You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Hatari

      Palatine comforts
      The Hatari is a cheerful place. You sit at dark, chunky wooden tables; the condiments are in baking tins on the tables, and there are old lamps and antlers on the walls. Our tip: the wafer-thin tartes flambées. And if you’d like something more savoury, then choose one of the burgers. Or how about a healthy portion of sour spiced pork? Guests can sit outside in summer – right in the middle of Hamburg’s Schanze district! It’s the perfect place to start the evening or recover after a day’s shopping. Other restaurants: Eidelstedter Weg 1/corner Heussweg.
      Schanzenstrasse 3
      20357 Hamburg
      +49 40 43 20 88 66
    • Bullerei

      Tim Mälzer
      Tim Mälzer and Patrick Rüther opened their favourite restaurant right at the heart of Hamburg, near the exhibition site, wholesale meat market and the Schanze district, in a cattle hall of the old abattoir that was saved from demolition. Guests will find good, plain cooking made from top-quality ingredients. The Bullerei actually consists of a deli and a restaurant. You can sit outside on the terrace in summer, which is a great place to watch the activity on the Hamburg Schanze.
      Lagerstrasse 34b
      20357 Hamburg
      +49 40 33 44 21 10
    • Altes Mädchen

      The right beer for every meal
      Looking for a beer expert in Hamburg? Then look no further than the Altes Mädchen in the Schanzenviertel district. This rustic-style restaurant not only serves up good, hearty cuisine, but also boasts a staggering selection of beers. Guests receive advice on the right beer to go with their meal, whether it be a strong ale, or a mild, fruity or earthy beer. Beer fan or not, it is definitely an experience! This is where a 'short' lunch break quite often drags out beyond dinner.
      Lagerstrasse 28b
      20357 Hamburg
      +49 40 8000 777 50
    • Heimat Kueche

      Container ship meets lounge
      Six-metre-high ceilings, bright yellow markings on the floor and cargo boxes on open shelving. For a moment, you get the impression that you've landed in the bowels of a container ship – albeit a very comfortable one! There's nothing fancy about the tables and chairs, which are interspersed with piles of rugs to sit on. The restricted menu features traditional and local cuisine such as Labskaus (a local variation on corned beef hash), beef roulade and fish & chips. It's all fresh, delicious and local. The restaurant is owned by the 25hours Hotel in the city's harbour district – also designed in cargo ship style.
      Überseeallee 5
      20457 Hamburg
      +49 40 25 77 77 840
    • Freudenhaus

      In St. Pauli
      Typical German cuisine is served in the warm, comfortable, slightly seedy atmosphere of the Freudenhaus («House of Pleasure») on the Hamburg Kiez. The menu is colourful and varied: roulades with dumplings, or Hamburg’s typical «rote Grütze» (red fruit pudding). As a starter, perhaps the potato soup with horseradish and salmon, and maybe a «Nonnenfürzchen» («Nun’s fart») for dessert? The menu changes with the seasons. The extensive range of salads will amaze summer guests who have previously only visited the Freudenhaus in winter. It also has a very mixed audience: regulars, musicians, celebrities and theatre-goers-everyone feels at home in the Freudenhaus!
      Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 7-9
      20359 Hamburg
      +49 40 31 46 42
    • Hotel Louis C. Jacob

      Views of the Elbe
      Romantic, nostalgic and timeless. People come to the Lindenterrasse of this famous hotel to enjoy coffee and cakes under the shelter of the trees and watch the ships go by. In 1902 the famous painted Max Liebermann, who was staying at the «Jacob» at the time, painted the view of the Elbe from the Lindenterrasse. Today, this delightful terrace is divided into two: one part belongs to the Jacobs Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the other to the bar and bistro. Culinary delights are available here 24 hours a day. To sum up the Louis C. Jacob: excellent cuisine in a fabulous location.
      Elbchaussee 401-403
      22609 Hamburg
      +49 40 822 55 0
    • Carls at the Elbphilharmonie

      Just a stone's throw away from the amazing Elbphilharmonie, you find Carls, with its brasserie, bistro and salon privé, at the entrance to the HafenCity. The bistro is perfect for an after-work drink and tasty snacks such as tartes flambées, baguettes or croque monsieur. The shelves are full of spices, oils and wine, and there is a DJ from 5 p.m. on Thursdays. The brasserie is furnished with opulent corner seating, but you might be really lucky and get a seat by the large picture window, from where there are fabulous views of the Elbe and the huge ships. Haute cuisine with a combination of French and maritime influences. Highly recommended: the fish soup.
      Am Kaiserkai 69
      20457 Hamburg
      +49 40 300 322 400
    • Die Bank

      Perfect location
      Die Bank is to be found inside a wonderful mansion near the Goose Market. In the restaurant, award-winning chef Thomas Fischer serves exclusive traditional dishes with modern accents, and you can enjoy a delicious cocktail or some fresh oysters at the bar. The terrace is particularly inviting in good weather. Definitely an «in» meeting place in the Hanseatic city.
      Hohe Bleichen 17
      20354 Hamburg
      +49 40 23 80 03 0
    • Die Rösterei

