An exuberant metropolis and a long sandy beach, narrow medieval lanes with trendy designer bars. Down-home Catalan sausages meeting modern molecular gastronomy.

Take your first coffee at the Boqueria Market at five a.m. or dance the night away at one of the many clubs in the harbour district. Skate straight through the city or check out every corner at your own speed by bike. How about a day of climbing the local Montjuic or riding the waves right outside the city? Barcelona offers all of this and much more, in fact. Fans of art and culture will be pleasantly surprised by the many museums and Barcelona is a must-see for students of architecture and design.

Since the days when Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner and Josep Puig i Cadafalch created the Catalan Modernisme, many other greats have made their names here like Sir Norman Foster, Oriol Bohigas and Richard Meier and Jean Nouvel. Barcelona embraces its reputation as a worldwide capital of architecture and design.

Few metropolises are as enjoyable to get lost in as Barcelona, because no matter where you wind up, there’s something to see: a Gothic church, a cosy café, a sun-drenched terrace, a museum or a friendly person happy to help you find your way back to the next magnificent boulevard. In this city – by day or night – you are always somehow in the right place.

City Facts

  • Location

    Capital of Catalonia on the coast of the Mediterranean.

  • Population

    More than 1.6 million

  • Size

    102 km²

  • Public transport

    Good system of busses and underground trains.

  • Climate

    Mediterranean climate with very warm, dry summers and mild, damp winters.

  • Best time to visit

    Autumn, when the number of visitors has diminished somewhat.

  • Good to know

    This is not the place for visitors to show off their Spanish language skills. The people of Barcelona are very proud of their Catalan language and their culture.

  • Nice to know

    It is recommended that you discover Barcelona by foot because the locals aren't reputed to be the best drivers.

  • Airport

    El Prat International Airport. The airport is about 14 km outside the city centre.

  • Bus

    A bus leaves every 5 minutes heading toward the city centre (Plaça de Catalunya station) and the ride takes about 30 minutes.

  • Railway

    Leaves every 30 minutes, stopping at the stations of Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gracia and Clot, where there is a connection to the underground train.

  • Taxi

    There is a taxi stand but the ride can take often take a very long time due to the heavy traffic.