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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Alaçatı

    For romantics and windsurfers
    To the west of Izmir lies a little piece of charming Greece: the tiny Aegean town enchants its visitors with its old stone-built houses, little alleys and windmills. Sporty visitors love Alaçatı Bay, which is famous for having the perfect wind- and kite-surfing conditions. In fact, it is one of the top 7 windsurfing destinations in the world.
    70 km along the Izmir-Cesme highway
  • Hisar Mosque

    Ottoman masterpiece
    Izmir's biggest mosque is a magnificent Ottoman building. Architects and artists worked on it for six years from 1592 until 1598. Today, the artistic details such as the six-cornered main dome, covered fountain in the inner courtyard and the Ottoman calligraphies inside never fail to enchant visitors.
    Konak Mh.
    Izmir, 35250
  • Ephesus

    World's biggest excavation site
    It's worth taking a trip into the countryside: about 75 kilometres from Izmir is the city of Selçuk, home to numerous sights. The most significant is the ancient town of Ephesus, which was built around 6000 BC and was one of the biggest trading cities in Asia Minor. Today, Ephesus is the biggest archaeological site in the world, and contains countless fascinating treasures. However, Selçuk also contains numerous museums and an 11-kilometre long beach - the longest beach in Turkey.
    Efes Örenyeri
    Selçuk İzmir
    +90 444 68 93
  • Asansör

    Ride up the cliffs
    In 1907, a Jewish businessman had the "asansör" (elevator) built to provide access from the former coast to the suburb of Halil Rifat Pasa above the cliffs. Today, the lift is in the middle of the city. Inside the red, tower-like structure, passengers are still transported 51 metres up or down, just like they used to be. Our tip: Going up to the top floor in the late afternoon to enjoy a drink in the restaurant and watch the sun go down is a real treat.
    Turgut Reis Mh., Ş. Nihat Bey Caddesi No:79
    +90 232 293 4777
  • Pergamon

    Testimony to Antiquity
    It's well worth travelling the 100 km from Izmir to this destination. The ancient Greek city of Pergamon lies to the north of the capital. It nestles impressively against a table mountain-shaped massif that was already inhabited in the Stone Age. The sights can be admired in the Upper Acropolis, Lower Acropolis, and the Sanctuary of Asclepius. Although the Acropolis contains the oldest temples and most beautiful palaces, it is also worth spending some time in the other parts of the city.
    D550 towards Edremit,
    after about 95 km turn right onto the D240 towards Bergama
  • Villa Birgi Cakiraga

    Memorial to Aegean architecture
    In the mountain landscape 2 hours from the city centre lies a pretty village with an unusual mansion house. The sort of building you would expect to see in Venice. Visitors enter through large wooden doors. Inside are beautifully coloured wall murals and wood carvings. The loveliest ones are in the "Izmir" and "Istanbul" rooms. They belonged to the two wives of the merchant who built the house in 1761, and he had them painted to help soothe their homesickness.
    Kurtgazi Mah., Şehit Gürol Madan Cad. No:36
    Birgi, Ödemiş, Izmir
    +90 232 531 52 05
  • Clock Tower

    Landmark of Izmir
    The elegant tower that adorns Konak Park has become the main landmark of Izmir. It was built in 1901 to mark the 25th anniversary of the ascension of Sultan Abdülhamit II. The clock and bell of the 25-metre high tower were a gift from Germany's Emperor Wilhelm II.
    Izmir, 35110
  • Kemeralti Market

    Marvel and haggle
    It's best just to follow the flow through the many little alleyways of the market, with its stalls and stands. Then your eyes, ears and nose will really be able to experience the Turkish culture. Watch the locals as they haggle; find some artistic handmade goods, join the throngs around the vegetable stalls, and admire the beautiful old façades of the surrounding houses. And when it's time for a rest, head for one of the tea houses or little restaurants.
    Konak Mh.
    Izmir, 35250
  • Optimum Outlet

    Designer goods at good prices
    When you've managed to obtain everything imaginable at amazing prices, it's also worth enjoying something else at this bright, modern shopping centre: for instance, strap on a pair of ice skates and glide over the rink between the shops. Or you could watch a film or sample the culinary offers.
    Akcay Cad. No: 101 | Gaziemir
    Izmir, 35410
    +90 232 273 83 83
  • Kızlarağası Hanı

    Historic oriental bazaar
    Spice stalls, jewellers, fashion shop, shoe shops, cosmetics stalls, souvenir shops and bridal outfitters: just some of the things you'll find on this vast bazaar - which was already frequented by the Ottomans in the 18th century. And while you're shopping, be sure to allow yourself a lengthy break to enjoy an aromatic coffee and admire the lovely old building.
    902 Sodak, Konak
    Izmir, 35250
    +90 232 483 67 56
  • Agora Shopping Centre

    Large shopping centre and pleasure world
    There are 190 shops on the 28,000 square metres of this shopping centre. You'll find everything you could possibly want. And as well as being perfect for shopping, it is also an excellent place just to spend some time. Either in the gaming and computer room, at the cinema or in one of the restaurants. The Agora is in the suburb of Çesme, a 15-minute drive from the city centre. There is a shuttle bus that also goes to the universities and hotels.
    Mithatpasa Caddesi No: 1446
    Balcova, Izmir
    +90 232 277 25 25
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Centre

    Longed-for cultural centre
    The realisation of this centre was a dream come true: Mayor Ahmet Piriştina was responsible for the initiation of this missing temple of culture. After his death in 2004, his successor Aziz Kocaoğlu continued the project. And today the former trolleybus depot is a cultural institution for discerning art, and also one of the most esteemed concert halls in Turkey. It was named the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Centre in honour of one of Turkey's first composers.
    Mithatpaşa Cad. 1087
    Güzelyalı, Izmir
    +90 232 293 3800