When you think of Athens, you immediately see marble, statues, columns, stadiums, crumbling capitals, and smooth white ornamental floors.

And if you really want to live life to the full, you should tear through the night at the tavernas and clubs of Psyri and Gazi. The city doesn’t reach top form until the night. To conclude, you’re recommended a fortifying tripe soup in the Market Halls. Even at four in the morning, Athens is still full of life and simply beautiful. A trip to the Temple of Poseidon will also be worth your while. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience a breathtaking sunset. And don’t forget – A holiday in Athens makes a great combination with one of the countless Greek bathing islands.

The remains of antiquity can be seen everywhere in the endless sea of houses making up the Greek capital. Do not miss out on a hike up to the Acropolis. The view from there is fantastic. Strolling through the old city or soaking it up over a glass of ouzo. Athens is a charged, vibrant metropolis. In the Kolonaki neighbourhood you can go shopping in chic establishments or simply watch the goings on at a café. Whether drinking frappé coffee or dining on octopus in red wine sauce, you'll find that Athens is to a place to enjoy.

City Facts

  • Location

    Capital of Greece

  • Population

    About 660,000

  • Size

    39 km²

  • Public transport

    Metro, suburban railway, rail and tram services.

  • Climate

    Owing to the surrounding mountains, the Athens climate is drier and warmer than in other regions of the country. Between June and September, temperatures can soar to 40 degrees in the shade, and in winter it is bitterly cold.

  • Best time to visit

    The temperatures are most comfortable in spring and autumn.

  • Good to know

    The economic situation in Athens provides a fertile ground for labour strikes, so you should check before or as soon as you arrive.

  • Nice to know

    Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe and in 1985 was the first European Capital of Culture.

  • Airport

    Eleftherios Venizelos, approx. 25 km from the city centre.

  • Metro

    Excellent Athens Metro network with 61 stations. This will take you virtually everywhere in Athens.

  • Taxi

    Taxi stations in front of the terminal.