You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Bahnkantine

      Not just for rail workers
      Much has changed at the old Deutsche Bahn goods station in Basel over the years but the building that housed the canteen for the rail workers is still standing. And since 2012, the Restaurant Bahnkantine has been serving a varied and inspiring range of dishes in generous portions and made from the finest ingredients. Enjoy the refreshing cuisine and bask in the memory of the days when the smell of oil and soot filled the air.
      Erlkönigweg 30
      4058 Basel
      +41 61 681 62 65
    • Gasthof zum Goldenen Sternen

      A piece of history
      Basel’s oldest inn is in the romantic Old Town area of St. Alban, and has been in existence since 1412. An exquisite combination of Mediterranean and traditional dishes is served in the elegant atmosphere of the historic rooms. The dishes are accompanied by a wide selection of excellent wines from various countries. The two terraces with views of the Rhine and the courtyard are open in summer.
      St. Alban-Rheinweg 70
      4052 Basel
      +41 61 272 16 66
    • Restaurant Fischerstube

      This comfortable brewery restaurant is in Lesser Basel’s Old Town, close to the Rhine. The homemade dishes – the focus is on fish – are accompanied by fresh Ueli beer from the restaurant’s own brewery. From the restaurant, you can watch the brewers at work in the brewhouse and fermenting cellar. The Antoniterkeller, a 15th-century vaulted cellar, is perfect for social occasions.
      Rheingasse 45
      4058 Basel
      +41 61 692 92 00
    • Restaurant Löwenzorn

      Historic inn
      This traditional restaurant is in the middle of Greater Basel’s Old Town, to the left of the Rhine. The rooms in the venerable Haus Löwenzorn are bursting with history dating back to the 13th century, and are perfect for special occasions. Good, plain seasonal dishes are served in the beautifully decorated dining rooms. There is room for over 200 people in the romantic courtyard garden, which also has a barbecue, making it perfect for summer events.
      Gemsberg 2/4
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 261 42 13
    • Restaurant Gifthüttli

      Original Switzerland
      Here, guests have the choice of the traditional bar and terrace on the ground floor, and the elegant «Stuube» restaurant upstairs with good, plain cooking. The specialities are various types of cordon bleu. The wooden panelling and historic embellishments throughout the building create a unique atmosphere. The name «Gifthüttli» dates back to the time when Basel’s pubs were only allowed to serve wine. The local paper even went so far as to claim that drinking beer was akin to drinking poison (Gift) if it were consumed anywhere other than at the brewery.
      Schneidergasse 11
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 261 16 56
    • Restaurant Kunsthalle

      Jack of all trades
      The art hall consists of an elegant white section and the more traditional «Schluuch» with delightful wall murals. The beautiful garden with its many shady trees is open during the summer months. Next to the restaurant is the Kunsthalle Bar, with walls and ceilings adorned by works of art. For an aperitif or after-work cocktail, head to the Campari Bar, which also belongs to the hotel. Once a month it changes into a club.
      Steinenberg 7
      4001 Basel
      +41 61 272 42 33
    • Les Gareçons

      Former waiting room
      The «e» in the name is not a typo, but rather a reference to the location. The restaurant is in a former waiting room of the historic Badische Railway («gare» in French), and has an extremely elegant interior. It includes a café, lounge and sun terrace. The menu contains special combinations of regional and international cuisine. Travellers will find all kinds of provisions «to go» in the Gareçons in the main hall of the station.
      Schwarzwaldallee 200
      4058 Basel
      +41 61 681 84 88
    • Noohn

      Asian paradise
      Eurasian cuisine, a combination of sushi bar, fine dining and an elegant lounge bar – that’s Noohn. Enjoy the best sushi from the conveyor belt or a good cocktail in the banking district at the heart of the city. The menu also contains other fabulous Asian dishes and excellent cuts of meat. In summer, the roof terrace is the perfect spot for a meal. The views of the city are breathtaking.
      Henric Petri-Strasse 12
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 281 14 14
    • Cantina Don Camillo

      Post-industrial ambience
      Instead of beer, creative dishes are now served in what was once home to the Warteck brewery. Meat and vegetables are supplied by regional growers, and the bread is baked fresh on the premises. The Turmstübli is open in summer, and is one of the most beautiful terraces in Basel, offering guests breathtaking 360° views of the city on the Rhine. Booking is advised.
      Burgweg 7
      4058 Basel
      +41 61 693 05 07
    • ChezVelo

      Racing classic
      This bike shop is also home to what is probably Basel’s smallest café. As the name implies, Chez Velo is all about the metal frame with wheels on either end. As well as offering coffee and bicycles, it also has a unique atmosphere. As you sit in the cosy corner with a coffee, you can admire the bikes hanging on the walls. The interior is retro, created with much passion for detail. A coffee break Chez Velo is also highly recommended to non-cyclists.
      St. Johanns-Vorstadt 64
      4056 Basel
      +41 61 561 73 35
    • Ono

