You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Frans

      Idyllic experience
      A fantastic atmosphere is guaranteed in the garden of this idyllic place. It’s nice to know where you can hide from the sun on hot summer days in Belgrade. The menu provides excellent traditional as well as international meals. Go for the beef tenderloin steak in minced truffles sauce and necessarily try the homemade dessert called „Tulumbe“. Frans is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience you want to last – do not miss!
      Bulevar oslobodjenja 18a
      11000 Beograd
      +381 11 2641 944
    • Restaurant Caruso

      Dinner with a view
      Tucked away on the eighth floor of an office block, this restaurant serves up excellent Mediterranean cuisine, as well as regional dishes. With a modern design and a view over the city, the Sava and the Danube, the Caruso is a wonderfully relaxing place.
      Terazije 23/8
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 11 32 48 037
    • Restaurant Faust

      With a view of the Sava
      This place is well worth a visit, if just for the panorama. Besides the view, the Faust is also reputed for its first-class Italian cuisine and friendly atmosphere. The wine list is enough to set any connoisseur's heart racing. DJs provide the music here on weekends – perfect for dancing the night away!
      Kosančićev venac 29
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 11 32 83 680
    • Cantina de Frida

      Tapas and fun
      Both cuisine and décor here have been inspired by Frida Kahlo's creativity. Besides the colourful combination of Spanish and Serbian tapas, this restaurant also boasts a fabulous location on the Sava and relaxing live music.
      Karađorđeva 2-4
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 11 21 81 107
    • Mala Fabrika Ukusa

      All-round feel-good place
      You could almost think that you’re somewhere in the countryside but this little restaurant is located in the middle of a residential area. In the summer you can enjoy typical Serbian cuisine below the trees on the elevated terrace, whereas on cold days you can take a seat in the lovely and entirely white interior. The menu offers typical Serbian dishes that are served in a modern way with plenty of love for detail. If the chef is in a good mood and likes his guests, it might happen that you get little treats to try without even asking.
      Nebojsina 49a
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 11 2435 727
    • The Square

      Nouvelle cuisine
      What a wonderfully large room! Open, flooded with light and elegant, this restaurant is an oasis. What head chef Goran Kovacic conjures up in his perfectly appointed kitchen is pretty much without equal in Belgrade. Kovacic, who spent several years cooking in London, likes to try out new ideas and manages never to overshoot the mark. «There isn’t much call for extremely experimental cooking in Belgrade yet,» he finds. And yet his technique and presentation surpass anything that has been seen in the Serbian capital before. For those who like it: try the foie gras – or the pork belly that has been cooked for 18 hours.
      Studentski Trg 9
      Belgrade 11000
      +381 11 33 33 510
    • Restaurant Manufaktura

      A trip down memory lane
      This place is just like an old Yugoslavian shop, with walls lined with shelves that are packed with local specialities. Customers can tuck into a diverse range of traditional Serbian dishes here while chilling to live music. The čevapčići with ajvar, a savoury dip made from peppers and aubergines, comes highly recommended.
      Kralja Petra 13-15
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 11 21 80 044
    • Kafana Znak pitanja

      A trip back in time
      The beautiful city centre has been home to Belgrade's oldest kafana – a typical Yugoslavian restaurant – since 1823. Its rustic ambiance and down-to-earth food attracts both locals and tourists, who can tuck into čevapčići and similar at affordable prices.
      Kralja Petra 6
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 11 26 35 421
    • Houseboats on the Save

      Dine on the water
      It’s best to come to Ada with the whole family or a group of friends. Even at weekends, there are plenty of places to be alone in this vast recreational area. Grilled fish and meat are served on all of the boats that are moored along the banks of the Save. And if you’d like to stay a little longer, then head for the legendary «Black Panther» («Crni Panther») a little later on. Every evening, a Roma band of the same name plays here with a passion that is without equal.
      Savski Kej New Belgrade
      New Belgrade 11070
    • Restaurant Kovač

      Serbian country house feast
      If you visit the Kovač, make sure to bring lots of hunger. The homely restaurant in the Voždovac district takes you on a journey through Serbian cuisine. Which means there is plenty of meat. Like in a stew, filled with smoked cheese, as a sausage or as thinly-cut ham. Everything is excellently seasoned and prepared to perfection. Guests are sitting in a rustic country house atmosphere with dark wood and old furniture. The ideal place after a day of shopping in autumn or winter.
      Bulevar Oslobođenja 221
      11000 Belgrade
      +381 63 415215
    • Elixir

