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Dar es Salaam

Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

Traditional Ethiopian restaurant in Dar es Salaam. Besides its unique cuisine, the restaurant also boasts a huge outdoor terrace where you can enjoy its African delicacies by candlelight. The highly diverse and varied Ethiopian cuisine offers a lot to both meat lovers and vegetarians. Similar to mezze, the food is served traditionally on a large thin bed of sourdough that is eaten together with the tasty morsels. Addis in Dar is also famous for its self roasted coffee.

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Restaurant Addis In Dar
35 Ursino Street
Dar es Salaam

I can highly recommend this hotel in Dar es Salaam. It doesn’t quite lie in the city centre, but it does have a private sandy beach. The rooms are spacious and beautifully furnished, and the large pool invites you in for a few morning lengths. Simply fantastic for relaxing! This hotel is the perfect oasis of tranquillity, especially when, say, you’re setting off for a safari from Dar es Salaam.

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Hotel White Sands
Jangwani Beach
Dar Es Salaam
+255 758 818 696