You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Restaurant Essigbrätlein

      2 Michelin stars
      This 2 Michelin-starred restaurant occupies a prime location in the old town. Refined gourmet cuisine is served in a small, cosy dining room. There is also a series of cookery and spice courses for those wishing to improve their skills in the kitchen.
      Weinmarkt 3
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 911 22 51 31
    • Bratwursthäusle

      Don’t even think about visiting the city without trying the traditional dish of four Nuremberg bratwursts at least once. The best address for these world renowned little spicy sausages is the Bratwursthäusle, open since 1313. The sausages are grilled over a beechwood fire here in the shadow of St. Sebaldus Church. All of their specialities are produced by their own butchers. Yummy!
      Rathausplatz 1
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 911 22 76 95
    • Hausbrauerei Altstadthof

      Delicious beers
      This place brews and bottles its own beer. The restaurant has dedicated itself to brewing Nuremberg's traditional beers artisan-style since 1984. The red beer is a firm favourite! Besides beer, however, this wonderful place also serves delicious Franconian dishes, such as Nuremberg sausages.
      Bergstrasse 19-21
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 911 24 49 859
    • Restaurant Goldener Pudel

      For gourmets
      Steaks, seafood and burgers, and, of course, meat-free dishes for vegetarians. This elegant restaurant serves everything a gourmet's heart could ever wish for. The central location, extensive wine list and outstanding service are three more reasons why this place comes highly recommended.
      Grasergasse 15
      90402 Nuremberg
      +49 911 24 27 8650
    • Iu & On

      The family-run restaurant Iu & On has been preparing and serving Thai specialities since 1972. Guests are attracted by the clear, minimalist interior and noticeably pleasant atmosphere. It’s the place to come to enjoy refined Thai cuisine.
      Roritzerstrasse 10
      90419 Nuremberg
      +49 911 33 67 67
    • Da Claudio

      Fine Italian cuisine
      Guests of this simple, modern restaurant can anticipate endearing Italian hospitality and fresh, first-rate ingredients. The antipasti are a masterpiece, the homemade pasta simply dissolves on your tongue, and the meat and fish dishes are fresh and tender. This is a wonderful place to enjoy Italian cuisine at its finest level.
      Hochstrasse 41
      90429 Nuremberg
      +49 911 20 47 52
    • Bratwurst Röslein

      Fränkische Küche
      In diesem traditionellen Gasthaus gibt es richtig gute fränkische Küche. Und wer schon mal im «Grössten Bratwurst-Restaurant der Welt» gastiert, sollte natürlich auch die typischen Nürnberger Rostbratwürste mit Kartoffelsalat und Kraut probieren. Das Bratwurst Röslein steht seit 1493 im Herzen der Altstadt, direkt am Hauptmarkt, und gilt als Nürnberger Institution.
      Rathausplatz 6
      90402 Nürnberg
      +49 911 214 860
    • Lorenz

      All organic
      Cool and stylish – including the guests. Lorenz only uses purely organic ingredients, which is what made them Nuremberg’s first certified organic restaurant. Add a sprinkling of lounge music and enjoy a cocktail – they’ve thought of everything. The restaurant offers a hearty breakfast brunch on Sundays and public holidays.
      Lorenzer Platz 23
      90402 Nuremberg
      +49 911 205 93 90
    • Wonka

      Cooking with herbs and spices
      This restaurant by Christian Wonka is a true gourmet temple styled as a modern bistro. They carry on the tradition of cooking with fresh herbs and premium spices here. The restaurant design is simple elegance, with the focus on refined dishes. During the summer, guests can dine outdoors on the small terrace in the back courtyard.
      Johannisstrasse 38
      90419 Nuremberg
      +49 911 39 62 15
    • Kokoro

      Hearty Japanese
      Those who don't fancy Frankish food should make a detour to Kokoro. This place serves up first-class contemporary Japanese dishes. The Japanese word 'kokoro' roughly translates as 'heart', and this is what the restaurant aims to bring across to diners. Delicious sushi, as well as pasta and fish dishes – everything is prepared with great attention to detail, using fresh ingredients.
      Am Neuen Museum
      Luitpoldstrasse 3
      90402 Nuremberg
      +49 911 664 868 01
    • Falco Ristorantino

