You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Alaska

      Popular and vegetarian
      The Alaska is probably the most relaxed and the most popular vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo. Only the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients are used for the carefully prepared dishes. It also offers a large selection of bagels and sandwiches. Settle down to read your book or latest magazine over a soy latte, and you won’t be in a hurry to leave again.
      2-5-7 Higashiyama
      Meguro-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 64 25 73 99
    • Harajuku Gyoza Lou

      A classic
      This little Gyoza venue in the otherwise Westernised quarter of Harajuku is a true classic. And as the name says, it only serves gyoza. The stuffed pastry wraps are among the best in the city, and are served with soup and rice at an amazingly affordable price. Diners sit at the bar or at one of the few tables. It’s not surprising that the queue wraps halfway around the building in the evenings. But it’s worth the wait – or else just head off again for a little more shopping and then return.
      6-2-4 Jingumae
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 34 06 47 43
    • Martiniburger

      Deluxe burgers
      A little New York flair in Tokyo; a touch of American panache. The burgers served here are the pure opposite of fast food; from the ketchup to the bread, everything at the Martiniburger is made on the premises. Rumour has it that it serves the best burgers in the city, and it seems to be true. At any rate, it’s another reason to pay a visit to the Kagurazaka district with its French aura.
      Nakazatocho 31
      Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 62 80 89 20
    • Komakata Dozeu

      200-year-old institution
      The Komakata Dozeu is one of the oldest restaurants in Tokyo. It serves the most diverse loaches (Dozeu) in a traditional ambience: as «nabe» (in a hot pot), «yanagawa» (omelette) or «kabayaki» (grilled). The fish delicacy from the Edo period is served in pots on glowing coals. An absolute highlight, and a very special culinary experience.
      1-7-12 Komagata
      Taito-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 38 42 40 01
    • So Tired

      Japanese-Chinese fusion cuisine
      Some time ago, the Marunouchi business district was full of boring office buildings. Today, Marunouchi is a lively quarter with shops, cafés and restaurants. The So Tired is one of them. It is a laid-back venue with a wonderful terrace that serves discerning Japanese-Chinese fusion cuisine in the midst of a sacral ambience – thanks to the coloured glass mosaic windows.
      7F Shin-marunouchi Building, 1-5-1 Marunouchi
      Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 52 20 13 58
    • Tokyo Ramen Street

      Slurping like the Pros
      Steaming hot noodle soups with toppings such as fine chopped spring onions, eggs boiled to perfection, sliced pork and dried seaweed – on the ground floor of the Tokyo Station. Here you can take your pick from eight of the most renowned regional ramen shops. The soups are ordered from the ticket machine at the entrance and get slurped side by side with the typical «salarymen» (businessmen). Be prepared for a queue as this is all a part of it!
      Marunouchi, 1−9−1
      Tokyo 100-0005
      +81 3 3210 0077
    • Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo

      Top restaurant
      The Beige Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo restaurant is a joint venture between multi-star chef Alain Ducasse and the Chanel fashion label, and it’s instantly evident – in everything from the seat covers to the shape of the chocolate. It serves the best French cuisine that also relies on the best Japanese ingredients. The fabulous views of the city are another bonus. Book your table well in advance.
      10F Chanel Ginza Building, 3-5-5 Ginza
      Chuo-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 51 59 55 00
    • Montoak

      Cool designer café
      Very cool, unassuming designer cafe and bar in a prestigious location directly on Cat Streetand near Gyre Building in Omotesando. It’s perfect for a little break from shopping and to watch the hip-chic Harajuku crowd or the fashion photographers.
      6-1-9 Jingumae
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 54 68 59 28
    • Fuglen

      Oslo in Tokyo
      Norway in the middle of Tokyo? Not as odd as it sounds. There is a Café Fuglen in Oslo – and one in Tokyo. The locals love it, and enjoy the excellent coffee by day, then later in the evening the seasonally varying drinks that are in a class of their own. The small bar with the living room atmosphere is packed with design classics – all of which are for sale. It’s somewhere to return to, again and again.
      1-16-11 Tomigaya
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 34 81 08 84
    • Ouca

      The finest ice cream
      Sesame, wasabi, yoghurt or green tea? The Ouca, near the Ebisu metro station, serves a delicious and a somewhat unusual selection of ice creams. Like so many places in Japan, the interior is somehow cute and playful – and the ice cream is simply fabulous. However, the dried seaweed that you are supposed to eat afterwards is something of an acquired taste.
      1-6-6 Ebisu
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 54 49 00 37
    • Buchi

      This «tachonomi» (a standing-room-only bar that emerged due to the recession) was the first of its kind in Tokyo, and still seems to be the most popular. The well-dressed, hip patrons come here mainly for the excellent wine list and the extensive selection of fine dishes that ranges from oysters and sashimi to terrines and steaks.
      9-7 Shinsen-cho
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 57 28 20 85
    • Womb

      Along with the AgeHa, Womb is THE club in Tokyo. House and techno are played here most, and the club's agenda is packed with the current elite of international DJs. And once you’ve finally made your way onto the always-packed dance floor, you’ll be awestruck by the amazing laser show and the huge disco ball. Incidentally, the ecstatic club scene in the film «Babel» with Brad Pitt was shot in Womb.
      2-16 Maruyamacho
      Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 54 59 00 39
    • Beat Café

      Relaxed pub
      The Beat Café is actually more of a bar than a cafe because coffee is really only served very early in the morning, as the sounds of Roxy Music, Sonic Youth or Nirvana start to fade away. Guests party and drink until early in the morning. Also popular with the music crowd. And if an Indie band comes to Tokyo, then you’re guaranteed to see it in this hidden bar in Shibuya.
      B1, 2-13-5 Dogenzaka
      Shimuya-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 64 55 03 14
    • AgeHa

      The AgeHa club is on the coast, and is one of the city’s genuine hot spots. Simply huge. Internationally renowned DJs perform here from Thursdays to Saturdays – until the small hours! Ultra practical: free buses shuttle from Roppongi-dori station to the club every 30 minutes.
      2-1-10 Shinkiba
      Koto-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 55 34 25 25
    • La Jetée

      Tiny bar
      There are countless numbers of these tiny bars in the traditional quality of Golden Gai. In fact, they are already full to bursting with just five people inside. But the atmosphere is far bigger. La Jetée is one of these micro establishments – and a popular meeting place for film freaks: Wim Wenders and Quentin Tarantino are said to have imbibed a drink or two here.
      1-1-8 Kabukicho
      Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
      +81 3 32 08 96 45