You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Zambeze Restaurant

      Fabulous view
      On top of a porch beneath the Castelo, diners can enjoy wonderful Portuguese cuisine with African influences while soaking up a splendid view of the Old Town. Besides the cuisine, this place is a favourite spot because of its magnificent terrace and wonderful view. It is well worth calling in to this restaurant on the steep climb up to the Castelo.
      Calçada Marquês de Tancos
      São Cristovão
      1100-340 Lisbon
      +351 21 887 70 56
    • A Travessa

      Ancient monastery
      It is hard to imagine what lies behind the unimposing entrance door to the A Travessa. The romantic backdrop of this former monastery's cobbled inner courtyard is a perfect place for enjoying fine cuisine beneath vaulted arches. In keeping with tradition, meals begin here with a selection of tapas. And these are simply divine – just like everything else!
      Travessa do Convento das Bernardas 12
      1200-687 Lisbon
      +351 213 902 034
    • Belcanto

      Creative and tasteful
      José Avillez is one of Lisbon’s young, wild star chefs. Which he proves, time and again, at his Belcanto restaurant in the quarter Chiado. Guests are impressed from the beginning, with the smoked butter that is served with the bread, and that is how it continues. First-class mackerel are served without fuss as a counterpoint to an «upside down Martini» – olive stock with spherical vodka. The Portuguese touch is evident in every single dish. The prices are fair, the service unbeatable. The ambience is tasteful, the restaurant small and cosy – so be sure to book.
      Largo de São Carlos 10
      Lisbon 1200-410
      +351 21 3420607
    • Tavares

      Exclusive classic
      The Tavares is one of Lisbon’s oldest restaurants – and also one of its best. Only regional products are used for the Portuguese cuisine. Light snacks and delicious cakes are served in the Salão de Chá (tearoom). The restaurant interior is spectacular: carvings and gilded wood, mirrors and candelabras bring to mind a baroque sacristy. The food is excellent, and guests are treated like royalty.
      Rua da Misericórdia 35
      Lisbon 1200-270
      +351 213 421 112
    • Restaurante Pharmácia

      The unusual Pharmacia restaurant is located right on the wonderful vantage point, Santa Catarina, in Bairro Alto. The magnificent Art Nouveau house is surrounded by a green garden with seating – the perfect place for whiling away a cosy evening. This restaurant really lives up to its name. Cocktails are served in old, graduated beakers, and the bill comes in a urine bottle. If that's not too off-putting, then an unforgettable, delicious evening is guaranteed!
      Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1
      1249-069 Lisbon
      +351 21 346 21 46
    • Fidalgo

      The owner’s of the family restaurant – “Geninho” and “Geninha” – do everything they can for the comfort of their guests. He welcomes the new arrivals, while she prepares the homemade dishes. The menu consists of Portuguese specialities such as grouper gratin, octopus with rice and beans, steaks with typical cheese, pork ribs with rice and beans, and sautéed pork kidneys. The wine list is spectacular with over 120 varieties – including some of Portugal’s finest.
      Rua da Barocca 27
      1200-047 Lisbon
      +351 21 342 29 00
    • Feitoria

      Star cuisine
      This hotel restaurant in Bélem has received one Michelin star. It uses the best local and native products, turning them into unique deluxe creations. For instance, guests are served balls of shrimps that are stuffed with mushrooms and served with lotus flowers as dashi. The food here is also a feast for the eyes – true gourmets will think they are in heaven. The interior of the Feitoria is avant-garde without being cool. It also has an excellent wine list with terrific Portuguese wines which are also available by the glass.
      Doca do Bom Sucesso (at Hotel Atlantis)
      Lisbon 1400-038
      +351 21 0400200
    • Solar dos Presuntos

      Chic, yet homely
      This is where Lisbon's in crowd like to hang out and meet for a meal. Solar dos Presuntos has everything going for it: excellent cuisine, a cosy atmosphere and excellent service. Since opening in 1974, the place has always aimed to make customers feel at home. Guests and barmen know one another – and it's exactly this homely atmosphere that makes the Solar so special and popular. Reservations are definitely recommended here.
      Rua das Portas de St. Antão 150
      (close to the Elevador do Lavra)
      1150-269 Lisbon
      +351 21 342 4253
    • Aqui há peixe

