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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Roman Forum

    A fascinating trip through time
    You walk past the Odeon, colonnaded porticoes, marble steps, mosaic floors, cobblestone streets and water pipes. However, the 2-hectare site is only accessible at certain times from May to October. Yet just the sight of the boundaries is impressive, and gives you an idea of how the Romans lived back then.
    Between Olimbou and Filipou (behind Dikasterion Square)
  • White Tower

    A Thessaloniki landmark
    The 34-metre witness to time is right by the sea and is a popular meeting place. Because it's impossible to miss this Thessaloniki landmark. It isn't fully clear who built the round tower. It was probably the Ottomans in the 15th century. The tower was part of a fortress wall that was used to guard the city. It later served as an armoury, a prison and a food store. Today it is home to a museum that offers a good overview of the city's history.
    Corner Odos Nikis / Odos Pavlou Mela
    Thessaloniki 546 31
    +30 231 026 7832
  • Rotunda

    A building steeped in history
    The dome rises confidently from the sea of houses, because it has an eventful history: It was built in the year A.D. 306 by the Emperor Galerius as a temple dedicated to Zeus, and later became Galerius' mausoleum. The Ottomans created the rotunda to transform it into a mosque, until it was converted into a Christian place of worship. The architecture is also fascinating: The mighty brick dome with an inside diameter of 24.50 metres, and the 6 metre-thick walls. On the inside you will find artistic wall and dome mosaics.
    Vasou 1
    Thessaloniki 546 35
  • Church of Saint Demetrius

    In honour of the city's patron saint
    If you walk to the hill of the upper city, at its foot you will arrive at the magnificent five-aisled basilica. It is dedicated to the city's patron saint Hagios Demetrios. His first church was built as early as in the year A.D. 313. However, it twice fell victim to fire, and as a result was rebuilt to the original plans in 1948. Unfortunately, the fire also consumed most of the mosaics. Nevertheless, the few that remain are a feast for the eyes.
    Ecke Odos Ayiou Dimitriou / Odos Ayiou Nikolaou
    Thessaloniki 546 33
  • Lake Kerkini

    A natural paradise
    The 90-minute drive out of town is definitely worthwhile: In the «Serres» valley, a beautiful landscape opens up with a diverse fauna and flora: 300 species of birds live on and around the 30 square-kilometre Lake Kerkini – for example pelicans, flamingos and falcons. With a little luck you can also see buffalo or, in early summer, marvel at thousands of water lilies in bloom. For those who are more active there are canoeing, riding and climbing activities.
    National Route Thessaloniki – Kilkis – Serres
    Cam also be reached by rail
  • Bey Hamam

    A water paradise of the Ottomans
    A few years after conquering Thessaloniki, the Ottomans built a municipal baths in 1444. No expense was spared for this project: The baths are opulently decorated, have giant murals and a lot of marble. Women were also allowed to bathe in separate pools. The baths remained in use until 1968, with the name «Paradise baths». Today, visitors can marvel at the still-intact bathing world with now dry loungers and tubs.
    Aristotelous Street / Egnatia Street
    Thessaloniki 546 31
  • Modiano Market

    Multicoloured offerings
    Fruits, vegetables, candles, meat, 100 types of olives, souvenirs, clothes, jewellery and much more besides are waiting for customers on the market stalls all round this classic market hall built in 1922. The Greeks like to call this market the loudest and most colourful of all the city's markets. This is where locals can get pretty much everything they need. And for tourists, watching the cheerful hustle and bustle is a must.
    Between Vassileos Irakleiou and Ermou Street
  • Econ Design

    Recycling bags and accessories
    It all started with furniture made from recycled boxes. Since then, many exciting items have been added to the range. In this shop you'll find bags made from soft packaging, jewellery made from bicycle chains and felt purses. Hardly any visitors leave the shop without taking with them an attractive gift or an unusual souvenir.
    Tsimiski 122
    Thessaloniki 546 21
    +30 231 023 1073
  • Mediterranean Cosmos

    Days of shopping fun
    A day is quickly over on a shopping tour in this large shopping centre. If you can't find it here, you probably won't find it anywhere. If you're feeling hungry, you'll find a whole range of Greek and international dishes. But you can also have fun bowling, or relax in one of the cinemas. The shopping centre is 11 kilometres east of the city centre and is within quick reach by taxi or car.
    11th km National Road
    +30 231 048 9571
  • Stereodisc Record Store

    Browse for hours
    This small record shop has been right in the centre of town since 1968. The Record Store is not only one of Greece's first record shops, it was also a pioneer of the independent boutiques. You can spend hours browsing in an old-fashioned atmosphere, and you'll find Greek Rembetiko – a type of folk music – alongside jazz or the hits.
    Aristotelous Street 4
    Thessaloniki 545 23
    +30 023 102 62912
  • Byzantine Museum

    An impressive journey through time
    In this museum you can wander through all the eras of Byzantine culture. The subjects of the exhibitions are daily life, the social structure, politics, religion and art. You can easily while away a few hours in the museum, after which you'll have a better understanding of the history of the country and the city of Thessaloniki – one of the most important cities of the Byzantine Empire.
    2 Stratou Avenue
    Thessaloniki 546 40
    +30 231 330 6400
  • Dassos Theatre

    An amphitheatre with a view of the sea
    In this amphitheatre you can enjoy not only old and modern Greek and international theatrical performances, you also have a wonderful view of both the sea and the city. That's thanks to the theatre's position on a hill in the eastern part of the city centre. Greek concerts and ballet performances are also held there in the summer.
    Forest of Seich Sou
    Thessaloniki 55438
    +30 213 028 8000