You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • The Artisan

      Prepared with love
      With good reason this place is called the Artisan. Directly next to fragrant basil and tomato pots, guests are served dishes made from fresh, local and often home-made ingredients. The Artisan partly picks these straight from their own boxes in their urban garden. The interior also doesn’t lack plants – hanging from the ceiling they give the whole place a very hip and modern ambience. The menu is quite experimental: recommendable are the high-calorie but delicious caramalised bacon, the juicy oven-baked chicken and the divine chocolate cake with mango sorbet.
      Nordbrücke 4
      8037 Zurich
      +41 44 501 35 71
    • Bürgli

      Charming and cosy
      The Bürgli restaurant in Zurich Wollishofen is situated in a charming listed building with views of Lake Zurich. The charming ambience that plays so artistically with colour and spatial elements is also unique. The restaurant serves seasonal dishes prepared from fresh locally grown ingredients. The garden terrace is also unique. Cosy, and with fabulous views.
      Kilchbergstrasse 15
      8038 Zurich
      +41 44 482 81 00
    • Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten

      Great pleasures
      The «Zünfte» – guilds – were trade associations, and first formed in the 14th century. They gathered in what were known as guild halls. The restaurant offers an insight into their history – and also offers excellent, typically Swiss dishes. Be sure to try the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes. And to enjoy the views of the Limmat.
      Limmatquai 40
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 250 53 63
    • BEBEK

      An oriental medley
      A hint of the Orient with a regional twist? The BEBEK is called after Istanbul's district of the same name and literally translates as 'baby'. This restaurant's baby days are long gone, however, and the BEBEK is now well established on Zurich's gourmet scene. It is a bar cum restaurant, which is as welcoming throughout the day as it is in the evening. It serves various set menus and à la carte at lunchtime, and a selection of mezze, hummus, merguez and local specialities at dinner.
      Badenerstrasse 171
      8003 Zurich
      +41 44 297 11 00
    • Ah-hua

      Authentically Asian
      It’s noisy, lively and hectic in the A-hua. The family business has been consistently successful ever since it opened in 1998. The big branch on Helvetiaplatz opened in 2006. The offer consists of Thai specialities – from delicately flavoured lab salad to spicy tom yam soup. And the food is authentically Asian. If you’d like to try it yourself, you can shop for the ingredients at Brauerstrasse 9 – they are imported weekly from Thailand.
      Ankerstrasse 110
      8004 Zurich
      +41 44 240 38 88
    • Restaurant Josef

      Two, three, four or five courses?
      The principle behind the Restaurant Josef may be simple, but it’s also successful. You choose your meal from the offer – and decide whether you want two, three, four or five courses. They are served in small portions – about three courses are right for the average appetite. All the products are carefully selected, and in fall and winter on Friday and Saturday night there are DJs late at night. The Josef has quite a large catchment area, so be sure to book.
      Gasometerstrasse 24
      8005 Zurich
      +41 44 271 65 95
    • Pumpstation

      Lakeside grill
      Central and yet wonderfully close to the water: the Pumpstation. Whether you want a coffee in the afternoon, an aperitif or a grilled kebab and potato salad, the outdoor restaurant leaves nothing to be desired. Expect to have to wait at lunchtimes or on a warm summer evening. And the waiters are also generally in a hurry. But the ambience beside the lake makes up for everything.
      Utoquai 10
      8008 Zurich
    • Restaurant Clouds

      High above the clouds
      Switch off, enjoy and relax: That is the motto of the Restaurant Clouds. On the 35th floor of the Prime Tower, the tallest building in Zurich, the food is excellent and accompanied by breathtaking 360° views of Zurich and the surrounding area. Or you can stop off in the Bistro, the restaurant bar, for a coffee or an aperitif. Reservations a must.
      Maagplatz 5
      8005 Zurich
      +41 44 404 30 00
    • Rooftop Restaurant

      The sky's the limit
      In need of a break from shopping, while soaking up the fabulous view of the Bahnhofstrasse below? Then there's no better place than the Restaurant Rooftop! The terrace is stunning, with an elegant yet unpretentious design. The menu mainly revolves around Asian dishes, and the wide range of different dumplings is highly recommended. If you're not particularly hungry, the cocktails are also out of this world!

