You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Edno Vreme

      Pure Bulgarian
      In this almost museum-like restaurant, guests can experience traces of the traditional way of life in Bulgaria. Only the best national dishes, cooked as they were in the good old days, are served to the table. Food sizzles and hisses in the oven. The air is filled with the smell of herbs and fresh bread and the sounds of folk music. And, of course, the Bulgarian wine is not to be missed. This restaurant is situated on the island in the small Ariana Lake in the middle of the city.
      Borisova gradina
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 822 3355
    • Corso

      Mediterranean oasis
      There are no easy choices here, including where to sit and what to eat. Pasta dishes, home-made cakes, fruit juices and coffee specialities are primarily served up in the wooden-furnished rooms of the ground floor. Diners on the upper floor are not only taken aback by the wine list, but also by the panorama, which includes an excellent view of the Church of St Nicolas. Mediterranean cuisine and specialities from the charcoal grill are served upstairs.
      Boulevard Tsar Liberator 10
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 810 0113
    • The Thirsty Dragon In

      Charming hostess
      It takes courage to be entertained by a dragon lady, but it’s worth it! Guests are heartily and charmingly welcomed; the food is fresh and tasty. Bulgarian and international dishes are carefully prepared at the stove or on the grill. Whether you are seated inside or outside in the beautiful garden, you will always be tempted to stay just a little longer.
      Ulitsa 13 Marzo 2
      1000 Sofia
      +359 2 964 0640
    • Chevermeto

      Lamb perhaps?
      This restaurant takes the name of one of its specialities: the word «chevermeto» means spit-roasted lamb, which is cooked here every evening. Other typical Bulgarian dishes can also be sampled: fresh salads with goat cheese, flambéed piglet and chicken dishes. And if you need a bit of activity afterwards to help digestion, you can join in with the dancing: traditional dances are performed every evening.
      Bulgaria Boulevard 1
      1000 Sofia
      +359 2 9 630 308
    • Mahaloto

      Sit back and relax
      . Literally translated, “mahaloto” means pendulum. Perhaps no surprise, therefore, that this restaurant is home to countless clocks, as well as other small intriguing antiquities. Sit in a cosy corner and gaze at all the old art posters on the red brick walls. Inside the restaurant and outside in the pretty garden, the chef spoils guests with delicacies such as trout on spinach and walnuts or Wiener Schnitzel. The crème brûlée may well be the best in the city.
      Vasil Levski Boulevard 51
      1000 Sofia
      + 359 88 761 7972
    • Plus Tova

      Stylish, cosy, cultural
      This café is the place for gossip, small events and special exhibitions. Many freelancers also come here with their laptops and indulge in a hot chocolate on a break, perhaps along with the typical Bulgarian cheese pastry called “baniza”. This cosy place is also famous for its cheesecake. This fantastic local institution was the brainchild of a team of young Bulgarian designers called “Funkt”. Guests can stock up with books and magazines from the large bookcase.
      Marin Drinov 30
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 720 3340
    • Tea House in the Factory

      Temptation for the senses
      The fragrance of chocolate, cinnamon and herbs fills the air. It’s not easy to choose: hot chocolate or tea from a list of 60 varieties? Then there are the cakes, truffles and biscuits – all home-made. And if you’re still hungry, various vegetarian dishes are also served. The café regularly hosts jazz concerts and children’s shows.
      Georgi Benkosvski 11
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 705 1080
    • Sinatra

      Piano Bar
      If you’re looking for somewhere classy, at Sinatra you’ll find exquisite drinks, matured whiskies and cognacs and cigars. Live bands play rock and pop from the 1970s up until today. At the centre stands a huge piano, which can definitely be misused as a bar table. The highlight comes after midnight, when the waiters put down their trays and start to sing.
      Arsenalski Boulevard 5
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 610 1078
    • Black Label

      Chill out and enjoy
      If you like whisky, you will be very well served in this bar. Sit down on golden sofas in the large sitting room and take a sip of your drink. Many locals meet here after work, leaving the stress behind. Internationally-renowned musicians and DJs provide suitable music.
      Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard 7
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 412 3451
    • The Corner

      As far as the eye can see
      From the terrace of this pub, you can catch one of the best views of Sofia and the Vitosha mountains to the south of the city. It is also the ideal place to round off the day with a drink in hand. Tasty fish and meat dishes are served to defuse your hunger, and DJs appear later in the evening.
      Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Boulevard 35
      1407 Sofia
      +359 88 455 5444
    • Yalta Club

      Steeped in history
      Yalta is the birthplace and heart of the Bulgarian clubbing culture. As the first club in the country, it opened its doors in 1959. Electronic music was played here for the first time 30 years later. Another milestone came in 1992: the first appearance of a foreign DJ in a Bulgarian club. Today, revellers are attracted by the house and techno music, as well as the interior design.
      Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard 20
      1000 Sofia
      +359 88 787 0230