      The café Die Rösterei is in the Levantehaus in one of the loveliest passages in the city. Delicious coffee, a little French flair, and well attended. In summer, it’s best to grab a seat beside the Mönckebergstrasse and watch the activities. When the weather’s not so good, go to the first floor and try to get a seat by the window – it overlooks the Mönckebergstrasse, so again you can watch the hustle and bustle. The milky coffee is wonderful, and the many snacks, cakes and gateaux are perfect before or after a lengthy stroll through downtown Hamburg.
      Mönckebergstrasse 7
      20095 Hamburg
      +49 40 30 39 37 35
    • Petit Café

      Best tray bakes
      At the heart of the wonderful district of Eppendorf is a very special kind of bakery. People come from all over Hamburg to enjoy a slice of its fabulous tray bakes. Apple, plum, forest fruits or strawberry – there are always plenty of takers. It’s lovely to sit outside in summer and enjoy your refreshment. The café itself is a little bit like being back at grandma’s – old furniture, mix ‘n’ match dishes; simply charming. Other branch: Hohe Bleichen 20 (downtown)
      Hegestrasse 29
      20249 Hamburg
      +49 40 460 57 76
    • Café Leonar

      Jewish café
      The breakfast served in the Jewish café Leonar is extremely popular, and it’s wonderful to sit on the terrace in the lovely Grindel district and get the day off to a good start. The combination of Viennese coffee house, French literary salon and 1920s Berlin café appeals to guests; the Leonar is now so popular that you really must book in advance. The menu includes Arab mezze (spicy starters and snacks) and Russian borscht, sandwiches and a selection of good wines.
      Grindelhof 87
      20146 Hamburg
      +49 40 41 35 30 11
    • Café Paris

      Nice & popular
      The Café Paris is one of the loveliest cafés in downtown Hamburg. The original Art Nouveau ceilings are simply fabulous, and in fact actually encourage you to look up at them rather than into the eyes of the person with you. Café au lait is served in a bowl in the French style, and the exquisite delicacies will remind you of your last trip to Paris.
      Rathausstrasse 4
      20095 Hamburg
      +49 40 32 52 77 77
    • Harbour Cake

      Dumplings go Hamburg
      There is no doubt about the Tyrolean origin of the chef. The menu provides dumplings in all variations: with spinach, bacon or stuffed with apricots. Besides that you will find classics from the alpine kitchen like “Kas-Spatzen” (a pasta variation with cheese and onions) or “Kaiserschmarrn” (torn apart pancake with raisins and sugar). And be prepared for the homemade cakes in the old fashioned refrigerated counter - they will bring you to your knees! Especially the one with Lemoncurd, cream and berries.
      Marktstraße 36
      20357 Hamburg
    • The Walrus

      Meeting point for locals
      Close to the Reeperbahn is this unobtrusive cocktail bar, run by a group of mixologists and artists. Simple, but warmly lit interiors with good music and wonderful cocktail creations invite you to linger for long. Especially on weekends it‘s a meeting place for young locals!
      Wohlwillstrasse 47
      20359 Hamburg
      +49 40 436 664
    • Du Nord

      Bar & club
      This stylish bar is at the heart of Winterhude, and welcomes its guests with select cocktails and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The easy mood encourages them to stay until the small hours, enjoying the good music and chats. Those who are more into dancing can go a few metres down the road to the club of the same name.
      Dorotheenstrasse 33
      20301 Hamburg
      +49 40 27 80 62 25
    • Haifisch Bar

      This portside hostelry has been living up to all the clichés since 1947: Kalle plays the lute and sings dirty songs; Hans Albers says hello from the corner, and there’s a fine collection of windjammers, oil paintings of storm-lashed waves, ship’s bells, a lighthouse, crocodile and – naturally – two sharks hanging from the ceiling. There are signed photographs of celebrities including Heidi Kabel, Freddy Quinn, Truckstop, Götz George and Angelika Milster on the walls, and Astra, Flens, Holsten, Küstennebel and Puffbrause (prosecco) are served with pickled herring, plaice or redfish.
      Grosse Elbstrasse 128
      22767 Hamburg
      +49 40 380 93 42
    • Hamburger Berg

      The Hamburger Berg is a street off the Reeperbahn, and especially in summer is a great place to go. Stroll from pub to pub, casually attired in jeans and trainers. Punters sit, stand and drink outside, and dance to the cool music in the Barbara Bar or at Roschinskys.
      Hamburger Berg
      20359 Hamburg
    • 20up Bar

      The twentieth floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel at the head of the Reeperbahn is a great place for a drink – and to marvel. The cocktails are good, and the views of Hamburg harbour impressive. The 7-m high windows offer clear views of wonderful sunsets and the bustle of the harbour. Quick styling tip: the dress is sporty-elegant evening wear, please.
      Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 97
      20359 Hamburg
      +49 40 27 80 62 25
    • Hans-Albers-Platz

      Good humour
      Named after the actor and singer known to all from the «radio and TV», the famous Hans-Albers-Platz is next door to Hamburg’s Reeperbahn: surrounded by pubs, bars and other dives. At the Frieda B, Molly Malone or Albers-Eck the revelries continue until dawn, with party-goers dancing to hits, live music or well-known popular songs. The bar «La Paloma», named after one of Hans Albers’ film hits, is located on one corner.

      20359 Hamburg