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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Old Town

    A discovery tour
    Owing to its magnificent buildings and monuments, the entire Old Town of Santiago de Compostela has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A stroll through the cobbled alleyways and streets allows visitors to discover the city’s many treasures, including the Romanesque cathedral and a myriad of other churches and monasteries, pilgrims’ hostels, palaces with elegant balconies and pretty fountains.
    Santiago Turismo
    Rúa do Vilar, 63
    15705 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 55 51 29
  • Alameda Park

    In paradise
    This park offers a lot more than its names suggests. Although there is, of course, an ‘Alameda’ (a tree-lined promenade), there are also two other major features: the oak wood of Santa Susana and the horseshoe promenade. Here visitors can discover a paradise containing 90 plants and more than 1500 trees and shrubs, as well as lots of historical buildings and sculptures. Visitors can relax on the granite banks with their artistic backrests and enjoy the panorama of the eastern side of the city.
    Rúa do Campiño da Ferradura
    15705 Santiago de Compostela
  • Cathedral

    Burial place of Saint James
    This House of God is significant for a number of reasons: at the end of the Way of Saint James, it is the destination of all pilgrims. It also contains the burial vault of the city's saint, St James. The cathedral was also the place where Santiago de Compostela originated. More than one thousand years have since passed, and not only has the city grown to its current size, but so, too, has the cathedral. Having had a number of extensions, it forms an exciting complex of structures from different epochs.
    Praza do Obradoiro
    15704 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 58 35 48
  • Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

    A temple for culture-lovers
    American architect Peter Eisenmann spent more than a decade building a huge cultural centre covering the top of the green Monte Gaiás hill. Occupying almost 690,000m2, the centre comprises five fascinating, flat, shell-like constructions made out of steel and glass. These are home to various facilities, including two museums, a theatre and a library. Culture-lovers will discover their western temple here – just two kilometres outside the city.
    Monte Gaiás
    15707 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 881 99 75 65
  • Monte do Gozo

    Last stop for pilgrims
    From the Monte do Gozo – literally 'the hill of joy' – pilgrims catch their first glimpse of the long-awaited destination of their pilgrimage: the three church towers of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. All that they need to do now is to muster their strength and follow the path into the city centre. It goes without saying that the hill is also open to non-pilgrims. The small village of San Marco, where the 370-metre hill is located, can be reached by bus in 20 minutes. The view can be enjoyed at leisure.
    Santiago Turismo
    Rúa do Vilar, 63
    15705 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 55 51 29
  • Bonaval Park

    Where nature and culture meet
    A stroll through the San Domingos de Bonaval park is accompanied by the sound of rushing water coming from the numerous fountains, drains and cisterns. The entire park is an architectural work of art that harmoniously combines the old and the new. It is also home to two museums: the Museum for Contemporary Art (CGAC) and the ethnographic Museuo do Pobo Gallego. The latter is housed inside a 17th century monastery, whose unique spiral staircase is a fascinating feature.
    15704 Santiago de Compostela
  • Mercado de Abastos

    Ancient market tradition
    The locals know where to go to get the best. This is why it makes sense to join them at the large market in the middle of the Old Town to buy the best Galician produce. There is an enormous range of produce on display: seafood and fish, meat, vegetables, wines and liqueurs. The best idea is to taste the produce in situ, observe the bustling activity of the fishermen, farmers and customers and admire the old walls that surround the market.
    Rua Ameás
    15704 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 58 34 38
  • Noroeste Obradoiro

    Delightful crafts
    Many silver and goldsmiths have kept this medieval tradition alive. Antonio Ibáñez and Jose Castro, who create enchanting objects in their nostalgic workshop, are two such artisans. Customers can peer over their shoulders as they create filigree necklaces of silver or earrings of stone and gold.
    Rúa Travesa 5, bajo
    15704 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 57 71 30
  • Adolfo Domínguez

    You are what you wear
    Galician brands such as Zara or Roberto Verino are worn all around the world. But then there is Adolfo Domínguez. Sporty and elegant, daring and comfortable – both men and women will find something suitable here in a fantastic variety of colours and styles. Matching fragrances are also available in fetching bottles.
    Rúa da Senra, 8-10
    15701 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 900 333 717
  • Dosel

    Unique artisan products
    From monks’ habits to lace underwear, Maria Dosel sews everything by hand. Linen, silk and lace pass through her fingers, which she turns into unique textiles. Her customers can always find exclusive gifts in this small boutique near to the cathedral – such as hand-signed serviettes, baptismal clothes or fans.
    Rúa Nova, 26
    15703 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 56 60 78
  • Galician Centre for Contemporary Art

    A symbol of modernity
    A visit to the CGAC, the Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporánea, pays off in many respects. The modern building is the impressive work of Portuguese architect, Álvaro Siza. He has constructed a harmonious whole, which also includes the Convento de San Domingos de Bonaval and the eponymous park. The museum houses an astounding collection of contemporary art. After visiting the museum, you can also enjoy the view of the Old Town.
    Rúa Valle Inclán, 2
    15703 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 54 66 19
  • Pilgrimage Museum

    Ode to the apostles
    This three-storey medieval building is home to a whole range of exciting information on the pilgrimage phenomenon. Pictures, objects and documents educate visitors about the significance and development of the cult of St James. The creation of the different Ways of St James and the influence of the pilgrims on handicrafts are also illustrated clearly.
    Calle de San Miguel, 4
    15704 Santiago de Compostela
    +34 981 58 15 58