      Bahnhofstrasse 74
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 400 05 55
    • Mesa

      Gourmet restaurant
      The restaurant Mesa is in the top league of Zurich’s gourmet restaurants. The delights that are conjured onto the tables here invariably make guests’ eyes shine. Pleasure is celebrated at the Mesa. The wine cellar is also a treat for the eyes.
      Weinbergstrasse 75
      8006 Zurich
      +41 43 321 75 75
    • Volkshaus

      In the «in» scene
      Trendy, environmentally and health conscious, seasonal, market fresh, the meat of local origin and organic: that’s the creed in the Volkshaus. The prices are not the lowest, but nor are they too high The interior of the restaurant in the middle of the «in» district is like old times. If you only want a drink, then head for the well-stocked bar. In summer, the Kanzleiareal with Bar Xenix is perfect for a nightcap.
      Stauffacherstrasse 60
      8004 Zurich
      +41 44 242 11 55
    • Seerose

      Practically on the lake
      You’ll feel as if you were on holiday in the Seerose. The restaurant is situated right beside Lake Zurich, and has its own harbour and moorings for private boats. There are lovely views of the city and the Alps from the terrace. The Mediterranean, extremely varied, seasonal offer is freshly prepared every day. You can sit inside when the weather is bad or in winter. Reservations a must.
      Seestrasse 493
      8038 Zurich
      +41 44 481 63 83
    • Le Chef Meta's Restaurant

      Female chef
      Meta Hiltebrand, the Head Chef at Le Chef, is renowned far and wide for her culinary skills. "A passionate chef makes others happy" is her catchphrase. She adores passing on her contagious passion for good food. As well as fresh, Mediterranean cuisine, made using produce from small, regional suppliers, she also conjures up traditional dishes – no frills, yet very imaginative. The 'surprise' set menu comes highly recommended. Booking a table in Meta's restaurant is definitely advisable!
      Kanonengasse 29
      8004 Zurich
      +41 44 240 41 00
    • HILTL

      Vegetarian temple
      This restaurant is a must for vegetarians: the HILTL. Founded in 1898, it was the first vegetarian restaurant in the world. Walk into the HILTL, and you are walking into a veritable vegi paradise: everyone loves the buffet, which consists of over 100 home-made specialities. Guests are welcome to take their choices away with them, or dine in comfort in the à la carte restaurant. Friends meet outside for coffee and cake in the summer, and later in the evenings from Friday to Sunday the vegetarian temple becomes the HILTL Club, where revellers party until the early hours.
      Sihlstrasse 28
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 227 70 00
    • Fischer’s Fritz

      Fischer’s Fritz is a veritable lakeside paradise. It has long been one of the most popular addresses in Zurich. Whether a romantic tete-a-tete on the first floor balcony, a sparkling drink in the Sunset bar or in the meadow beside the lake, you truly will feel as if you are on holiday. The menu is guaranteed to be fresh. Every evening, the restaurant’s fisherman casts his nets; next morning the contents make up the new menu. Another highlight is the Sunday brunch from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.
      Seestrasse 559
      8038 Zurich
      +41 44 480 13 40
    • Restaurant Zeughauskeller

      Hearty and traditional
      How about a nice, juicy schnitzel? A tasty sausage? Rösti? Or perhaps some Zürcher Geschnetzeltes? Then the Zeughauskeller is the place for you. The ambience is rustic and full of history. There’s tradition in what is on the plates. And the prices are good, too. The restaurant is very popular and always full, so it’s a good idea to book.
      Bahnhofstrasse 28A
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 220 15 15
    • Cakefriends

      Pastry heaven
      The irresistible smell of cake assails you as soon as you walk through the door. Lemon, dark chocolate, banana, walnut, Amaretti, caramel walnut, Rüebli, marble – there is no limit to the choice. Plus, of course, muffins, quark tarts and various crèmes. Or you can choose something savoury, such as quiches, «Ofenchüechli» (choux pastry buns) and salads. The brunch is just as inviting. And everything is served in a simple white interior with the Swiss cross as the decorative highlight.
      Torgasse 3
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 252 22 11
    • Honold

      Traditional establishment
      The confectioner's art has been practised at Rennweg 53 at the heart of Zurich's Old Town for 106 years. Quality and freshness are the primary concerns for the café. The selection is so extensive and delicious that it is hard to make a decision. Cakes, savouries or chocolates – they all taste wonderful. The café area on the top floor is like old times, whereas downstairs is more modern. And you can sit outside in summer – if you can find somewhere.
      Rennweg 53
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 211 52 58
    • Kafischnaps

