Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Jagiellonian University

    A source of intellect
    The majestic buildings of Poland's oldest university are impressive. All the more so when you think that this is where Nicholas Copernicus, who later found fame as an astronomer, and Pope John Paul II attended classes. This seat of learning was founded by King Casimir the Great in 1364. The oldest building in the complex is the «Collegium Maius». The pretty «Professors' Garden» is well worth seeing.
    Świętej Anny Street / Jagiellońska Street
    31-007 Krakow
    +48 12 422 10 33
  • Saint Mary's Church

    Monument to the Virgin Mary
    If you haven't already noticed the magnificent Gothic basilica on the market square, you will once the trumpet sounds. Every hour, the Trumpet Master plays the Krakow signal «Hejnal» towards all four points of the compass from one of its two towers. Inside the Roman Catholic basilica, the magnificent medieval high alter of carved wood captivates visitors. This, the largest altar in Europe, was made by the Nuremberg master carver Veit Stoss.
    St. Mary's Square 5
    31-042 Krakow
    +48 12 422 05 21
  • Kazimierz Quarter

    A centre of Jewish culture
    Not far from the city centre is the «Kazimierz Quarter» which was established in the 15th century as an independent Jewish city. It was made world famous by the Spielberg film «Schindler's List», which was filmed here. The tragic history of the quarter can be experienced in an exhibition in the former administrative building of Oskar Schindler's factory. Besides other building monuments, this part of the city is also worth visiting for the galleries, antique shops and cafés.
  • Market Square

    The heart of Krakow
    With its historical merchants' houses the «Rynek Glowny», as Krakow locals call their city centre, is one of Europe's most fascinating old city market squares. Its centre is home to the «Cloth Halls», a centuries-old shopping mile. The «Royal Road» leads across the market square to Wawel Hill with the royal palace and cathedral. On the market square you can also watch the many street artists, listen to a concert or while away some time in one of the many restaurants.
    Rynek Glowny
    30-062 Krakow
  • Wawel Hill

    Home of dragons and kings
    This limestone formation, which is part of the «Krakow-Czestochow Jurassic upland», rises 20 metres above the city centre and has been settled for 20,000 years. Its showpiece is the Wawel palace ensemble, where the Polish king resided in the Middle Ages. Another valuable architectural monument is the cathedral, in which numerous kings are buried. At the foot of the Wawel Hill, a sculpture of a dragon is a reminder of the fire-breathing monster that is said to have once terrorised the people of Krakow before it was slain by a schoolboy.
    31-001 Krakow
    +48 12 422 51 55
  • Cloth Halls

    The world's oldest shopping centre
    The cloth halls in Krakow in the centre of the main market were a shopping mile as early as the 14th century. They were rebuilt following a fire in the 16th century. Today the whole range or typical Polish goods can be found in this absolutely beautiful Renaissance building: Jewellery, handicrafts and souvenirs. Once you've found enough souvenirs, you can visit the museum of 19th century Polish art on the first floor.
    Rynek Główny 1/3 (Krakow's main square)
    31-042 Krakow
  • Krakowski Kredens

    An old-style delicatessen
    Every week, well-to-do citizens used to head for the exquisite food shop to get everything they needed for the Sunday picnic. And although picnics are no longer as common, the fine ingredients are still available to buy: Teas, pastries, jam, pickled vegetables or soups. All specialities are made to recipes that have been handed down. The origins of the delicious products can be read about in brochures.
    Grodzka 7
    31-006 Krakow
    +48 12 423 81 59
  • Krakow gallery

    All that the heart desires
    Krakow has a few large shopping malls. One of them is the Krakow Gallery, which was integrated into the new building of the main railway station in 2006. Across 60,000 square metres on three levels, you will find among other things international clothing chains, electronics stores, a supermarket and restaurants.
    Pawia Street 5
    31-154 Krakow
    +48 12 428 99 02
  • Underground museum

    The city's history 4 metres down
    Archaeological excavations have always been carried out under the market square, but for the first time on a large scale at the start of this century. Some 11,000 objects and remains from medieval settlements were uncovered. For a few years now, those interested in archaeology have been able to experience for themselves in an impressive way what life used to be like around the market square. At a depth of 4 metres and across 4,000 square metres, you want wander round the multimedia exhibition that also holds a special fascination for children in particular.
    Rynek Główny 1
    31-042 Krakow
    +48 12 426 50 60
  • Krakow Opera

    World renowned culture
    The tradition of the opera has existed in Krakow for over 200 years, and the opera as an institution has existed since 1954. However, it had to recruit from other theatres in order to put on its performances. That's because the dedicated opera house was not completed until 2008. Today some 200 performances are performed in this now gigantic building with a main stage for an audience of 760 and a small secondary stage for another 150: Operas, ballet, musicals and operettas performed by internationally and nationally famous artists.
    Lubicz Street 48
    31-512 Krakow
    +48 12 296 62 00