Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Eisbach-Surfer

      Surfing action
      The Eisbach surfers at the southern end of the Eisach in the [#1333|Englischer Garten are a true attraction. The surfers show off their board skills in the cold water, while the members of the audience can hardly stop shaking their heads in amazement. An absolute highlight.
      Englischer Garten/Eisbach
      80802 Munich
    • Marienplatz

      The heart of the city
      If you travel to Munich by U or S-Bahn, you’ll arrive right in the middle of the city. It smells of Leberkäs; there are people around and about living their lives, and lots of them up looking up into the sky. Why? Because the famous glockenspiel, which hangs at an airy height up in the town hall and is considered a very special attraction, is probably about to start. It shows legends from Munich's history. It’s also well worth visiting the "Alter Peter", or "Old Peter"; 306 steps later, you have fabulous views of the city – and in good weather you can even see the Alps. The Marienplatz is the perfect place from which to start exploring the city.
      80331 Munich
    • Englischer Garten

      Relaxation in the city
      Whether a meeting in the beer garden, a little sun on the lawn, watching the Eisbach surfers, experiencing the culture, going for romantic carriage ride or enjoying tea in the little Japanese tea house, all this is available in the "English Garden". It is essentially a local recreation area in the middle of the city, and equally popular with people of all ages.
      Englischer Garten
      80802 Munich
    • Frauenkirche

      Landmark of Munich
      The Frauenkirche (full name «Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau», or «Cathedral of Our Dear Lady») is world famous and easily recognisable even from a distance thanks to the two onion domes that dominate the Old Town. The church dates back to the 15th century, and is the unmistakeable landmark of Munich. The views of the city from the southern dome are fabulous – and fortunately it is not necessary to walk all the way up to the top. There is a lift to perform this task for you and the ride is accompanied by a few anecdotes told by the lift attendant. In addition to the views the seven large church bells can now be admired close up.
      Frauenplatz 12
      80331 Munich
      +49 892 90 08 20
    • Max-Joseph-Platz

      Residence and State Opera
      Not only does the Maximilianstrasse start here, but the Max-Joseph-Platz is also dominated by the Munich Residence, the arcades of the old Main Post Office and the State Opera. The square has plenty to offer in the way of culture, and you can also admire the tricks and stunts performed by the numerous skaters here. Every summer, "Opera for Everyone" is shown on a huge screen on the square. A fabulous event – and not only for opera lovers.
      80539 Munich

    • Glore

      Ecological and stylish
      In line with the motto of "globally responsible fashion", Glore of Munich only carries labels that comply absolutely with this claim. Fortunately more and more fashion labels are coming to understand the importance of sustainability. Politically correct shopping is easy at Glore and thanks to the terrific labels – and the delightful proprietor, who is happy to talk to visitors about the concept – it’s also tremendous fun. The long-sleeves by Stewart+Brown, jeans by Nudie and knitwear by Zebratod are all particularly lovely.
      Baaderstrasse 55
      80469 Munich
      +49 89 189 128 25
    • Trachten Angermaier

      Traditional or modern
      If you’re looking to buy a dirndl or lederhosen be sure to call in at Trachten Angermaier. The selection is tremendous. There are dirndls in various lengths made of cotton, or classic silk or brocade dirndls. The lederhosen are short, long or knee length and made of deerskin, goatskin or cowhide. The quality is unbeatable, the advice and service competent and friendly. Trachten Angermaier has been specialising in traditional and modern traditional dress for over 65 years – and it shows.
      Rosental 10 (at the Viktualienmarkt)
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 23 00 01 99
    • Nia. Prêt-à-porter

      Lovely fresh labels
      This will make every woman’s heart beat a little faster – and her purse will definitely be quite a bit lighter when she leaves. At Nia, there are rows and rows of lovely, unusual labels. Whether French, Scandinavian or German – the style never fails to appeal. Selected with a sure touch, this boutique contains only the loveliest items in a collection.
      Türkenstrasse 35
      80799 Munich
      +49 89 286 739 50
    • Dressing Room & Home

      Clothing, furniture and decorative items
      Lovely clothing, unusual furniture and all kinds of nostalgic and playful decorative and home living items. This is a lovely shop for browsing. You’ll find terrific and unused labels in the Dressing Room & Home, such as fabulous scarves and shawls by the Scandinavian brand Becksöndergaard.
      Türkenstrasse 54
      80799 Munich
      +49 89 242 418 16
    • Maximilianstrasse

