Do you want to tour impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Weissgerber Gasse

    Medieval street
    Tanners, who used to work with leather, used to live in this narrow street in the Middle Ages. Today, this street in the old town is home to a host of welcoming cafés, restaurants and shops. The ornamental medieval architecture has been well preserved, making it particularly picturesque.
    90403 Nuremberg
  • Kaiserburg

    The Imperial Castle, locally called the «Kaiserburg», sits majestically atop the city like a throne. It’s not so much a uniform entity as a structure that seems like a village of winding alleyways with various buildings, romantic courtyards, chapels, towers and stalls stretched across a massive sandstone base.
    Burg 13
    90403 Nuremberg
  • Hauptmarkt

    Market square
    Including the two towers of St. Sebaldus Church, the Hauptmarkt is the largest paved market square north of the Alps. Every workday, you’ll find the market stalls lining the 5,000 square metre plaza. During Advent the Hauptmarkt is given over to the world famous «Christkindlesmarkt» Christmas market. The normal market is shifted to the surrounding lanes and streets during this time.
    90403 Nuremberg
  • Strasse der Menschenrechte

    The Street of Human Rights, actually called the «Strasse der Menschenrechte», is an outdoor sculpture designed by Israeli artist Dani Karavan. The pathway to the main entrance to the «Germanische Nationalmuseums» the second largest museum in the world dedicated to German art and culture, is lined by 27 cement columns bearing articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.
    Kartäusergasse 1
    90402 Nuremberg
  • Christkindlesmarkt

    Christmas market
    The oldest and easily the best known Christmas market in the world is opened year after year by the Nuremberg Christ Child. From the end of November until Christmas Eve, thousands come every day to visit the numerous wooden stands selling traditional, often handcrafted Christmas decorations and sweet goods like German gingerbread and almond biscuits. It’s a wonderful experience.
    Hauptmarkt 18
    90403 Nuremberg
  • Former Wine Depot, Hangman's Bridge and Tower

    Historic Nuremberg
    This is where the city's hangman and his helpers used to live. Today, however, the old official building is home to an exhibition on the legal history of Nuremberg. The former wine depot (Weinstadel) stands next to the tower. This part of the city allows visitors to travel back in time to ancient Nuremberg.
    Trödelmarkt 58
    90403 Nuremberg
  • Medieval dungeons

    Not for the faint-hearted
    Nuremberg's dungeons date back to the 14th century and are hidden away in the cellar of the town hall. Prisoners used to be held and examined here before their judgement was executed. Inmates used to be kept in the 12 cells in complete darkness. A glimpse inside the torture chamber and hangman's cell is enough to send a shudder down anyone's spine.
    Im Alten Rathaus
    Rathausplatz 2
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 231 26 90
  • U1 Concept Shop

    Young fashion
    Cool and young: In the basement of Wöhrl, Nuremberg’s young people browse through the U1 Concept Shop and try on the latest fashions from in brands like Drykorn, Hugo, Replay, G-Star and Guess Jeans. Right in the middle of the store there’s a sushi bar where DJs spin hot beats. Shopping and fun combined.
    Ludwigsplatz 12-24
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 133 00
  • Fachmarie

    The happiness boutique
    Home-made, creative, decorative and colourful. This boutique sells all sorts of odds and ends. The Fachmarie offers great advice to those looking for a gift from the heart. Despite the boutique's small size, it's always a good idea to leave ample time to browse – there's just so much to explore!
    Fürther Strasse 50
    90429 Nuremberg
    +49 911 568 9903
  • Eckstein Lebküchnerei

    Real Elisen-style gingerbread
    The great brand names in the German gingerbread industry are well known, but thankfully these speciality bakeries still exist. One prime example is Eckstein Lebküchnerei, who produce Elisen-style German gingerbread from the finest ingredients, using the original recipe and the highest standards of quality. This little bakery offers the entire assortment. Divine.
    Maxfeldstrasse 69
    90409 Nürnberg
    +49 911 35 41 55
  • Käthe Wohlfahrt

