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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Chôm Chôm

      Hanoi meets Hong Kong
      Don’t be deterred by the dozens of people hanging out around this little, inconspicuous restaurant. Life in the narrow, hilly streets of Hong Kong’s Soho district happens outside anyway – which also reflects the idea of this Hanoi street food inspired restaurant. Pho roll, mango-papaya beef salad or lemongrass chicken skewers – in the end you’ll order way too much anyway since you won’t be able to decide because of the creative and delicious selection. Make sure to wash it down with a Vietnamese beer!

      58 Peel Street
      Hong Kong
      +852 2810 0850
    • Zuma

      Innovatively Japanese
      The style calls itself «contemporary Japanese». Tender filet of Australian beef or pureed aubergines with ginger, spring onions and soy sauce are served on wafer thin slices of tomato in this two-storey restaurant in natural stone, glass and wood. The food is fantastic, and later in the evening there are the pleasures of a cool bar and a lovely terrace.
      The Landmark
      15 Queens Road Central
      Hong Kong
      +852 36 57 63 88
    • Yellow Door

      Popular menu
      A yellow door and an inconspicuous nameplate are the only indications of this well-concealed restaurant on the 6th floor of an ordinary private house. There is an à la carte menu at midday, and in the evenings a set menu with eight starters, six main courses, soup and dessert. The menu features bestsellers almost every day of the week: sweet-and-sour chicken with peanuts or smoked pork ribs with a spicy honey-and-tea glaze.
      37 Cochrane Street, Central
      Hong Kong
      +852 28 58 65 55
    • The Verandah

      Dine at the beach
      A break from the city? Locals head for Repulse Bay where there may be a few high-rises, but there are also palm trees and a beach. The place to go is the nostalgic colonial restaurant The Verandah, which was built in 1922 and, of course, later renovated. The cuisine is Asian international, and popular attractions are the chic Bamboo Bar, the amazing Sunday brunch and the wonderful wedding menus.
      109 Repulse Bay Road Repulse Bay
      Hong Kong
      +852 22 92 28 22
    • Yin Yang

      Organic dining
      Chef Xu Yuan’s empire is an old three-storey house in the idyllic Star Street district. There are two tables on the ground floor; the next floor is where she works in her mini kitchen with around six assistants, and there are a few more tables on the second floor. There are two set menus that change every month, and everything that is served is made from organic products that are grown in the country areas surrounding Hong Kong – pure Chinese, and absolutely delicious.
      Ting Kau beach ( near the Royal View Hotel )
      house 117, Ting Kau Village, Tsuen Wan, New Territories.
      Hong Kong
      +852 28 66 08 68
    • Dragon-I, The Centrium

      Dim sum
      Dim sum is simply an essential part of a visit to Hong Kong. It is a Cantonese speciality, so it’s native to Hong Kong. Dim sum consists of small dishes that are steamed or deep-fried and served in small bamboo baskets with Chinese tea. The best known form of dim sum are stuffed pastry pockets. The fillings can be made from every imaginable kind of meat, fish or vegetables, but they can also be sweet as well. They are eaten with chopsticks and seasoned to taste with soy sauce or other – sometimes very hot – sauces.
      60 Wyndham Street, Central
      Hong Kong
      +852 31 10 12 22
    • Knockbox

      Perfect coffee
      The Knockbox started in 2011 with a single coffee machine, a kettle and a few cups; just a few months later it needed more. The Knockbox has become a popular, much-loved café. Don’t go if you’re in a hurry, though. The coffee is roasted and prepared until it is absolutely perfect. A delight.
      Ground Floor, 21 Hak Po Street
      Mong Kok, Kowloon
      Hong Kong
      +852 2781 0363
    • Café Causette

      Also for light meals
      Elegant, uncomplicated and a bright, friendly atmosphere: the Café Causette inMandarin Orientalis equally suitable for a hearty breakfast before a sightseeing tour or for a light snack or quick coffee. The afternoon tea is also popular.
      Hotel Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
      5 Connaught Road Central
      Hong Kong
      +852 2825 4005
    • Ozone Bar

