Dive into the SWISS destinations, get to know people, places and stories behind the scenes in our City Specials. Here is an overview.

October 2017

  • Design made in Hamburg

    Cut the chit chat and get to work – Hamburg is a powerhouse for ideas. Many of the innovative startups and young fashion labels have found fame and fortune far beyond the city limits. A prime example: “Lockengelöt” in the hip "Karoviertel" quarter.

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September 2017

  • The dwarfs of Wroclaw

    They stand in squares, hide in corners of buildings or climb lampposts – the bronze dwarfs of Wroclaw. It is estimated that there are over 300 – and they have become a real attraction. Read the story behind it.

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August 2017

  • Best hiking routes of Switzerland

    The world of the Swiss Alps beckons with its unspoilt countryside, fresh air and seemingly endless panoramas. We have picked the ten most beautiful itineraries and compiled them for you in our little hiking guide.

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July 2017

  • Switzerland’s swimming paradise

    Spend the summer holidays in Switzerland? Why not? We’ll show you that Switzerland offers an incredible variety of swimming and bathing options.

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June 2017

  • A Kingdom's Capital - Trends, traditions, history and hipsters

    Posh, amazing, elegant, funky - so many labels get stuck on London. And the city carries them all with aplomb. We show you the different facets of the pulsating hotspot on river Thames.

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  • Bergen for Beginner

    New job, new city, new country - how does it feel to move from Zurich to Bergen? And how becomes a foreign city your new home quickly?

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May 2016

  • Cork - Ireland's secret capital

    Putting on a show is not high on the priorities of Ireland’s second city. This is a place that values its freedom, stands by its quirks and doesn't let it get to its head.

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March 2017

  • Discover wild and beautiful Corsica

    Swimming, sailing, biking and hiking – Corsica's versatility is hard to beat. SWISS Travel Guide editor Simone Franzke discovered "Île de Beauté" by sailing boat and train.

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  • Hola Miami - A city in transition

    Just golfers, fat cars and sun-seeking senior citizens? Maybe that’s how it used to be. Our SWISS Magazine editors discovered an inspiring city with surprising facets.

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January 2017

  • Switzerland's best winter terraces

    Fresh air, bright blue skies and a warm blanket. This is the way to enjoy panoramic views and good food in Switzerland. We introduce you to the most beautiful winter terraces of Switzerland.

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December 2016

  • San Francisco: Crazy about food

    San Franciscans love their street food trucks. And their food markets and open kitchens. In this city eating and drinking is an essential part of the inhabtitants’ lifestyle.

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