Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Castellana caves

    Stalactites and stalagmites
    The Castellana caves began to form 90 million years ago, but were first explored in 1938. Since their opening, this universe of stalactites and stalagmites has fascinated more than 15 million visitors. Today, two tours of different lengths allow visitors to explore the grottos with their narrow passages and bizarre limestone formations. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed into the white grotto with its alabaster coloured limestone and limited air supply.
    Piazzale Anelli
    70013 Castellana Grotte
    +39 080 499 8221
  • Ostuni

    The white town
    Nestled in the rolling hills of the historic region of Salento, Ostuni is better known as the 'white city'. The whitewashed houses, which lend this town its particular charm, can be seen from miles around. The Santa Maria Assunta cathedral with its Late Gothic facade rises above the stunning, snow white-coloured Old Town, with its winding alleyways and steps.
    Uffici al Turismo
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele 39
    72017 Ostuni
    +39 0831 307219
  • Torre Guaceto

    A nature reserve adventure
    27 kilometres to the north of Brindisi and south of Ostuni, near Torre Guaceto, is an area of protected sea and coastland covering around 1,200 hectares. This nature reserve is characterised by lagoons, pine forests, sandy shores, cliffs and escarpments. The underwater world is fascinating for snorkelers. Turtles breed on the beaches and the coastal lagoons provide resting places for migratory birds. Parts of this nature reserve can be explored with various excursions – both above and below the water.
    Riserva Naturale Torre Guaceto
    72012 Carovigno
    +39 08 31 989 976
  • Trulli

    Conical buildings in Alberobello
    Alberobello is famous for its typical trulli, which have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996, and are built to resemble shepherds' huts. The old, round buildings with their conical limestone roofs are built without mortar in the form of false vaults layered one on top of the other. The trulli are mainly found in the Monti and Aia piccolo districts of the town and are used today as houses, bars and shops.
    Comune di Alberobello
    Via Monte Nero 3
    70011 Alberobello
  • Enoteca Penny

    Brindisi wines
    Brindisi is also reputed for its wines. For example, Brindisi Rosso, Brindisi Rosso Riserva and Brindisi Rosato. These are as well-known as the fruity local white wine, Locorotondo. Whether you prefer red or white, the Enoteca Penny is the perfect place for tasting, drinking and purchasing wines in cosy rooms featuring old, vaulted stone ceilings and an inviting bar. The wine list also includes international vintages, as well as Sekt, Champagne and liquors.
    Via San Francesco 5
    72100 Brindisi
    +39 0831 563 013
  • Markets

    Food, second-hand and books
    What would Italy be without its mercati? For visitors with time on their hands, a visit to the market is a must-do on any holiday. Just a few steps away from the Piazza del Popolo there is a daily food market, where stalls groan under the weight of freshly picked fruit and vegetables from the region. On the first Sunday of every month, buyers and sellers haggle at the second-hand market and book stalls in Brindisi's harbour. Head here for anything from old records to antique furniture.
    Food: Piazza del Popolo
    Second-hand and book markets: Piazza Santa Teresa
    72100 Brindisi
  • Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Shopping and fashion street
    Fashion-lovers in Italy just need to follow their instincts to find the right street in the city. In Brindisi, this is the Corso Guiseppe Garibaldi, the city's main shopping street. Together with the Corso Umberto I, the Via Tarantini – just a few steps from the cathedral square – and the La Valigia delle Indie, the street offers an extremely diverse range of large and small shoe and fashion boutiques as well as those selling accessories.
    Corso Guiseppe Garibaldi
    72100 Brindisi
  • Cantine Due Palme

    Vineyard for wine-lovers
    The Cantine Due Palme vineyard is located about 25 kilometres out of Brindisi, in Cellino San Marco. This winegrower produces a large number of fine wines, such as the typical Apulian Negroamaro and Primitivo, as well as noble wines made from Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Guided tours and tastings provide visitors with interesting insights into wine production. And why not take a bottle home as a reminder of your visit?
    Via San Marco 130
    72020 Cellino San Marco
    +39 083 161 78 65
  • Santa Maria del Casale

    The transition from Romanesque to Gothic
    This church was built in the 14th century on the orders of Philippe of Anjou and his wife, Colette of Valois. It is a fine example of the architectural transition from Romanesque to Gothic. Bi-coloured, geometrically patterned intarsia work and the Lombard-style porch give the façade its characteristic appearance. The interior of this house of God contains a series of Byzantian frescoes.
    Via Ruggero de Simone 1
    72100 Brindisi
    +39 0831 418 545
  • Archaeological museum

    A rich culture and history
    A visit to the Francesco Ribezzo archaeological museum in Brindisi enables you to immerse yourself in the rich history of the region. The museum displays various exhibits from ancient Roman and Greek times such as bronze and stone sculptures, vases, jugs and vessels, illustrating the rich archaeological inheritance of this area. A must-see for all history and culture fans.
    Piazza Duomo 7
    72100 Brindisi
    +39 0831 565 501