      Vitamin juices in countless variations
      Let’s be honest, vitamins won’t hurt us. Ideally highly concentrated and freshly squeezed. Every day, hundreds of kilos of fruit and vegetables are «juiced» in this friendly bar. The healthy fruit creations bear names like Skin Tonic, Wake Up and Sweet Honey. It also serves coffee, muesli and scrumptious cakes. Come once, and you’ll definitely be back.
      Strahinjića Bana 52 / Nikole Spasica 4a
      Belgrade 11000
      + 381 63 32 81 11
    • Restoran Club Bahus

      Time out on a boat
      There are several gastro boats behind the Hotel Jugoslavija on Kejoslobodenja, a popular stretch with cyclists and inline skaters. Some love the stylish «Bahus», while others prefer the cosier «Sveti Nikola». In fact, it doesn’t matter. The main players are always the quietly flowing Danube, the scent of the willow trees and the scenery along the riverside.
      Bulevar Nikole Tesle
      Belgrade 11000
      +381 11 30 15 082
    • Skica

      Coffee and views
      This little café is very close to the faculty of applied arts. There are tables outside when the weather is good, at which sit artists, professors and students. People look out over the Save and Danube, across to Nove Beograd and down to the tracks, the car factories and the bridges. It’s a lovely spot to while away a little time over a cup of coffee. Or two.
      Kosancicev venac 28
      Belgrade 11000
      +381 11 26 22 446
    • Centrala

      This café in the popular district of Dorcol is the favourite of many Belgradians. It’s where the city’s beautiful people hang out – girls in their ballerinas, the bohemian crowd. Good music, good coffee, bistro furniture, columns and stucco. You can read the paper here, doze or chat. No stress!
      Simina 6
      Belgrade 11000
      +381 65 21 07 974
    • Disko Bar Mladost

      Funk & House
      Although Mladost means youth, this club is actually for a slightly older clientele. A long, narrow room, much too small for the numerous guests, but with a terrific atmosphere. The music is somewhere between disco, funk and house. You’re welcome to dress up a bit for the Mladost. Designed by the influential Belgrade architectural offices of Fluid, the place is a successful combination of rough brick and great lighting effects, a web of metal struts and a spectacular concrete bar.
      Karadjordjeva 44
      Belgrade 11000
    • Klub 20/44

      Dancing on a ship
      The 20/44 is a comfortable old ship where Belgrade’s Bohemians meet. Writers, students, designers and artists. At night it can be so dark that with the best will in the world, you won’t be able to find your friends. So you’ll just have to carry on dancing with strangers. Not a problem here.
      Savski kej / Brankov most
      Belgrade 11000
    • Kulturni Centar Grad

      Cosmopolitan meeting place
      The Kulturni Centar Grad (K.C. Grad) is an important meeting place for art, design and music in the Belgrade underground. The expression «Industrial chic» takes on a whole new meaning here in this 1884 warehouse. Apart from shops, design and debates, the K. C. Grad is well known for performances by attractive, as yet unknown bands, DJ sets, club nights and appearances by international artists. You’ll feel totally cosmopolitan.
      Branka Krsmanovica 4
      Belgrade 11000
      +381 11 328 2370
    • Skadarlija

      Great place to shop and eat out
      Skadarlija was often referred to as the artists’ district – the Montmartre of Belgrade. But not any more. Today, the short street is simply a reliable place to shop and eat. Wall-to-wall bars and eateries. Grilled meat and Roma bands, paprika, violins and accordions, tourists and locals.
    • Univerzitetska-

      Cosy spot
      Thickly planted with lime trees, the large inner court of the university vice-chancellor’s office (Captain Miša's Building) is situated amongst the philosophers and philologists. In the evenings, a few yellow lamps brighten the scene. Everywhere there are people at tables with check tablecloths. There are no nuts, no nibbles; just beer and lemonade from the fridge. People are chatting, and a young man plays a jazz track to his friend on his mobile phone.
      Vuka Karadžica, Ecke Studentski Trg 1
      Belgrade 11000