You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Locanda Ti Li Spilusi

      Join the locals
      Guests can enjoy local specialities in a lively atmosphere in this rustic Italian restaurant. The many local who dine here is always a good sign. Especially on Sundays, the Locanda Ti Li Spilusi is full of Italian families. As a result, you need to book in plenty of time if you want to enjoy the wide range of antipasti, pasta, pizzas and chargrilled specials here.
      Contrada Restinco 4
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 0831 555 481
    • Porta Nova

      Excursion to Ostuni
      The 38-kilometre trip from Brindisi to Ostuni certainly pays off – not just because the little town is picturesque, but also because of its culinary offering. After pursuing his career in Venice, Stockholm and Montreux, chef Tonino Chiaccia returned home to make his dream of owning his own restaurant come true. His artistic fish and seafood creations have quite a reputation, and the stylish décor and the view of the valley down to the sea are wonderful.
      Via Gaspare Petrarolo 28
      72017 Ostuni
      +39 0831 338 983
    • Escosazio

      Meat, meat and more meat
      Carnivores have come to the right place here! Steaks of all shapes and sizes in the window pull in the crowd, as do the many different sausages on offer. Chefs prepare your chosen menu in front of diners, while waiting staff offer advice on the right choice of wine or beer to accompany your meal.
      Piazza Mercato 15
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 0340 116 2585
    • Don Angus

      For steak-lovers
      The name of this restaurant promises just what guests want to eat: good meat. You need to tell the waiter how thick you like your steak as he sharpens his knife. Diners also determine how long their steak sizzles on the grill. And while they wait for their delicious meal, guests can sit and relax with a glass of wine on the large rooftop terrace.
      Via Guerrieri 16
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 0831 528 968
    • Il Boccone

      Off the beaten tourist path
      She wields a ladle in the kitchen, while he looks after the pizzas and the guests. The hosts at Il Boccone spoil their guests in every possible way – with such dishes as "antipasto della casa", agnolotti, tagliolini and pizza from the wood-fired stove. What is more, the small room with the vaulted ceiling is wonderfully cosy and always has a great atmosphere.
      Via Carmine 74/76
      +39 3389 077 598
    • Piazzetta Colonne

      A feast for the eyes - and stomach
      Both the view and the food at this restaurant are breath-taking. The Piazzetta Colonne is located on a hill near the Roman columns, which are well worth a visit. From here you can enjoy an impressive view over the sea and the harbour in the distance. This restaurant only serves the very best, freshest seafood and home-made dishes, for example, raw fish and seafood as a starter, followed by pasta with grilled lobster or scampi cooked in salt.
      Via Colonne 57/59
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 0831 172 0488
    • Betty Café

      Home-made ice creams
      Anyone out for a stroll along Brindisi's promenade will come across the Betty Café, which is also a restaurant. But let's stick with the café, or rather the ice cream parlour, with which Gaetano and Betty started their family business in 1981. Even back then, they were no strangers to the art of making ice cream! The ice creams are delicious, fresh, low in calories and have a decadent texture, with flavours ranging from the classic to the innovative. Their Italian pastries are also perfect for sweetening your day!
      Viale Regina Margherita 6
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 0831 563 465
    • Ausonia

      Authentic Italian
      Throughout Italy, it is often rare to find a coffee house that just serves coffee. This also holds true for "Caffe Ausonia", which is also a patisserie, cafeteria, rotisserie and snack bar all rolled into one – making it an authentic Italian café. Before heading off to work, locals in Brindisi throw back a good cup of espresso in this little bar near the harbour, and they also gather here on Sundays for their aperitif.
      Corso Garibaldi 91
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 0831 529 719
    • Uncle’s Music Bistrot

      Amongst friends
      Whether sitting inside this little pub or outside on the large terrace, the atmosphere in Uncle's Music Bistrot is always merry. Sandro's genial hospitality is famous for miles around, and his impressive range of beers proves very popular. In a nutshell, this is the perfect place for a relaxed evening with friends.
      Via Bianchi
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 349 561 5304
    • IDS Club

      Disco dancing in another dimension
      This fabulous disco never ceases to amaze: no sooner has a DJ just finished playing his line-up of house or Latin American music than there's already an opera singer on stage ready to take over. An evening at this club is certainly a very memorable experience.
      Contrada Costa morena 39
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 389 473 6588
    • S’Agapo Vineria

      Welcoming and cosy
      This little wine bar is the perfect place to while away a couple of hours, whether over an aperitif or late in the evening. Hostess Francesca conjures up delicious local specialities, serving only the best wines to complement them. Musicians also entertain diners with their guitar and vocal talents.
      Via Santi 16
      72100 Brindisi
      +39 345 765 3525