    Christmas year round
    Visitors enter a wonderland of handcrafted items from the world renowned Christmas workshop based in Rothenburg. It’s Christmas year round at Käthe Wohlfahrt in Nuremberg, near St. Lawrence’s Church. The overwhelming variety of Christmas tree decorations, Christmas pyramids, nutcrackers, angels, manger figurines and snowmen will enchant young and old alike.
    Königstrasse 8
    90402 Nuremberg
    +49 (0) 9861 40 90
  • Vinty's Nuremberg

    Second-hand charity shop
    Shopping for a good cause is the motto at Vinty's, which was initiated by the charity 'Aktion Hoffnung', and supports development projects in different countries. Those who shop here can enjoy a break from mainstream fashion. The in-store café is a great place to relax after a serious stint of shopping.
    Fürther Strasse 74a-76
    90429 Nuremberg
    +49 911 929 194 39
  • Modehaus Purrucker

    High-fashion labels
    Label fans take note. Men and women both will find something they want at Modehaus Purrucker. The store offers floors of trendy and exclusive international brand names like Armani, Escada, Blumarine, Unützer, Burberry and Strenesse, to name but a few.
    Josephsplatz 6/Corner Kaiserstrasse
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 20 31 88
  • Bohne und Kleid

    Cool concept store
    This hip concept store stocks fashion and design from independent labels. Stylish coats from Copenhagen, urban bags from Berlin or trendy home design accessories from Amsterdam: Bohne und Kleid follows its philosophy to the letter and is continually on the look-our for new, inspirational young labels to pep up the mainstream fashion world.
    Bergstrasse 11
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 392 40 80
  • Wurzelsepp

    Tea, spices and sweets
    The scents of Wurzelsepp are like walking through an Arabian bazaar. True to their philosophy that “pleasure requires time and tranquillity”, the customers here are advised personally and patiently. That’s good, because it’s not easy to select between the blends of spices and fresh herbs, the special teas and tasty sweets and bonbons. This shop holds an embarrassment of riches. Little tip: the mulled wine sweets are particularly delicious.
    Hauptmarkt 1
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 22 66 12
  • Confuss

    Flavour of the month
    Right at the centre of Nuremberg, this store stocks fashion by famous Italian, Spanish and Greek designers. The hippest shoes, bags and accessories are all to be found here at affordable prices. A must for all fashion lovers!
    Adlerstrasse 2
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 211 05 01
  • Shake Fashionmix

    For fashionistas
    Young, fashion-conscious women will feel quite at home here, surrounded by clothes from international designers and exclusive labels. The café and bar are great places to chat about the latest trends and round off the evening after shopping.
    Kaiserstrasse 31
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 23 75 1700
  • City Museum Fembohaus

    Late Renaissance
    This building is of special note because it is Nuremberg's only preserved merchant house dating from the Late Renaissance period. While its exterior is an example of architectural beauty, the building itself is home to exhibits tracing 950 years of the city's history. Visitors are catapulted back to Nuremberg’s medieval past.
    Burgstrasse 15
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 231 25 95
  • Neues Museum

    Art & design
    This impressive museum building is not far from the central railway station. The contrast between the curved, transparent lightness of the nearly 100-metre glass façade and the massive city defence wall alone is fascinating. As the name suggests, the museum houses two separate collections under one roof: international contemporary art and design items.
    90402 Nuremberg
    +49 911 240 20 69
  • Germanisches Nationalmuseum

    German art and culture
    The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is the largest historico-cultural museum in the German-speaking world and a renowned museum in its own right. It houses permanent exhibits on such varied topics as clothing from the 17th century, folklore, the Renaissance period, the Baroque period, the Age of Enlightenment, toys through the ages, the 20th century, and everyday culture through 1700. There are also a number of interesting special temporary exhibits. Closed Mondays.
    Kartäusergasse 1
    90402 Nuremberg
    +49 911 13 31 0
  • Albrecht Dürer's House

