You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Asha’s

      Indian restaurant
      Thanks to its perfect location in the middle of Birmingham, Asha’s is the perfect restaurant for lovers of Indian cuisine. The food is of excellent quality, the mood relaxed, and the staff always friendly and attentive. If you prefer, you can just enjoy a tasty drink at the large bar – which also has a cosy lounge. If you would like to dine here, be sure to book a table.
      Edmund House, 12-22 Newhall Street
      Birmingham, B3 3LX
      +44 121 200 27 67
    • The Bull

      Traditional and award-winning
      Whether lunch or an evening meal, the dining in the Bull is always excellent. The focus is on British cuisine, and there are lots of hearty menus and dishes. The pub is quite rightly proud of its wide range of traditional draught beers. As popular with locals as it is with visitors. The interior is extremely comfortable – in fact, you'll probably feel as if you were sitting in Granny’s living room. There’s a colourful mixture of porcelain plates on the walls, and tea pots, cups and jugs hanging from the ceiling. Unbelievably cosy. Incidentally, a few of the rooms are also available for long-term rentals.
      1 Price Street
      Birmingham, B4 6JU
      +44 121 333 67 57
    • Purnell’s

      Gourmet restaurant
      This culinary gem in Birmingham’s gastronomy is in the lovely old part of the city centre. The old Victorian brick building with the large windows is the perfect setting for Purnell’s, the excellent gourmet restaurant that has already received one Michelin star. The delightful bar and lounge area is the perfect place to start the evening with an aperitif before moving on to sample Glynn Purnell’s bold and innovative cuisine. Different menus are offered according to, and inspired by, the season.

      55 Cornwall Street
      Birmingham, B3 2DH
      +44 121 212 97 99
    • The King’s Head

      Hearty and popular
      Whether the (in)famous fish ‘n’ chips, a juicy steak or a burger, you won’t leave the King’s Head feeling hungry! Enjoy your meal with a freshly tapped beer or a glass of excellent wine. Live music provides a happy, relaxed atmosphere. The interior is rustic, but radiates an elegant charm. It’s lovely outside on the terrace when the weather permits.
      Hagley Road, Harborne
      Birmingham, B17 8BJ
      +44 121 277 41 30
    • The Warehouse Café

      The Warehouse Café on Allison Street has been serving vegetarian delights for over 30 years. The ingredients it uses are mainly fresh from the region – and you can taste it. Whether lunch or an evening meal, vegetarian burgers or wraps, salads or falafel, everything has one thing in common: it’s all delicious!
      54-57 Allison Street
      Birmingham, B5 5TH
      +44 121 633 02 61
    • Bacchus Bar

      Hidden pub
      This pub is in one of the oldest parts of the city, tucked away and not easy to find, but it’s worth the search. The atmosphere in the Bacchus Bar is cosy, the clientele a colourful mix, the food tasty, and the range of beers good. A traditional British place for a pleasant end to an evening.
      Burlington Arcade, New Street
      Birmingham, B2 4JH
      +44 121 632 5445
    • Chi Bar

      Stylish bar and club
      The Chi Bar is chic. The selected wines, luxurious cocktails and good range of beers will encourage you to chill at the lovely bar. Relax in the pleasant, warmly lit atmosphere and enjoy the evening. The bar becomes an ‘in’ club at weekends, and is great for partying the night away.
      61 Newhall Street
      Birmingham, B3 3RB
      +44 121 233 31 50