There's been something magically attractive about Naples since time began. As capital of the region of Campania, Naples exudes that typical “Italianità” perhaps more than any other city.

Maybe that’s because of its sheltered location on the Gulf of Naples, its direct proximity to the volcano of Vesuvius and the archaeological site of Pompeii, or its short distance from the beloved islands of Ischia and Capri. Not for nothing does the well-known proverb say, “See Naples and die.” Those who visit Naples will never forget it for the rest of their lives.

Naples has become famous as the cultural capital of southern Italy.
This is particularly evident on a wander through the lively lanes in the old town. The historic centre of Naples, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, with its old buildings and cultural monuments, such as the San Gennaro Cathedral, still shapes the cityscape today.

Also closely associated with Naples are the countless pizzerias – no one should leave Naples without visiting at least one. After all, it was here that pizza was invented, making it the great pride and joy of every Neapolitan.

Visitors can get a good insight into everyday life in Naples in the pedestrian zones of Via Scarlatti. The locals stroll along the streets, visiting the different shops and restaurants and spending time with friends and family on Sundays. Some of this time is spent in one of the many cafés, where you are guaranteed to enjoy the taste of the sweet speciality “babà al rhum” – and where you can experience the magic of Naples first-hand.

City Facts

  • Location

    third largest city in Italy and capital of the Campania region

  • Population

    just under 1 million

  • Size

    approx. 117 km²

  • Public transport

    bus system, two underground lines, three funicular railways

  • Climate

    Mediterranean climate. Mild, rainy winter and hot, dry summer

  • Best time to visit

    spring/summer and autumn

  • Good to know

    Naples is recognised as the birthplace of pizza. However, you should be prepared to find only the traditional Neapolitan pizzas on the menu in many pizzerias – the margherita and the marinara. It's worth checking the menu first.

  • Nice to know

    Visitors to Naples should definitely take a boat trip to one of the nearby islands of Ischia, Capri or Procida. Ferries and hydrofoils depart on day trips from the Porto di Napoli. Single journeys last between 40 and 75 minutes

  • Airport

    Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli; approximately 7 km north-east of the city centre.

  • Bus

    The bus route C58 takes you straight to the main station; the slightly more expensive but quicker Alibus goes to the main station, and then on to Piazza Municipio every 20 minutes. Travel time 15-20 minutes.

  • Taxi

    the taxi stand is outside the arrivals hall. There is a fixed price for a taxi to the city; travel time approx. 15 minutes.