You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Vino Mio

      Modern and unusual
      Located directly at the main entrance of the Teatro Cervantes, this cosy, inviting restaurant services up extravagant dishes like kangaroo steak, duck in sweet chili sauce, pasta and unusual salad combinations. Hearty tapas can also be ordered here and the modern, sleek ambiance is regularly enhanced by art exhibitions and live music from flamenco to jazz.
      Plaza Jerónimo Cuervo, 2
      Malaga 29012
      +34 952 60 90 93
    • El Chinitas

      Traditional ceramic tiles and original oil paintings by local artists adorn the walls of this restaurant and grant the place its special charm. Located very near to the well-known Pasaje Chinitas, El Chinitas invites guests in to enjoy delicious food during or after their sightseeing tour. There are so many delicacies on the menu: fritura malagueña (deep-fried fish), sopa castellana (garlic soup) or any of the ever-changing daily offerings. The foremost part of the restaurant features a popular tapas bar that many locals patronise for a beer after work.
      Calle de Moreno Monroy, 4
      Malaga 29015
      +34 952 21 09 72
    • Lo Güeno

      Tapas bar
      This traditional tapas bar directly situated on Calle Marqués de Larios has been around since 1967. At first glance it might appear too small or cramped, but the L-shaped wooden bar offers your fill of culinary delights. There are more than 75 different tapas on the menu, including many Lo Güeno original creations such as grilled oyster mushrooms with garlic, parsley and goat cheese. The selection of riojas is also incredible. You're sure to have an enjoyable evening.
      Calle Marín García, 9
      Malaga 29005
      +34 952 22 30 48
    • El Jardin

      Idyllic and stylish
      Situated in a little landscaped garden with fountain right near the cathedral, this restaurant is fully styled after a Viennese coffeehouse. The elegant dining hall with high pillars, artfully decorated furnishings, a nostalgic piano and candelabras takes guests back to a time long ago. The restaurant serves typical Andalusian cuisine and, of course, the national dish: paella. Tango and flamenco dancers entertain guests at weekends.
      Calle Cañón, 1
      Malaga 29015
      +34 952 22 04 19
    • Terra Sana

      Terra Sana is one of those local restaurant mini-chains specialised in healthy international cuisine. In addition to its large selection of salads, it offers wraps with various fillings like tofu, poultry, avocado and Serrano ham, frozen yoghurt, Indian lassis and Mexican quesadillas. It also has a special children's menu for little guests. Beyond its dishes, the restaurant also offers a lovely view of the Roman amphitheatre and the Alcazaba.
      Calle Alcazabilla, 7
      Malaga 29015
      +34 952 60 77 22
    • Casa Lola

      Exquisite vermouth
      Simply wander in! You can't skip this traditional place with its tiled façade in blue and white. The house speciality is an ice-cold vermouth right from the barrel. Lounge on one of the high stools and take in the stylish clientele. Casa Lola offers traditional tapas with cheese and ham. The terrace is a great place for people watching in the lively pedestrian zone. The perfect spot to kick off a night out in Malaga.
      Calle Granada, 46
      Malaga 29015
      +34 952 22 38 14
    • El Tintero

      This exuberant restaurant is located just outside the city. There is no menu; the waiters simply walk by with various freshly prepared dishes and guests choose which ones they like. After you're done, the bill is based on the size and number of empty plates on your table. The specialities of El Tintero include freshly caught seafood, octopus (sepia) and grilled shrimp (gambas). It’s a real experience.
      Playa del Dedo
      Malaga 29018
      +34 952 20 68 26
    • Casa Mira

      Ice cream parlour
      It all began with a mule laden with nougat. Now this ice cream parlour established back in 1890 offers far more delicious varieties. Casa Mira is still a family-run enterprise and you can tell. Everything is made by hand and guests can taste the love put into the ice cream. So, take a break and try two or three... or four scoops of delicious ice cream.
      Calle Nueva, 16
      Malaga 29005
      +34 952 21 40 91
    • Antigua Casa de Guardia

      Oldest bar in Malaga
      This tavern from 1840 is considered the oldest bar in the city. The flaking coat of vanilla-coloured paint and the black and white photos of Pablo Picasso lend the bar an antique touch. Try a glass of the dark brown, sherry-like dry Malaga wine or the romantically named Lagrima tranañejo, which means something like «really old tears»; add an order of shrimp and simply toss the shells onto the floor. Olé!
      Alameda Principal, 18
      Malaga 29005
      +34 952 21 46 80
    • Cervería la Sureña

      On the harbour
      There are a number of restaurants and businesses along the Muelle Uno on the city's harbour. As you wind your way past yachts and fishing boats, you'll discover a nice local place here and there. When you get to the end of the promenade, you'll find this bright, modern bar. Thirsty? The most popular drinks here are beer and summer wine, a refreshing long drink made of red wine and lemon-lime soda. The days of old are recalled by the black and white tile mosaics of old Malaga, old prints of fishermen at their catch, and nostalgic beach huts.
      Muelle, 1
      Malaga 29001
      +34 952 00 39 42
    • Liceo

      Live flamenco music
      This place isn't too easy to find – but don't give up because it's worth the trouble. The Liceo is hidden within an ornate, historical building with original ceramic tiles, dusty candelabra and high ceilings. It's a great meeting place for fans of live flamenco music. There isn't much going on before midnight, though.
      Calle de las Beatas, 21
      Malaga 29008
      +34 625 55 70 12