      Little Italy
      This is gourmet dining with Italian gusto! The Italian dishes are all lovingly prepared and the menu changes regularly. A cosy atmosphere and extensive wine list round off the dining experience. In the summer the garden is the perfect place for sipping a glass of wine in the sun.
      Wiesentalstrasse 1
      90419 Nuremberg
      +49 911 37 85 7499
    • Ishihara

      Japanese cuisine
      The dishes at Ishihara are prepared while the guests watch. The cooks conjure up any manner of speciality using fresh ingredients directly on the steel «hot plates»: fish, seafood, meat, poultry and vegetables à la minute, with a healthy dose of entertaining showmanship.
      Schottengasse 3
      90402 Nuremberg
      +49 911 22 63 95
    • Di Simo

      Lovely place
      The little Caffè Bar Di Simo roasts its own coffee beans and everything else they serve is delicious, too. Panini for lunch, homemade cakes in the afternoon and a glass of prosecco after work. Di Simo is the perfect spot to take a break from shopping because it’s right on the Trödelmarkt. They attract a really nice crowd, so it’s a real place to feel at ease.
      Trödelmarkt 5-7
      90403 Nuremberg
    • Café Katz

      Vintage design
      Sitting in Café Katz is like sitting in your grandmother's lounge: every whim is catered for and the retro armchairs are particularly comfy. The colourful pot-pourri of vintage furniture is anything but stuffy – lending the café a laid-back, cool atmosphere. The beautiful outdoor area is open in the summer.
      Hans-Sachs-Platz 8
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 911 23 69 05 26
    • Literaturhaus

      Guests can enjoy a tranquil breakfast or lunch and browse through the books and newspapers directly on the «Historical Mile», which runs right through Nuremberg’s old city. Café Literaturhaus is a popular meeting point. Decorated like a Parisian or Viennese café, it’s the ideal place to catch your breath after a long city tour.
      Luitpoldstrasse 6
      90402 Nuremberg
      +49 911 234 26 58
    • Café Bergbrand

      Coffee roasters
      The aroma of freshly roasted coffee hits customers as soon as they come through the Bergbrand's door. This centrally located, cosy and hip place roasts its own prime quality coffee. Customers who can't get enough of the Bergbrand's coffee can buy a pack or two to take home with them.
      Weissgerbergasse 38
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 911 99 28 5010
    • Café Bar Wanderer

      Top summer venue
      The Albrecht-Dürer-Platz gets extremely busy in summer. People stroll along the old cobbled streets and take time out to enjoy the large number of cosy cafés and pubs. One of these cafés is the Café Wanderer, right next door to the Tiergärtnertor. The bar stocks a huge range of Frankish beers. And if there are no more seats outside, simply take your beer and sit on the sun-warmed cobbles in front of the bar and soak up the great atmosphere.
      Tiergärtnertor 2-6
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 162 395 82 20
    • Rote Bar

      Bar, lounge & club
      The fashionable clientele – from young to old – drink their tasty cocktails in the bar, enjoy small appetisers in the lounge and go dancing in the club. The interior is stylish and tasteful, with lamps draping everything and everyone in a flattering red. Every so often you’ll run into a local celebrity here, too.
      Peter-Vischer-Strasse 3
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 911 992 89 56
    • Mata Hari

      The smallest and, in the operators’ own words, finest bar in Nuremberg is dedicated to the world renown Dutch exotic dancer, courtesan and spy from the World War I. The lamps are beautiful and the scope of the beverages on offer is impressive: more than 50 cocktails and 50 whiskeys and malts. Guests are tightly packed as they enjoy their drinks and bob to the trendy live music.
      Weissgerbergasse 31
      90403 Nuremberg
    • Bäckerhof

      Cocktail bar
      The upstairs bar is simply beautiful. Located in a former 19th century ballroom dominated by an imposing chandelier, it serves excellent cocktails in an ambiance that reminds guests of an English club. The clientele is pleasant and enjoys small dishes from around the world as the DJ spins music to fit the mood. The Bäckerhof also houses a tavern, a restaurant and the «Wohnzimmer» where guests can have a drink in a laid back, salon-style atmosphere.
      Schlehengasse 2
      90402 Nuremberg
      +49 911 253 697 74
    • Streetart Café

      Art and cocktails
      Guests can admire the pictures that line the walls here whilst sipping a cocktail. This café literally brings the street indoors by exhibiting a diverse range of different street art. The colourful pot-pourri of seats almost turns this café into a work of art itself.
      Innere Laufer Gasse 8
      90403 Nuremberg
      +49 1 577 338 0783