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Flights La Palma

Fly with SWISS to La Palma and enjoy a hike in its beautiful nature or chill at the beach

Welcome to your flight to the Canary Island La Palma, also called "La Isla Bonita" (beautiful island) and "Island of perpetual spring". La Palma is best known for its amazing landscapes and its high volcano peaks, which form a mountain range from north to south that splits La Palma in two halves.

Trade winds are hitting the mountain range from the east, and the long needles of the canary pine forests are condensing the water from the clouds. This ensures the freshwater supply for the whole island, not just the lush forests of the eastern mountain ranges. The western half of La Palma is much more arid and sunny.

Walk the walk: La Palma for hikers

La Palma is a paradise for hikers, there are about a 1.000 kilometres of marked hiking paths. They range from an hour gentle walk to days of guided tours on the Volcano Route. Most famous are the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, an unreal landscape of deep forests, high mountains and colourful waterfalls. The edge of the caldera, the Cumbre Nueva mountain range, has its own spectacle: a "cloudwaterfall", where cloudy winds are pushed over the edge from the east and roll down the western side before evaporating in the dryer air. A landscape right out of the fantasy movie is the Los Tilos Forest, a laurel forest where the trees and the clouds touch.

Mountains high, oceans deep and fresh fish

On the highest mountain Roque de los Muchachos is a whole park of observatories, because the extremely dark night skies of La Palma are amongst the world’s best for looking at the stars. Of course, there are also beaches, typically with black sand due to the volcanic history of La Palma. Puerto Naos is a highly developed beach, but you can also find lonely coves and even natural swimming pools like Charco Azul. Diving and snorkelling is a great way to meet an abundance of exotic fish in the Atlantic.

Another great way for that is eating in a local fish restaurant, where the fresh fish is served with the ubiquitous Mojo Verde, a sauce made from green pepper. La Palma also has great wines that thrive on the combination of year-round good weather, mineral-rich volcanic earth and old sorts of grapes cultivated nowhere else. Enjoy your time on the beautiful island La Palma.