      The Kafischnaps likes its old traditions. You’re just as likely to meet the «in» crowd as you are mums and babies. There’s a menu at lunchtime. And in the afternoon, you can enjoy a latte macchiato, or wind down over a cool beer in the evening – outdoors in summer. The Kafischnaps is attached to a small guesthouse with 5 individually furnished rooms. Perfect for visitors who wish to experience Zurich close up.
      Kornhaussstrasse 57
      8037 Zurich
      +41 43 538 81 16
    • Henrici

      For the highest coffee pleasure
      A passion for coffee is at the heart of Henrici. You can try it in any possible version. Inspired by San Francisco’s elegant coffee culture, this family establishment has become a firm fixture in Zurich’s coffee scene since it opened in June 2009, and it is impossible to imagine the Niederdörfli without it. The brunch is fabulous, the cakes a delight, and the ice creams have plenty of fans. The Açai punch, a power drink from the Amazon, is equally popular.
      Niederdorfstrasse 1
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 251 54 54
    • Sprüngli

      A legend among cafés
      There’s only really one word you need to say at café Sprüngli: Luxemburgerli. Mhhhhhh! This biscuit with the delicate filling is available in various flavours, and is now famous all over the world. However, that’s not the only reason to stop at the café Sprüngli. The traditional establishment serves delicious cakes, patisseries, sandwiches and canapés over two floors – and outdoors in summer. The chocolates in every variation are an absolute delight. As well as the restaurant, there are other branches all over the city and at the airport.
      Bahnhofstrasse 21
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 224 46 46
    • Felix

      Sinful treat
      Gold, flowers, marble and lots of bits and pieces: café Felix at the Bellevue. You simply must visit it. Not only does the eye hardly know where to look for all the decorations, but the café also offers a range of sweet delights that simply melt on the tongue. The sandwiches and canapés are also fabulous.
      Bellevueplatz 5
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 251 80 60
    • Plüsch

      Back to the 70s
      Café Plüsch is a lovely place to spend some time. The retro interior transports you back to the 1970s. It serves homemade cakes and delicious sandwiches, and you can really settle down and make yourself comfortable. The Plüsch is also very popular in the evenings for a drink. Or two. And an excellent breakfast is served at the weekend.
      Aemtlerstrasse 16
      8003 Zurich
      +41 43 810 16 26
    • Milchbar

      Singularly good
      Even the location on the Paradeplatz in an idyllic courtyard is unique. However, the concept behind the «Milchbar» is also unique: it doesn't just offer milk. No; it also has world class coffee, prepared by the hands of the Swiss barista champion. There's also a juice bar with freshly squeezed fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass juices and green smoothies. The wine shop contains an excellent selection of fine wines of various origins plus cheeses, ham, cold meats, preserved vegetables, caviar and exclusive smoked fish – all to buy and take away with you. And for those who find it impossible to tear themselves away, this excellent location also offers a single hotel bedroom furnished, amongst others, by the artist Max Zuber, where they can lay their heads and succumb to sweet slumbers.
      Kappelergasse 16
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 211 90 12
    • Schwarzenbach

      The classic
      The café Schwarzenbach is situated next doors to the grocery store and its own coffee roaster. Visitors are welcome to try the vast selection of teas, or perhaps sample a really special coffee. Perhaps a cup of strong, chocolaty Puerto Rico «San Pedro», or a mild, delicate «Jamaica Blue Mountain». Try it with a slice of poppy seed cake, streusel cake or the legendary cheesecake. Delicious!
      Münstergasse 17
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 261 13 80
    • Terrasse

      The building that is home to the Terrasse bar and restaurant building is probably one of the loveliest in Zurich. The interior is stylish; design is important. There is a huge selection of drinks – and they are all served in the matching glass. The bar also has an excellent wine selection and menu. The tiny park that belongs to the bar is a welcome spot for a refreshing drink in summer.
      Limmatquai 3
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 251 10 74
    • Hive

      For night owls
      Hive is as busy as its namesake – and nocturnal. Fabulous electro sounds in a bright potpourri. DJs perform with pride. New trends are experienced in the club life. The Hive sees itself as a breeding ground for a lively, multi layered and varied alternative music and culture scene. It’s the perfect place for anyone who enjoys good music and dancing.
      Geroldstrasse 5
      8005 Zurich
      +41 44 271 12 10
    • Badi Enge

      Chilling by the lake
      By day, the ladies display their bikinis. In the evenings, it becomes a cosy bar. The views of the sparkling lights of the city are spectacular. Guests enjoy the fabulous atmosphere beside the lake and fountain with a cool beer or elegant drink. The culinary delights include grilled dishes and salads, and there are also various sweet treats.
      Mythenquai 9
      8002 Zurich
      +41 44 201 38 89
    • Rimini

