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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Tunnel Museum

    The way of hope
    This tunnel under the runways of Sarajevo's airport provided the city with its only link to the outside world during the four-year-long siege in the Bosnian War. The elderly and injured, food and fuel, soldiers and cigarettes all travelled along the 700-metre-long dark passageway. Nowadays 20 metres of the tunnel have been restored and made accessible. The museum itself is a house located at the tunnel's mouth. Here you can see mementoes from the war and video footage about the siege and the history of the tunnel.
    Tuneli 1
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 778 672
  • Baščaršija

    The heart of old Sarajevo
    In the 16th century Old Town, every street is dedicated to a different craft. As you wander through it today, past the shops, you will find yourself transported back to the days of the Ottoman Empire. One of the oldest streets is the Kazandžiluk, Coppersmith Street, where visitors will find traditional souvenirs such as artistically crafted copper coffee pots.
    Saraći 8
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 250 200
  • Vijećnica

    National library and monument
    The Vijećnica is one of the most fascinating buildings and was built during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Sarajevo. The building, which opened in 1896, is an architectural blend of eastern and western styles. Two wars during the 20th century have taken their toll on it, and during the siege in the Bosnian war it was burnt down. It has since been renovated and restored to its former glory. It houses both the national and university libraries, as well as a museum of the history of the Vijećnica itself.
    Obala Kulina bana
    71000 Sarajevo
  • Gazi-Husrev-Beg Mosque

    Contemporary witness of the Ottoman Empire
    Gazi Husrev Beg ruled over Bosnia from 1521 until his death in 1541. Not only did he bequeath all his wealth to Sarajevo, but he also gave the city many buildings and modern-day tourist attractions with an unmistakable character. This includes the mosque that bears his name, which was built by the then Master Builder of the Ottoman Empire, Adžem Esir Ali, in 1530. It is an important contemporary witness from the age of the Ottoman Empire.
    Saraći 8
    71000 Sarajevo
  • Bravadžiluk 13

    Metalworking shops turned restaurants
    Bravadžiluk was once the street where the metalworkers were to be found. Nowadays it is lined by numerous small, traditional restaurants, serving typical Bosnian dishes such as pies, vegetables or grilled meat specialities such as ćevapčići. A walk through here is a must.
    Saraći 8
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 250 200
  • Dugi-Bezistan Market

    A hint of Istanbul
    This approximately 100-metre-long market dating back to the 16th century is one of the many architectural legacies left by Gazi Husrev-Beg. Beneath its vaulted roof, around 50 shops sell cheap souvenirs such as handbags or sunglasses. It is mildly reminiscent of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
    Saraći 18
    71000 Sarajevo
  • Halvo goldsmiths

    Traditional jewellery
    The traditional item of jewellery known as the "Belenzuk" is back in fashion. A bracelet is described as a "Belenzuk" if it comprises two parts: the intricate filigree clasp, partially adorned with gemstones, and the hand-made chain. The jewellery is usually made of silver, and is not cheap. These beautiful items are made by father and son, Muhsin and Nihad Halvo.
    Gazi-Husrev-Begova 47
    71000 Sarajevo
  • Gallery Egoist

    Strange souvenirs
    Fancy a strange souvenir to take home with you or to give as a gift? You're bound to find what you are looking for in this small gift shop in the Old Town. The shop sells everything from jewellery to bags, as well as framed pictures and hand-crafted items. The symbolic print and characters on wallets, postcards and magnets is the handwriting of a local designer and is all the rage among the locals.
    Trgovke 21
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 447 999
  • Ahmed Kalajdžisalihović

    Traditional slippers
    The traditional crafts practised by Ahmed's ancestors date back to the 19th century. During the 1930s his grandfather exported slippers made of wood and leather to the Czech Republic, Austria and Sweden. Nowadays, Ahmed is keeping these traditional crafts alive. He makes richly embroidered slippers like something out of the Arabian Nights in various materials and colours, for both men and women.
    Saraći 15
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 447 999
  • Ars Aevi

    Modern art museum
    As a sign of their support during the siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War, a group of enthusiasts invited various artists from around the world to donate a work of art. The aim was to build up a collection of contemporary art. Today, this unique collection numbers around 150 works, made up of donations from renowned local and international contemporary artists. This collection of modern art is considered one of the most valuable in south-eastern Europe.
    Terezije bb
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 216 919
  • Sarajevo Museum

    A rich past
    If you are interested in Sarajevo's rich history, then you really should visit this museum. It is, in fact, several museums, comprising a main building and five annexes. One of these is the "Sarajevo Museum 1878–1918". This permanent exhibition illustrates the history of the age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Another one is the "Jewish Museum", housed in Bosnia Herzegovina's oldest synagogue, which dates from 1581. The exhibits demonstrate, among other things, the influence that the Jewish people have had on the fields of science and art.
    Zelenih beretki 1
    71000 Sarajevo
    +387 33 533 288