      Luxury shopping street
      If you’re looking for glamour and splendour, the Maximilianstrasse is the place for you. Elegant boutiques such as Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton line the magnificent shopping street that links Max-Joseph-Platz with the Maximilianeum. This is where the beautiful and the rich come to play – as well as the occasional stars and starlets.
      80539 Munich
    • brot&butter

      Stone oven bakery
      The delightful Manufactum Store is also home to the stone oven bakery brot&butter ("bread & butter"). Every day it serves up freshly baked sourdough bread, walnut campaillou or braided yeast bread. There’s also an excellent selection of cheese, "best" butter, ham and cold meats. It smells wonderful, and those who are unable to resist them are welcome to consume the products there and then.
      Dienerstrasse 12
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 235 482 50
    • Oberpollinger

      Lovely department store
      The Oberpollinger department store opened in 1905 and quickly became a magnet for shoppers. Today, the store offers no fewer than seven levels with exclusive fashion labels such as Boss, Fendi, UGG and Missoni, a tremendous selection of cosmetics, a fabulous department with toys and children’s fashions and home accessories. It’s well worth taking the time to check out this department store.
      Neuhauser Strasse 18
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 29 02 30
    • Deutsches Museum

      Natural science and technology
      The collection in the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) comprises over 1000 items from the fields of natural science and technology. Due to the large number of original exhibits it is one of the most important museums of its kind in the world. It ranges from mining to nuclear physics; from the Altamira Cave to the enlarged reproduction of a human cell. And the time span ranges from the Stone Age to today.
      Museumsinsel 1
      80538 Munich
      +49 892 17 93 33
    • Pinakothek

      Old, new and modern
      Barer Strasse is home to the three "Pinakotheken", each one of which delights in its own particular way. The Alte Pinakothek (building no. 27/entrance Theresienstrasse) contains some 700 European works of art dating from the 14th to the 18th centuries. The highlights include works by Peter Paul Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer. The Neue Pinakothek (building no. 29/entrance Theresienstrasse) shows some 400 painting and sculptures from the 19th century and ranging from Classicism to Art Nouveau. The particular highlights include works by Caspar David Friedrich, Paul Cézanne and Vincent van Gogh. The Pinakothek der Moderne (building no. 40) combines art, graphics, architecture and design in equal measure under its roof.
      Barer Strasse
      80333 Munich
    • Bier- und Oktoberfest Museum

      Bavarian tradition
      This listed building contains a large helping of Bavarian tradition. Visitors will find a permanent exhibition on everything to do with beer and the Oktoberfest, two important factors in the Bavarian culture. The Beer Museum is dedicated to brewing and beer culture, from antiquity to today, and the Oktoberfest Museum tells the story of a royal wedding to the biggest folk festival in the world. Closed on Mondays.
      Sterneckerstrasse 2
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 242 316 07


    The name of "Der verrückte Eismacher» – The Crazy Ice Cream Maker – tells you all you need to know. The craziest ice cream flavours are to be found right in the university quarter of Maxvorstadt. Furnished in the style of Alice in Wonderland and with a never-changing range of flavours, you haven’t truly arrived in Munich until you’ve tried a "Radler" – beer+Sprite – or Weisswurst ice cream. But for those who are not quite so willing to experiment, there are also more traditional seasonal flavours with enchanting names such as Queen of Hearts.

    Der verrückte Eismacher
    Amalienstrasse 77
    80799 Munich

    Aroma Kaffeebar is small, but choice, and here you’ll feel a little like sitting in a living room. You can then experience the atmosphere of the trendy Glockenbach district over marvellous sandwiches, cakes, and – of course – simply divine coffee. What you must definitely try is the Scheiterhaufen – delicious!

    Aroma Kaffeebar
    Pestalozzistrasse 24
    80469 Munich
    +49 89 269 492 49

    The Krämersche Kunstmühle in Munich has its own small but beautifully proportioned coffee roastery. With a little café, but above all with fabulous coffee that – thanks to the wonder of online ordering – is famous far beyond the city’s boundaries. Try "Monaco", the Munich mix. So be sure to take a little detour when going for a walk in the Flaucherauen.

    Caffè Fausto
    Birkenleiten 41
    81543 Munich
    +49 89 622 311 13