      Drinks above the clouds
      At a height of 490 metres, Hong Kong literally lies at your feet up here – especially as the Ozone Bar is supposed to be the tallest bar in the world. Even the trip up to the 118th floor of the International Commerce Centre is an experience in itself. The spectacular view from the windows makes it all worthwhile paying a little extra for the drinks. Not only is the location first class here, but also the drinks, food and ambiance.
      118/f, The Ritz-Carlton
      International Commerce Centre
      1 Austin Road West
      Hong Kong
      +852 2263 2263
    • Ophelia Bar

      Discovery bar
      Sophistication meets cosiness in a colourful interior which is mainly inspired by peacocks. Another trendy place designed by famous Ashley Sutton is the Ophelia bar in Hongkong. While sipping delicious cocktails you can discover the location, as for example the bar is hidden behind a bird shop. Various performances and shows take place on weekends.
      Shop No41A, 1/F The Avenue, 200 Queen's Rd E, Lee Tung St,
      Wan Chai, Hongkong
      +852 2520 1117
    • Vibes at The Mira

      Up on the roof terrace
      The increasing popularity of roof terrace bars may well have something to do with Hong Kong’s recent ban on smoking. It’s a fact that their number is definitely increasing, and they are becoming more attractive. The latest addition is in The Mira. This roof terrace is surrounded on all sides by high towers, and offers absolutely nothing in the way of a view. Instead, though, it has palm trees, watercourses, an in-house DJ and molecular cocktails.
      The Mira Hong Kong
      118 Nathan Road, TST
      Hong Kong
      +852 23 68 11 1
    • Sevva

      Wonderful outlook
      First there are the views. From the 25th-floor terrace, guests can look down over the entire bay and into the canyon-like streets of Central. And when they’ve seen enough, they can sit themselves down on one of the commodious sofas and try counting the stars. However, the Sevva has much more to offer: perfectly mixed cocktails, a respectable selection of champagnes, good music – and it even serves food late in the evening.
      Prince’s Building
      10 Chater Road, Central
      Hong Kong
      +852 25 37 13 88
    • Kee Club

      Members only, extremely exclusive, urbane, European, relaxed and trendy. Once you’re inside (a good concierge will work wonders), you’ll find delicious cocktails, exquisite dim sum (lunchtime) and brilliant Italian cuisine (evenings). Tout Hong Kong gathers at the bar; some of the world’s top DJs turn out the music at the weekend, and everyone dances. The club’s 1700 or so members include captains of industry and fashion designers, members of the city’s best families, and young creative folk.
      6F, 32 Wellington Street, Central
      Hong Kong
      +852 2810 9000
    • Felix

      The «in» place to be
      Designed by Philippe Starck, this restaurant and bar on the 28th floor of the superbPeninsula Hotelis considered the place to meet in Hong Kong. Although you can enjoy an excellent meal or sip a glass of champagne in the wine bar, the best course of action is to take a seat at the slightly elevated long, white table in the restaurant, which provides a vantage point for watching the goings-on: the smart guests in the restaurant and the bright lights of the city outside.
      The Peninsula
      Salisbury Road, TST
      Hong Kong
      +852 2696 6778
    • Mahalo Tiki Lounge

      Tropical feelings
      Tropical plants, bamboo and floral printed furnishings combined in a chic lounge – that’s the Mahalo Tiki Lounge. On the top floor of the QRE Plaza this open air bar allows you to escape from the urban stress and calm down surrounded by a tropical vibe and the typical Tiki culture. Dancing admirers watch out for the Salsa and Bachata weekends.
      202 Queen's Rd E,
      Wan Chai, Hongkong
      +852 2488 8750
    • Le Boudoir

      All about Absinth
      Le Boudoir is an opulent hangout for modern-day libertines. The décor is all sultry drapes and chandeliers here—and tactile velvet upholstery just makes you want to throw yourself on the furniture. Walls are hung with heavy gilded frames for a decadent, rococo touch. The drinks: Unsurprisingly, absinthe features heavily on the drinks list, with innovative cocktails made of the trippy green stuff. The Lucky Star is a blend of absinthe, rum and white sugar.
      65 Wyndham Street
      Hong Kong
      +852 2530 38 70