You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Da Cicciotto

      Artists and intellectuals
      Established in 1942, this restaurant is a magnet for artists and intellectuals. Located in the Posillipo district, this is where people convene for lively discussions across delicious fish dishes. The menu mainly features freshly caught fish and seafood. There are a few tables in the alley, affording diners a picture-postcard view of Mount Vesuvius in the background.
      Via Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro 32
      80123 Naples
      +39 081 575 1165
    • Trattoria Da Nennella

      For brave explorers of Napoli
      This family trattoria in the heart of the “Spagnoli” Spanish quarter opened in 1949. Don't expect a calm and dignified atmosphere – this place is loud and fun. The food is simple, cheap and down-to-earth; the place is crowded at lunch and dinner. This is the place to experience real-life “opera buffa”! Suitable for brave or experienced explorers of Napoli.
      Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 103/104/105
      80134 Naples
      +39 081 414 338
    • Osteria della Mattonella

      Pure and unadulterated
      Here the food is cooked by the second and third generations of “la famiglia”. Neapolitan home cooking, with slow-cooked tomato sauces and simple meat dishes, arrives on simple tables in a small, plain room. Photos on the walls show famous visitors, although regular locals also come here regularly. If you want to experience the real Napoli, make your way to La Mattonella.
      Via Giovanni Nicotera 13
      80132 Naples
      +39 081 416 541

      Deliciously vegetarian
      Vegetarian dishes can be a welcome relief after all that fish and meat. And if you want a little more than a plate of pasta with tomato sauce, you'll find your fill in Amico Bio, near the Piazza Bellini. This place is popular with the local youngsters and serves up mains, salads and oriental cuisine made from organic, vegetarian (of course!) ingredients.
      Vico San Pietro a Maiella 6
      80138 Naples
      +39 081 455 026
    • Da Michele

      Famous pizza temple
      True to the ideals of the founder Michele Condurro, who dedicated himself to the art of pizza-making in Naples in 1870, the fifth generation of Maestri Pizzaioli now stands at the wood oven, creating just two types of pizza: margherita and marinara. The huge hype surrounding this institution with marble tables and tiled walls means that waiting times are all part of the experience. Julia Roberts threw her diet out of the window here when she played Liz in the film Eat Pray Love.
      Via Cesare Sersale 1/3
      80139 Naples
      +39 081 553 9204
    • Di Matteo

      Baked to perfection
      This small pizzeria lies in the heart of the old town in one of Naples' many alleyways. The ground floor houses a takeaway counter, and the first floor a small guest room with a few tables. Bill Clinton ate a pizza here in 1994, but it is not known whether or not he enjoyed it. However, Di Matteo is one of the best pizzerias in the city. The dough comes out in firm, perfectly baked slices. Here they swear by “farina tenero 00”, a particularly soft flour.
      Via dei Tribunali 94
      80138 Naples
      +39 081 455 262
    • Café Agrillo

      The best profiteroles
      This small café with outside seating is situated in the heart of Mergellina. As well as good coffee, it also offers small snacks and various sweet dishes. Our tip: the profiteroles are some of the best in the city. In Agrillo everything is delicious, even the locals think so – from the coffee to the panettone and patisserie.
      Via Giordano Bruno 81
      80122 Naples
      +39 081 680 980
    • Chalet Ciro

      The perfect Sunday venue
      Nonna Rosa and grandson Ciro run this pasticceria, which originally opened in 1952 and which is particularly popular on Sundays. This is where Neapolitans come to drink perfectly-prepared coffee and enjoy home-made treats or house specialities, such as “babà al rhum” with ice cream. It is much calmer during the week when the weekend hubbub has abated.
      Via Mergellina 31
      80122 Naples
      +39 081 669 928
    • Gran Caffè Gambrinus

      Simply regal
      Founded in 1860, Gran Caffè Gambrinus simply exudes history. Kings and writers, such as Oscar Wilde, have come and gone. This opulently-decorated café attracts Naples’ residents and tourists like a magnet. The café is particularly famous for the Neapolitan art of confectionery. Classics such as «Pastiera», «Babà al rhum», «Sfogliatelle», as well as ice cream and chocolates, are all guaranteed home-made.
      Via Chiaia 1-2
      80132 Naples
      +39 081 417 582
    • La Garçonne

      Good drinks, easy-going atmosphere
      La Garçonne is a lounge, bar, restaurant and disco in one. The drinks are good, the dishes are well-presented, the atmosphere is relaxed and the background music is entertaining. Diners often stay for the whole evening, listening to the live music or meeting up with friends. This venue is as essential to the local nightlife as washing lines are to the alleyways of Naples.
      Vico Santa Maria a Capella Vecchia 10
      80121 Naples
      +39 081 764 3826
    • New Around Midnight

      Live jazz club
      Local jazz musicians and groups from all around Italy play in this small local club. Jazz fans will not mind that it can get very intimate. The atmosphere is friendly – and unpretentious. Connoisseurs love to enhance their musical enjoyment with a Belgian or German wheat beer.
      Via Giuseppe Bonito 32
      80100 Naples
      +39 081 558 2834
    • Enoteca Belledonne

      Sophisticated wine bar
      This venerable wine bar in the Chiaia quarter is a wonderfully relaxed local institution. Here it’s all about drinking wine in a sophisticated atmosphere. The wine selection is excellent – and the wines are too. Several different wines are available by the glass. People meet at the counter of the Belledonne for a drink after work and stay until late in the night.
      Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 18
      80121 Naples
      +39 081 403 162
    • Discoteca Il Fico

      Club & disco with glamour factor
      This disco is housed in a 19th-century villa on a small hill in a fashionable corner of Naples. Visitors enjoy an exhilarating evening in several differently styled rooms. The view of the Gulf of Naples from the terrace is magnificent; the atmosphere is chic and glamorous.
      Via Torquato Tasso 466
      80127 Naples
      +39 081 640 0146