    Discover the world of Dürer
    This house was where the famous artist Dürer painted his timeless masterpieces. Visitors gain an insight into how the artist lived and where he painted. There are also rotating exhibitions. The highlight of this museum is the guided tour through the house by Dürer's 'wife', during which an actress recounts anecdotes from the couple's lives.
    Albrecht-Dürer-Strasse 39
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 231 25 68
  • Toy Museum

    Childhood memories
    Nuremberg is considered to be the city of toys. The world-famous toy museum is testimony to this long tradition that stretches back to the Middle Ages. Visitors can stroll through more than 1400 square meters of exhibition space in this paradise for children filled with toys from past centuries, as well as post-war exhibits. A haven for the young and old alike!
    Karlstrasse 13-15
    90403 Nuremberg
    +49 911 231 31 64
  • Document Centre

    Reichsparteitagsgelände (NS Party Rally Grounds)
    The remains of gigantic buildings on the former political party rally grounds testify to the megalomania of the National Socialist regime. The Document Centre is located in the northern wing of the convention hall designed but never completed by the Nazis. The centre houses a permanent exhibit called «Fascination and Violence» over 1,300 square metres which explores the roots, relationships and consequences of the reign of violence.
    Bayernstrasse 110
    90478 Nuremberg
    +49 911 231 56 66
  • Nuremberg State Theatre

    Culture at its best
    The Nuremberg State Theatre is a delight, both inside and out. It stages everything that a culture lover could ever wish for – operas, plays, concerts and ballets, to name but a few. The building is open to the public and a visit is well recommended even if there's no time for a performance.
    Richard-Wagner Platz 2-10
    90443 Nuremberg
    +49 911 231 3575


Wöhrder Wiese is a green expanse right in the heart of Nuremberg City. Here in the summer you can relax and barbecue in beautiful surroundings on the banks of the Pegnitz, which flows through Nuremberg.

Wöhrder Wiese
Wöhrder Wiese
90402 Nuremberg

Nuremberg is surely not THE place to shop in Europe, but Crämer & Co. can hold its own against the really big names: 30,000 jeans from more than 50 different brands like Drykorn, LEE, 7 For All Mankind, Pepe and Nudie Jeans. You’ll also find bags, accessories, shirts and shoes there. Customer service there is wonderful, which is great given that it's easy to be overwhelmed by such an enormous selection. The staff there knows just what they’re doing, though, and they have a real eye for the perfect jeans. There are stores specifically for women at Brunnengasse 3-9 and Breitengasse 8. The men’s store is at Breitengasse 18.

Crämer & Co
Breite Gasse 69
90402 Nuremberg
+49 911 22 10 85

Bar Blok is a really cool bar in the old part of the city. Here is where the Nuremberg scene meets. There are large block seats where you can spend a cosy evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

90402 Nuremberg

I highly recommend the zoo in Nuremberg. The grounds are expansive and a joy to see. The zoo is home to a large number of animals that have a lot of space to move about in. That makes it one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany.

Am Tiergarten 30
90480 Nuremberg
+49 911 54 54 6

Discover Nuremberg by rail. This museum illustrates the entire history of trams – from horse-pulled carriages to the first electrical trams and saloon coaches. On top of this, tours now provide visitors with a chance to try out the majority of the carriages. An exciting experience – not just for tram spotters!

The Historic St. Peter Tram Depot

Schlossstrasse 1
90478 Nuremberg
+49 911 499 833

The lovely Café Wohlleben is located near the Stadtpark municipal gardens. The name says it all. Alexander and Friedel offer really delicious coffee and some remarkable treats from their own confectionary like lemon cheese cake, brownies with pear, a Bounty tart, blueberry-elderberry cake, and the list goes on and on. If you’re up to it, you could try something different every single day. It’s a wonderful spot in Nuremberg.

Café Wohlleben
Löbleinstrasse 60
90409 Nuremberg
+49 911 377 46 20

To all kebab fans! The Atlantik Döner is the best kebab bar in town. It was even voted the best kebab bar in Germany. Tastes really damned good, and the bread is homemade.

Atlantik Döner
Karolinenstrasse 45
90402 Nuremberg
+49 911 20 35 20