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Cape Town

«Mother City» is what the South Africans call this enchanting city. The location on the seaside, the mountains and the unique flair of the city win over every visitor.

Photographers flock here for the unusual light in and around Cape Town, making the metropolis the stage for numerous fashion shoots. History and African exoticism are coupled with colour, scents, nature and the love of life.

In spite of its difficult history with apartheid, whose consequences are doubtlessly still evident, the city radiates such charm that visitors can't help but fall in love. In the restaurants and bars lining Long Street, guests eat, drink and celebrate together. Atop Table Mountain visitors enjoy a gorgeous view of the city and the ocean. Drive along the seashore with the cool breeze on your face – and you may catch a glance of dolphins or whales.

You could also dedicate your day to a South African speciality: wine. Whether you go to one of the city's bars, like the Nose, where you could spend all day reading the wine menu, or travel along one of the different wine routes, no visit to Cape Town is complete without it. Cape Town is a fantastic place to combine sightseeing, shopping, lifestyle, nature, night life and beach. The very reason so many come back time and again.

City Facts

  • Location

    Second largest city in South Africa, on the west coast.

  • Population

    About 3.7 million

  • Size

    About 497 km²

  • Public transport

    There is a bus network, but we recommend only using taxis.

  • Climate

    Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, somewhat damp winters.

  • Best time to visit

    December to February is the best time for the beach, though January to April offer milder, comfortable temperatures.

  • Good to know

    Tourists are encouraged not to use the minibuses but to stick to official taxis, and not to walk at night.

  • Nice to know

    Starting in 1806, a cannon was fired every day but Sunday to give the hour; since 1902 this signal has gone off at exactly noon.

  • Airport

    Cape Town International Airport, about 20 km east of the city.

  • Bus

    MyCiTi Bus A01 travels from the airport to Civic Centre and Waterfront stations every 20 minutes. The trip to Civic Centre Station takes about 25 minutes; then it's another 15 minutes or so to Waterfront station. These buses are fine to use.

  • Taxi

    It takes about 20 minutes to reach the city centre by taxi.