You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Le Benjamin Bar & Bistro

      Bon appétit!
      The love for France and the French cuisine is almost tangible here and you can definitely taste it! In a pleasant bistro ambience you get wonderful French dishes and an impressive wine selection. To finish off, treat yourself to a hearty platter of cheese.
      Sondre gate 6
      0550 Oslo
      +47 22 35 79 44
    • Lofoten

      Fish restaurant
      Oslo’s best fish and seafood restaurant – so we are told – is pretty much at the end of the shopping and dining area of Aker Brygge. In a delightful location by the yacht harbour, sea blue and foam crown white dominate on the inside – a maritime dream. All of the products, and especially the sea dwellers, are treated with the greatest respect, and the menu reflects seasonal catches – from fish soup to cod. Meals are served on the terrace in summer, where you can inhale the fresh sea air, and start the maritime evening with an aperitif at the bar or in the lounge beside the tiny fjord canal. Reservations a must.
      Stranden 75
      0250 Oslo
      +47 22 83 08 08
    • Ekeberg Restauranten

      Culinary fame
      The wonderful views are unforgettable. In summer, it’s a unique experience to sit on the veranda, enjoying a multi-course menu and experiencing the wonderful long sunset over the city and fjord. Culinary delights are guaranteed in this listed renovated architectural classic, a short distance from the centre. Sophisticated European cuisine is served in the à la carte restaurant, while the sun terrace has its own menu.
      Kongsveien 15
      0193 Oslo
      +47 23 24 23 00
    • Maaemo

      Dining with Mother Earth
      A visit to Maaemo is an unforgettable experience. The word itself means “Mother Earth” – an idea that is lived in the kitchen wholeheartedly, led by chef Esben Holmboe Bang. Inspiration and ingredients are drawn locally from nature andthe creations reflect the interplay between the landscape and Norwegian identity. Deservedly, it earned its 3 stars.
      Schweigaards gate 15
      0191 Oslo
      +47 22 17 99 69
    • Bølgen & Moi Briskeby

      Relaxed, popular restaurant in the suburb of Briskeby, near Frognor and the Vigeland Sculpture Park. A cool industry ambience with 12-metre-high ceilings. The ‘in’ crowd meets at the long bar or in front of the impressive fireplace to enjoy fresh and innovative dishes and sample the excellent wine list. It can be hard to find an empty chair on the terrace on sunny days.
      Løvenskiols Gate 26
      0260 Oslo
      +47 24 11 53 53
    • Smalhans

      Down-to-earth and fair
      The word “smalhans” has its origin in Germany and means something along the lines of “tight on cash” in Norway. That’s why at Smalhans you get home-made, down-to-earth dishes at fair prices. A lot of emphasis is put on high-quality products, which also includes the excellent wines.
      Waldemar Thranes gate 10 A
      0171 Oslo
      +47 22 69 60 00
    • Alex Sushi

      Top restaurant
      Near Solli Plass is what is probably the best sushi restaurant in Norway. The best place to sit is on the elevated boat-shaped cooking island, from where you can marvel at the skills of the two maestros as they prepare their mouth-watering Japanese delights that melt in the mouth like butter. It also enables you to keep an eye on the rest of the guests (who frequently include local celebrities). Enjoy your evening!
      Cort Adelers Gate 2
      0254 Oslo
      +47 22 43 99 99
    • Palace Grill

      Informal and a very special experience. You’ll wait in vain for a menu or wine list at the Palace Grill, because it «only» has the 10-course menu, which it will happily tailor to its guests’ individual requirements, and which is prepared exclusively from high quality and – whenever possible – seasonal products. The price is remarkably low – and you can’t book in advance, so just walk right in.
      Solligata 2
      0254 Oslo
      +47 23 13 11 40
    • Engebret Café

      Oslo’s oldest restaurant
      The Engebret Café opened in 1857, and to this day guests feel transported back to that time as soon as they walk through the door. Due to its proximity to the Christiana Theatre, the guests also include actors and artistes who come to enjoy the excellent cuisine served in the venerable interior. Head chef Knut Solberg wields the wooden spoon himself, serving contemporary, light Mediterranean dishes behind the lace curtains. One famous classic: the Bacalao of the House. Closed on Sundays.
      Bankplassen 1
      0151 Oslo
      +47 22 82 25 25
    • Theatercaféen

      High carat
      The Theatercaféen in the Hotel Continental is a veritable gem. This legendary and breathtaking Viennese Café deserves its place on the «New York Times» list of the ten most famous cafés in the world. Enjoying tea, coffee and the finest cakes and pastries in the enchanting Art Deco setting is an unbeatable experience. Little tip: The Continental is also home to the elegant Annen Etage restaurant, a top address for gourmets.

      Stortingsgata 24
      0117 Oslo
      +47 22 82 40 50
    • Café Skansen

      As golden as the sun, this pretty building radiates romance and cosiness. The cosy Café Skansen is close to the Akershus Fortress. The bar stocks a good selection of beers and spirits, and the many varieties of coffee are aromatic and tasty. To the side of the building is a pretty terrace garden that guides the eye to the impressive town hall, the fjord and the various delights of Akers Brygge.

      Rådhusgata 32
      0151 Oslo
      +47 24 20 13 11
    • Litteraturhuset

      Bookstore, café and lounge
      The Litteraturhuset is situated right beside the Palace Park, and is the place to come to chat, discuss or read, or analyse newly-purchased reading or educational materials. This popular meeting place for all ages is a bookstore, café and lounge in one. The terrace is usually overflowing on sunny days, so guests have to move to the steps in front of the building. The perfect place to experience Oslo and its residents up close.

      Wergelandsveien 29
      0167 Oslo
      +47 22 95 55 30
    • Lorry

      Oslo original
      This pub became famous for stocking 129 different beers from over 20 countries. It still serves a wide selection today. Situated close to the Palace Park, the Lorry is a genuine Oslo original. Since 1887, artists, writers, well-known figures from the cultural scene and beer-lovers have been drawn to this extraordinary place. Apart from the fact that it serves excellent food, there is also a pretty beer garden at the side.

      Parkveien 12
      0350 Oslo
      +47 22 69 69 04
    • Internasjonalen

      Good and special spirits, classic cocktails, excellent beer and cool music. That’s what you’ll find in the Internasjonalen – an ‘in’ institution in the building that houses the central office of the Norwegian Workers’ Party. The interior is a little sparse, but it’s jam-packed, especially at weekends. There are often DJs.

      Youngstorget 2
      0181 Oslo
      +47 40 00 42 77
    • Olympen

      150 different beers
      This historic beer hall, which is also a restaurant and a relaxed nightclub, is in the lively, multi-cultural Grønland district. It’s really busy at weekends, with guests crowded at the long bar and in the booths of the spacious 1930s pub. It offers a selection of over 150 different beers, mostly from small breweries.

      Grønlandsleiret 15
      0190 Oslo
      +47 24 10 19 99