Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

The 5 Signiori is in up-and-coming Gundeldingen. The hosts are experts at conjuring up culinary delights from seasonal ingredients. And that they themselves are connoisseurs is evident not only from the menu, which changes four times a year, but also from the wine cellar and from the celebration of the excellent, but not fussy, food. It’s one of my favourites.

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Restaurant 5 Signiori
Güterstrasse 183
4053 Basel
+41 61 361 87 73

Every summer, crowds of people jump into the Rhine at Basel and float along on the current. Those who would rather do this under professional supervision can do the annual supervised Rhine swim with lifeguards. This option is available every Tuesday in July and August.

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Rhine swim
Basel Rhine swim

The Holzofenbäckerei Bio Andreas is a small establishment on the Andreasplatz, in a quite location with a special Old Town flair. Not only does it serve terrific bread, but there are also snacks and light meals, delicious cakes and coffee. It’s lovely to sit outside in the courtyard in summer. Be sure to try the iced tea. There is a second branch on the Schneidergasse, which isn’t far away, but it has to be said that the ambience is not a patch on that of the old bakery on the Andreasplatz.

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Bäckerei Bio Andreas
Andreasplatz 14
4051 Basel
+41 61 261 84 86

The Sud is a wonderful location. Beer was brewed here until the 1990s (Warteck), and today, parts of the former brewery are used as a club/bar/café. If you like a lively environment, be sure to come on a Sunday. As well as an extensive breakfast buffet, there is also a mix of colourful market stalls.

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Bar Sud
Burgweg 7
4058 Basel
+41 61 683 14 44

Lange Erlen, the canton’s «lungs», is a well-known local recreation centre. The 180-hectare forest beside the Wiese river is the perfect place to relax. The animal park in Lange Erlen is home to over 80 animals, ranging from wapitis to woolly pigs. And what’s really cool: admission is free.

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Tierpark Lange Erlen
Erlenparkweg 110
4058 Basel
+41 61 681 43 44

If you happen to stroll along the Rhine in Lesser Basel in summer, be sure to stop for coffee at a «Buvette». These are little mobile containers/bars, open to the skies, that are perfect for passing the time. The offers vary and range from cold drinks and local beers to grilled snacks and other delights. My personal favourite is the Oetlinger Buvette. It also has an electric barbecue that you can use for free and you’re allowed to bring your own sausages.

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Oetlinger Buvette
Unterer Rheinweg 104
4057 Basel