      All in one
      The Ono is close to Basel University in the district of Greater Basel. It appeals with its modern ambience in shades of brown and black and is built over two floors. The café and bar are downstairs, with a large wooden table for groups of people. The restaurant is upstairs. The menu contains a wide selection of fresh dishes with Asian influences and there is also an elegant lounge corner with a large picture window.
      Leonhardsgraben 2
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 322 70 70
    • Café del Mundo

      Cultural melting pot
      The two owners have created a platform for cross-cultural exchanges, since Basel’s Gundeldingen district is undeniably multicultural. The name is Spanish and means «of this world». The premises are simple in design but extremely welcoming and comfortable. There is more seating outside the café and in the courtyard. It offers a wide selection of teas grown in the district’s tea garden. The lunchtime menu can be compiled from various sandwich ingredients and salads.
      Güterstrasse 158
      4053 Basel
      +41 61 361 16 91
    • Schiesser

      The classic
      The traditional café at the heart of Basel delights guests with hand-filled chocolates, the best homemade ice cream and fabulous views across the market square to Basel’s town hall. Founded in 1870, the «Confiserie» is now being successfully run by the fourth generation, and is a firm favourite not only with the residents of Basel.
      Marktplatz 19
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 261 60 77
    • Café Frühling

      All organic
      Enjoy coffee culture, move at a slower pace and celebrate pleasures – that’s the motto of Café Frühling. «Slow Coffee» is the name of the movement. You can breakfast at any time of day at this bistro in the buzzing district of Kleinhüningen. Yes, you read that right – at any time of day! And it’s all organic!! You’ll be back with your friends.
      Klybeckstrasse 69
      4057 Basel
      +41 61 544 80 38
    • Adesso

      Art deco style
      This café in Basel’s Gellert district is decorated with pictures, bathing nymphs and other Art Deco style objéts. The ambience is elegant and stylish. The offer comprises cakes and croissants, sandwiches, salads and drinks. There are regular concerts and other events.
      Hardstrasse 14
      4052 Basel
      +41 79 762 55 23
    • Cargobar

      Chill out beside the water
      This little bar is right on the banks of the Rhine at the Johanniter bridge and not far from Basel University. The name is a reference to the vast container ships. There’s an open ambience in this somewhat arty establishment. DJs perform several times a week and there are concerts by various artists. There are also regular art installations in the Cargobar.
      St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46
      4056 Basel
      +41 61 321 00 72
    • Consum

      For wine lovers
      The bar with over 100 different wines has the finest choices for any wine greenhorn, but also has plenty of new discoveries to surprise even the most experienced wine connoisseur. And in addition to the exclusive liquids, there is also an excellent selection of cheese and salami platters. The bar is in the heart of Lesser Basel’s Old Town.
      Rheingasse 19
      4058 Zürich
      +41 61 690 91 30
    • Café Singer

      Bar and Club
      You’ll already start feeling dizzy just by looking at the long drinks menu here: from port wine and cognac to all kinds of beers and refreshing cocktails – you name it. While chilling in the bar on the ground floor you can get tasty little snacks, before heading to the basement to dance to electronic music until the early morning hours.
      Markplatz 34
      4001 Basel
      +41 61 262 27 27
    • Atlantis

      THE club
      The Atlantis is an institution in Basel. Also known as the «Tis», the club nights on Fridays and Saturdays are legendary. DJs from all over the world choose the tracks - house, R ‘n’ B, soul, oldies and much more – until 4 in the morning. You can turn night into day on its two floors. The club also has a restaurant, and admission to the club is free for diners.
      Klosterberg 13
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 228 96 96
    • Bar Rouge

      Good head for heights
      Measuring 105 metres high and with 31 storeys, the Basel Trade Fair Tower is the second highest building in Switzerland. Bar Rouge is right at the top. The bar has a red lounge and a functions room and offers a modern and stylish ambience with unique views over the rooftops of Basel. It appeals to all the senses, being the perfect place to enjoy a cool drink in the reddish light of the sun, or sample the various culinary delights.
      Messeplatz 10
      4058 Basel
      +41 61 361 30 31
    • The Bird’s Eye Jazz Club

      Top jazz
      Since it was founded in 1994, The Bird’s Eye Jazz Club has gained an excellent reputation, not only with jazz lovers but with musicians all over the world. Of the smaller clubs, it is one of the most popular and most renowned venues in Europe. Current, contemporary jazz is played. As well as supporting international acts, the operators also believe it is important to support regional and national artists. It’s a must for jazz lovers in Basel.
      Kohlenberg 20
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 263 33 41
    • Baragraph

      Back to the Seventies
      Down an unassuming street in Greater Basel’s Old Town is this gateway to the Seventies. The two-storey Bar Baragraph transports you back to this time. Meet the arty types at the counter, one of the many drinks in hand. Clinical white, deep ocean blue or fiery red – every room is decorated individually. However, they all share the same perfect interplay between round and rectangular shapes.
      Kohlenberg 10
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 261 88 64