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Zurich ZRH
Heringsdorf HDF

Heringsdorf, a 19th century jewel

Enjoy the salty breeze of the Baltic Sea and the wonderful beaches of the island Usedom and book your flight from Zurich to Heringsdorf. Here you can find peace and quiet, art and culture, healing and wellness and a unique history.

A villa near the waves

Once the three villages Ahlbeck, Bansin and Heringsdorf were separate settlements, today they are bound together as the Seabath Heringsdorf. They had been connected by a common beach-front promenade since the 19th century. Starting in the middle of the 19th century, Heringsdorf became the place to be in the summer for the Berlin high society. Everyone with the necessary means built a summer mansion directly on the beachfront. These houses, which became known as “Bath Architectutre”, were as different as they could be, but most of them were kept in a glowing white. Some looked like a renaissance mansion, others like a baroque palace, some were in contemporary Art Nouveau style.

The first prefab houses in the world were actually developed for the Heringsdorf beachfront, with a distinctly Russian style or as little Swiss chalets. Heringsdorf still has the majority of these old villas, most are converted to hotels and restaurants, but also to museums and galleries. In these summer residences, the guests were not only the Kaiser’s family, but also famous artists and scientists, writers like Thomas Mann and Maxim Gorki. The painter Lyonel Feininger lived in the Villa Oppenheim, which he painted several times. This was the time when Heringsdorf was called “Nice of the North“.

A beach for everyone

Later in the 19th century, not just the high society, but nearly every second resident of Berlin came here in the summer, which gave Usedom and especially Heringsdorf the second nickname, „Bathtub of Berlin“. They came for the same reason people flock here today: the beautiful and endless sand beaches. For 12 kilometers the beach of Heringsdorf stretches from Bansin to Ahlbeck, connected by the long promenade that has been prolonged to Swinemünde in the Polish part of Usedom.

Rent a bicycle for a ride along the beach and see the many different sections: there are beaches especially for families, for nude bathing or for dog owners. What they have in common are the roofed wicker beach chairs you will find all along the German coasts. In Heringsdorf is one of the last producers of these beach chairs. He has built a giant version said to hold up to 70 people, one of the famous sights of Heringsdorf.

Also famous are the long piers that once were mooring areas for coastal steamships. The pier of Ahlbeck from 1898 is the oldest in Germany, the new pier of Heringsdorf is the longest with 500 Meters. Standing out there, you can see the fishermen coming in with their morning catch that you can enjoy for lunch: herring, flatfish and cod fresh from the Baltic Sea. Another Usedom specialty is venison, especially in the fall. The island is teeming with game and the hunter’s prizes fill the kitchens of the Heringsdorf hotels and restaurants.