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The best place for me was the Piazzale Michelangelo, that is a small hill in Florence the walk up there takes you about 10 minutes. On top you have a great view over the hole city. Its just magic to be up there in the evening, with a glass of wine. And the really best pizza you can get in Florence or maybe in Italy, is from Gusta Pizza its a small pleasant and really italian style restaurant with typical pizza bakers from Napoli.

(Flight Attendant)
Gusta Pizza
Via Maggio, 46r
50125 Florence
+39 055 285068

I really like the concept idea of this place. It is not only a restaurant but you can also buy kitchenware and flowers. There are even orchids hanging from the ceiling. For breakfast, I'd definitely recommend the American version with pancakes, while it's lovely atmosphere also lends itself to a nice evening with dinner there. Even though it's situated near the Cathedral in the city centre, La Ménagère is not touristy at all.

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La Ménagère
Via de' Ginori, 8
50123 Florence
+39 055 075 0600

Mangia Pizza Firenze is a true discovery, where modern street food ambiance meets reinvented genuine tradition. Located in a quiet street just a few steps from crowdy Piazza della Signoria this small and cozy restaurant offers an original selection of delicious focaccias and awesome desserts just prepared on the spot using fresh ingredients. It opened in april 2014 and is runned by a very friendly and enthusiastic staff.

(Maître de Cabine)
Mangia Pizza Firenze
Via Lambertesca 24/26r
50122 Florence
+39 055 287595