Zurich – the city of many sides. The city where the urban lies cheek-by-jowl with nature. The Old Town is right next to the cool industrial quarter. Luxurious brands next to fabulous trend labels. Sightseeing and a pure enjoyment of art.

A visit to this metropolis must start with a tram ride down the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s best-known shopping street. The heart of the financial district is at Paradeplatz, where you can call in to Confiserie Sprüngli for some sweet refreshments and sample their world-famous Luxemburgerli – little macaroons. Once you have arrived at the lake, enjoy a touch of the Mediterranean and - weather permitting - admire the fabulous views of the mountains. In no other metropolis is the swimming as much fun as here. Whether in the lake or the river, when it’s pleasantly warm you simply have to jump in. On summer evenings, the “Badis” – bath houses – change into friendly bars. A cool beer in your hand – the perfect way to end the day. Or enjoy a lovely cruise around Lake Zurich.

Exploring the city and its sights is extremely enjoyable on foot. Stroll along the river through the historic Old Town, and enjoy a cappuccino in one of the many cafés. Then on towards Zurich West, where lots of creative people have their studios and there are numerous enchanting and original boutiques to explore. Lots of little bars and cool clubs in this part of the city add to the evening’s delights. Zurich impresses with districts that are full of contrasts. Lots of greenery, an abundance of parks. Art fans love the variety of galleries in Zurich. Shopping is simply fun, and those looking for somewhere great to eat will find everything from a casual garden restaurant to a trendy gourmet temple with plenty in between.

Strolling along the river or beside the lake is just as important. Zurich has its very own mountain, the Uetliberg, which is perfect for walking and hiking. Whether you want to ski or just admire the marvellous views, it doesn’t take long to get to the mountains from Zurich. And finally, not many metropolises have such a well-developed public transport network for getting from A to B. Zurich may be small, but it’s beautifully made. Zurich may be simple, but it’s never boring. And that’s exactly why it's so delightfully charming.

City Facts

  • Location

    Biggest city in Switzerland and capital of the canton of the same name on Lake Zurich

  • Population

    About 412,000

  • Size

    Approx. 92 km²

  • Public transport

    Very well developed with trains, interurban trains, trams and buses

  • Climate

    Moderate climate

  • Best time to visit

    Any time of the year; there are lots of tourists between May and September

  • Good to know

    It’s not a good idea to call the locals “Züricher” (even if you can pronounce it). The word is “Zürcher” (just as challenging). No ifs, no buts.

  • Nice to know

    Zurich is also a great place to explore by bike. And it’s free as well. Find out more at Bikerental.

  • Airport

    Zurich Airport, about 13 km from the city centre

  • Bus

    Easier to travel by tram. The no. 10 departs from Zurich airport to Zurich main station; the journey takes approx. 25 minutes

  • Railway

    The interurban railway or trains depart from the airport to the city approx. every 10 minutes; the journey takes approx. 10 minutes

  • Taxi

    Taxi ranks are outside the airport terminal; the journey takes about 15 minutes and costs approx. CHF 60