      Open-air bar
      Rimini – the open-air bar in the Badi in the middle of the city. When it starts to get dark the men’s pool becomes a cosy bar with wonderful lighting. In summer, guests stretch out on one of the many cushions, enjoying a cool beer or a delicious pizza on one of the benches. And on Mondays – weather permitting – there’s the Monday market with all sorts of finds.
      Badweg 10
      8001 Zurich
    • Longstreet

      The end is the beginning
      Once upon a time, Longstreet on the Langstrasse was all red lights, and the programme matched the decor. Today it still reminiscent of those days, but it has long become a hip meeting place, with various DJs behind the turntables. If you’re planning a long evening in the Langstrasse quarter, this is the place to start.
      Langstrasse 92
      8004 Zurich
      +41 44 241 21 72
    • Moods

      For jazz-lovers
      Moods in the Schiffbau building is one of the leading jazz clubs in Europe, and in 2011 was included in the list of the «150 best jazz venues worldwide». Moods stages jazz concerts almost every day, as well as funk, soul, pop and electro, and there are parties after the concerts on Fridays and Saturdays. Moods is the no. 1 address for jazz lovers from all over the world. However, the concerts focus largely on the local and domestic jazz scene.
      Schiffbaustrasse 6
      8005 Zurich
      +41 44 276 80 00
    • Zukunft

      Dance the night away
      Can the future be this cool? It can. And once you’ve made it past the doorman and into the club, you’ll find yourself in the fascinating world of the future. Small but not too cramped, and always one step ahead of the trends. Top DJs from at home and abroad perform here. And those who want to chill out for a while can do so in the club’s Bar3000. Bet you don’t come out again until the dawn chorus starts!
      Dienerstrasse 33
      8004 Zurich
      +41 43 539 86 52
    • Wings

      Take off
      After the grounding of Swissair, a number of people decided to preserve a little of the spirit of bygone days. And so a group of former Swissair pilots and flight attendants opened the Wings bar on the Limmatquai. It is intended to radiate the experience of flying and the fascination of travel. It serves light finger foods and exotic small dishes, carefully selected wines and special cocktails from the airline world. The highlight is the MD 11 beer – the ultimate in aviation beer!
      Limmatquai 54
      8001 Zurich
      +41 43 268 40 55
    • Kaufleuten

      The classic
      The Kaufleuten is to Zurich what the P1 is to Munich: a classic. With a restaurant, lounge, smoker’s lounge and club, it has everything you can do in an evening. Start with a delicious meal in the restaurant, then enjoy one of the drinks from the excellent selection, and finally to the club for a spot of dancing. Great concerts and readings are also held here.
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 225 33 33
    • Purpur

      Arabian Nights
      Purpur – «purple» – brings an oriental flair to the popular Seefeld district of Zurich. The interior is entirely in the style of the Arabian Nights with lots of little niches and cushions; it’s perfect for chilling with a good drink. The cosy terrace is a lovely spot in summer, and there are DJs to provide a good mood at the weekend. The Purpur also has a Smoker’s Lounge next door.
      Seefeldstrasse 9
      8008 Zurich
      +41 44 419 20 66
    • X-tra

      Club with accommodation
      Salsa mania, lollipop party or a concert? X-tra has them all. It also has a restaurant, a bar – and even its own hotel. So you can party the night away – and then just move next door to roll into bed. Boredom is unheard of in the large club on two storeys and with three floors.
      Limmatstrasse 118
      8005 Zurich
      Tel. +41 44 448 15 95
    • Mascotte

      The Mascotte is one of the oldest clubs in Switzerland. But that’s not to say that the pub in the Corso Building is dusty. The club is one of the most exclusive addresses in Zurich’s nightlife, and extremely popular. Guests enjoy the special ambience. Whether hip hop, disco or beat sounds, the Mascotte is always well visited, and concerts also take place from time to time.
      Theaterstrasse 10
      8001 Zurich
      +41 44 260 15 80
    • Frau Gerolds Garten

      The grounds of the Geroldgarten behind the Freitag Tower have long become a cult with both locals and tourists. It has been turned into an outdoor leisure oasis of a very special kind. A genuine urban kitchen garden has been created among the brightly coloured accessories, wooden tables and bars. There’s also cinema, art and fresh food. As it starts to get dark and the lights are turned on, you’ll feel as if you were on holiday.
      Geroldstrasse 23
      8005 Zurich
      +41 78 971 67 64