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Zurich ZRH
Cancun CUN

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Kick back and relax in beautiful Cancún

What do you get when you toss pristine Mexican beaches, perfect weather, crystal-clear ocean, and a healthy dose of ancient Mayan culture into a cocktail shaker and mix it all up? The answer, of course, is Cancún – the perfect place to kick off your shoes, wiggle your toes in the sand, and let all your worries go for a while.

If you had to describe Cancún in a single word, the first one to come to mind might be “picturesque”: seemingly endless beaches stretch across Cancún’s coastline, the dazzling blue expanse of the Caribbean Sea lapping at the sand. Contemporary, comfortable hotels line the streets, inviting visitors to find their own bliss, whether by lounging poolside with a cocktail, dancing the night away at one of Cancún’s famous nightclubs, or snorkelling in the Great Mayan Reef, the second-largest coral reef on earth. And just outside the city limits, verdant tropical jungle holds pre-Columbian Mayan ruins to be discovered, providing a visceral insight into the untold centuries of history that the land has hosted.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, somewhere to let loose, or just recharge in the sun, Cancún is the perfect place for you. Find your own perfect holiday: book your flight with Edelweiss or United Airlines from Zurich to Cancún today.

WK024: ZRH - CUN 12:35 - 18:25
Flight duration: 11:50
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa Su -
WK024: ZRH - CUN 16:35 - 22:25
Flight duration: 11:50
Mo - Tu - We Th - Fr - Sa - Su -
WK024: ZRH - CUN 17:15 - 23:05
Flight duration: 11:50
Mo Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su -
WK025: CUN - ZRH 00:50 - 16:40
Flight duration: 09:50
Mo - Tu We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su -
WK025: CUN - ZRH 19:55 - 11:45
Flight duration: 09:50
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa Su -
WK025: CUN - ZRH 23:55 - 15:50
Flight duration: 09:55
Mo - Tu - We Th - Fr - Sa - Su -

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When is the best time to visit Cancún?

Cancún’s hot and sunny weather attracts visitors from all over the world year-round, but there are several different factors to consider when planning your own trip to the area. First, remember that Cancún is not just warm – at the peak of the summer months, it can be downright scorching. Travellers looking for lower hotel rates and slightly more amenable temperatures may be interested in visiting at the end of the summer months, especially during mid-September, when the heat starts to taper off and the beginning of the school year means fewer tourists crowding the beaches. Also, remember that tropical storms are not uncommon in Cancún – make sure to check the forecast ahead of time.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

Public transportation is available, but the most convenient option tends to be private transfers. Check with your hotel or arrange a private transfer before your arrival – be aware that most people offering “help” inside the airport will charge exorbitant rates. If you do choose to take a taxi upon arrival, know that all authorized transportation will be located directly outside the arrivals doors.

What currency should I bring to Cancún?

Like all of Mexico, the official currency in Cancún is the Mexican peso. With that said, it is common for retailers to accept American dollars as well, given the large number of American travellers who visit Cancún each year. ATMs will dispense pesos, and sometimes US dollars. Travellers interested in exchanging money in Cancún, however, should be aware of current exchange rates – the Mexican government does not regulate retailers’ exchange rates, and therefore they may vary from location to location. Avoid exchanging currency at airport kiosks, as their exchange rates are known to be particularly high.

Cancún looks even better in the sunshine

If you do decide to get up from your beach towel (and nobody would blame you if you did not), Cancún offers an extraordinary number of things to see and do. It should go without saying the natural world takes centre stage – activities such as snorkelling, swimming with sea turtles, or exploring hidden cenotes and caves are perennial favourites. In fact, the popularity of snorkelling at the Great Mayan Reef has given rise to Museo Subacuatico de Arte, an underwater sculpture museum designed especially for snorkelers. Eco-tourism has also become a well-established industry in Cancún, so anyone keen on seeing all that nature has to offer on the Yucatán peninsula can arrange tours based around their personal interests.

Cancún’s history

travellers interested in learning more about the region’s centuries of history will have plenty of opportunities to do that as well. Guided tours to archaeological sites such as Las Ruinas del Rey or El Meco are available and offer a breath-taking look into the culture and architecture of the pre-Columbian Maya people.

For an in-depth look at Mayan history, the Museo Maya de Cancún provides over 400 pieces of ancient art to study, while the Mexican Folk Art Museum in the nearby Xcaret eco-archaeological park is an eclectic look at local traditions. Book your trip from Zurich to Cancún today.

Activities in Cancún

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to choose from, so travellers would do well to consider which they’d like to experience in advance:

  • Swimming with whale sharks
  • Taking guided tours to cenotes and caves
  • Snorkelling at the Museo Subacuatico de Arte
  • Hiking and bird-watching on Isla Contoy

Discover this city and book a flight from Zurich to Cancùn with Edelweiss today.

Grab a bite on your way to the beach in Cancún

Cancún is unlike anywhere else on earth – and the food is similarly unique. Because of its position on Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, local food in Cancún is a delicious mix of Caribbean, European, and traditional Mexican influences. Fresh seafood is in abundance, of course (with freshly caught lobster being a special treat worth splurging on), but ingredients such as turkey, chicken, citrus fruit, chillies and reddish achiote paste are all used to great effect in the kitchens of Cancún. Dishes such as cochinita pibil (marinated, slow-roasted pork - often made with a whole suckling pig) or salbutes (crispy tortillas with lettuce, tomato and shredded meat) should not be missed.

Drink up and step out

It’s a good thing that spending the day poolside is relaxing, because Cancún is known to have some of the best nightlife in all of Latin America. Cancún’s reputation as a spring break hotspot is well-deserved – a litany of nightclubs play the hits and serve cocktails all night long. DJs, acrobats, and clubs featuring all-you-can-drink open bars are all common, so make sure you bring your dancing shoes.

Shopping in Cancún

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a little shopping break – and Cancún makes that an easy endeavour. For travellers looking for a flashy new bathing suit to hit the beach in, places such as Luxury Avenue or La Isla Shopping Village offer plenty of options. And for visitors interested in something with a little more local flair, it is worth checking out Mercado 28, the city’s largest souvenir market, which features plenty of silver jewellery, handicrafts, and items you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Zurich - Cancun
    Flight duration: 12:50 hrs total, Frequency: Mon,Wed,Sat,Mon
  • Departure Zurich
    Terminal: 1 / 3
    Counter opening time: 24 h prior to departure
  • Airbus A340-300
    Height: 16.80 m
    Length: 63.70 m
    Seats: 219
  • Crew:
    Pilots: 2
    Cabin crew: 10
  • Arrival Cancun
    Distance to city centre: 23 km