      Fish, fish and more fish
      As the name would suggest, there's virtually nothing but fish on the menu here. And the fish tastes so good that even the locals come here to dine. It goes without saying that the the national dish of Portugal, the bacalhau, is also served here in a range of different ways. The Aqui há peixe enjoys a central location in the city, which is what makes it so popular.
      Rua da Trindade 18
      1200-156 Lisbon
      +351 21 343 21 54
    • Ibo

      Top dining beside the river
      The Ibo has first-class seafood and specialities from the former colony of Mozambique on its menu. For instance, there’s a spicy crab salad with mango – simply marvellous. The location is also terrific. Guests sit right beside the river, watching the ships and seagulls, and sipping a chilled glass of wine. The restaurant isn’t very big, so be sure to book in advance.
      Armazém A – Compartimento 2, Cais do Sodré
      Lisbon 1200-205
      +351 21 3423611
    • Café A Brasileira

      Local café
      The Café A Brasileira is probably the oldest, prettiest and best known cafe in Lisbon. It is in the middle of the suburb of Chiado. Guests relax in its feudal ambience to enjoy the fine, typically Portuguese «galao» milky coffee with something sweet. The baroque interior is cosy, the clientele colourful. The outdoor tables are particularly popular, and it’s also popular with the Lisboans.
      Rua Garrett 120
      1200 Lisbon
      +351 21 346 9541
    • Pastéis de Belém

      Best pastries
      The Pastéis de Belém is essential for anyone in need of a coffee break in Lisbon. It makes the world-famous Pastéis de Nata (cream pudding tarts) and has been doing so, with tradition, since 1837. The recipe has been the same since the day the café opened, and is probably one of the best-kept secrets in Portuguese cuisine. A little cinnamon on top – and these sweet treats melt in the mouth. Best with a pica, Portugal’s answer to Italian espresso.
      Rua Belém 84-92
      Lisbon 1300-085
      +351 21 363 7423
    • Pois Café

      Best cappuccino
      Many people wax lyrical about Lisbon’s coffee, and supposedly the best is served here. At the Pois Café, for instance. The cappuccino at the Pois Café is said to be the best in the city. Guests are full of admiration for the cakes, gateaux and snacks – not forgetting the breakfast. The interior is cosy, and perfect for relaxing. So if you’re looking for somewhere to recover from a trip to the Old Town, this is the café for you.
      Rua Sao Joao da Praca 93-95
      Lisbon 1100-521
      +351 21 88 62 497
    • Confeitaria Nacional

      The Confeitaria Nacional has been family-owned since 1829, and to many it is the loveliest cake shop in Lisbon. Time seems to have stood still here. The interior has been left as it was in the beginning, so it’s cosy with old tiles – and the original swing doors. There is such an excellent selection of sweet and savoury delights that you won’t know where to begin – or stop. Once you’re at the counter, you might well find yourself unable to make a choice. So – better try everything!
      Praça da Figueira 18B
      Lisbon 1100-241
      +351 21 324 3000
    • Pavilhão Chinês

      As soon as you walk into this bar, you’ll be amazed. There is so much to see that you might have to come for a second visit. Bizarre and fascinating. For over 15 years, the bar has been decorated in the style of the fin de siècle. The experience starts as soon as you ring the doorbell and the waiter in a red bowtie opens the door for you. There is also a tremendous selection of cocktails, so prepare yourself for a long evening.
      Rua D.Pedro V 89, Bairro Alto
      Lisbon 1250-093
      +351 21 3424729
    • Clube de Fado

      All Portuguese
      The fado is to Portugal what the tango is to Argentina. Fado songs are full of melancholy, are all about love, social misfortune, bygone days and the longing for better times. The Club de Fado belongs to a fado guitar player, and radiates this very special flair more than any other establishment in Lisbon. The food is traditional as is the music, so a Portuguese evening is guaranteed.
      Rua de São João Praça 86-94
      Lisbon 1100-521
      +351 218 852 704
    • Cinco Lounge

      The best drinks
      The Cinco Lounge is the perfect place for anyone wanting to try some excellent drinks in Lisbon. The cocktails here are generally considered to be the best in the city. The only problem is the selection is overwhelming – so you may well have to have another one … or two. The service at the bar is also excellent. If you find that you are unable to make a decision even after studying the drinks list intently, just ask the bartender for advice. The interior is spectacular.
      Rua Ruben A. Leitão 17
      Lisbon 1200-329
      +351 21 342 4033