, it looks mouth-watering, but don't just look at it! Situated between the city center und Jaffa this café is a great spot for a relaxed breakfast. But the menu also provides salads and small dishes during the day – most of them vegi oder vegan. The bagels are homemade and if you’re lucky the poppy seed cake is still warm.
      J. L. Gordon St 17
      Tel Aviv-Yafo
      +972 72-249-5497
    • Bakery Dallal

      For the sweet-toothed
      The Dallal Restaurant also owns the bakery of the same name in the next side street. From early in the morning, small tables and a long espresso bar invite the sweet-toothed to linger and look. There is a wealth of French and Israeli confections to choose from. The big Dallal hits are the éclairs with three fillings – vanilla, chocolate or coffee.
      1 Kol Isreal Haverim, Neve Tzedek
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 510 9292
    • Café Noir

      This is where people meet for breakfast, a business lunch (the Wiener Schnitzel is said to be the best in the country!), coffee and cake or a nightcap. The Noir has been one of the most popular spots in the city for over ten years. And quite rightly so!
      Ahad Ha’am Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 3 566 3018
    • Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar

      Popular Cocktails
      Everyone is talking about the cocktails they serve at the Imperial. And quite rightly so! A «Sabra Cadabra» (South American pisco, pear syrup, pine-apple, lemon and a couple of dashes of Teapot Bitters) is not the sort of drink you’re likely to find on every street corner.
      66 HaYarkon Street
      Tel Aviv
      +972 54 476 4464