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Zurich ZRH
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Explore Lanzarote, the Island of Fire

In the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is in a class of its own. Volcanic activity has given it a stark, austere appearance that makes it one of the most beautiful and intriguing places to explore. At the same time, it lacks for none of the culinary marvels or pristine beaches that other islands offer visitors.

Lanzarote’s volcanic landscape has hidden wonders waiting to be discovered: from volcanic vents that have been harnessed to roast food to cavernous underground tunnels, the island’s sights need to be seen to be believed. Adding to this are the contributions of local artist and architect César Manrique, which blend the natural surroundings with stunning works of art.

Visitors will also enjoy the island amenities the Canaries are famous for. Delicious culinary creations, unique vineyards growing out of volcanic soil, and isolated white-sand beaches abound on Lanzarote. The island sees its fair share of tourists, yet it has enough isolated areas that you can find your own corner of paradise.

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WK228: ZRH - ACE 06:55 - 10:05
Flight duration: 04:10
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su
WK228: ZRH - ACE 07:50 - 11:00
Flight duration: 04:10
Mo - Tu - We - Th Fr - Sa - Su -
WK228: ZRH - ACE 09:00 - 12:10
Flight duration: 04:10
Mo - Tu We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su -
WK229: ACE - ZRH 10:55 - 16:00
Flight duration: 04:05
Mo - Tu - We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su
WK229: ACE - ZRH 11:45 - 16:50
Flight duration: 04:05
Mo - Tu - We - Th Fr - Sa - Su -
WK229: ACE - ZRH 13:00 - 18:05
Flight duration: 04:05
Mo - Tu We - Th - Fr - Sa - Su -

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Why is Lanzarote called the Island of Fire?

Lanzarote is known for its stark, volcanic landscape and the calderas of the Timanfaya National Park. The lava fields of the islands have given it the nickname Isla del Fuego, or Island of Fire. Even though the major volcanic activity that gave rise to the landscape in Timanfaya National Park occurred between 1730 to 1736, and the island has not seen an eruption since 1824, visitors to the area can still feel the warmth of the ground and watch geysers burst forth.

What is the best way to get around Lanzarote?

Lanzarote does have a public bus service, though it only serves the major centres of the island. Since many resorts tend to be out of the way, you may find yourself unable to reach your destination by bus – though you will certainly be able to get into the capital of Arrecife from the airport by bus. For trips into the island’s interior or to explore the coast at your own pace, it is generally advisable to hire a car.

When is the best time to visit Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a truly year-round destination, especially as it is one of the drier locations in the Canary Islands. A visit at any time of year will allow you to enjoy plenty of sunshine with temperatures that rarely drop below 20°C. However, if you are flexible in your timing, you may want to plan on coming outside of the peak season of July and August, when European schools are on summer holiday, or during Holy Week, when local tourists flock to the beaches – prices for accommodation can spike during both periods.

Attractions of Lanzarote: See its fiery landscapes for yourself

More so than any other of the Canary Islands, most visitors to Lanzarote come in search of its otherworldly volcanic landscapes. There are many ways to enjoy the sights offered by the island, from buggy tours to excursions or self-guided tours of the former lava fields. Particular highlights are the Fire Mountains of Timanfaya National Park, where tours will often include a restaurant meal cooked with the heat of the volcano. The Mirador del Río, a lookout designed by local architect César Manrique, allows you to go inside a mountain and look out over the canyon below.

Enjoy a concert under the mountain

Another attraction, the Cueva de los Verdes, is an underground tunnel hollowed out by lava – the hollow area is so expansive that it even includes a theatre where crowds can listen to live music played in the unique acoustics of the area.

Relax on beautiful one-of-a-kind beaches

In addition to its volcanic wonders, Lanzarote is no slacker where beaches are concerned. The island boasts several world-class white-sand beaches in various degrees of isolation – from crowded city beaches to exclusive locales that can only be reached by 4x4 or water taxi so that you can be alone with the turquoise-blue water. Some of the most popular are:

  • Playa de Papagayo
  • Playa Flamingo
  • Playa Caletón Blanco
  • Playa Blanco

Spend a day hiking or biking on La Graciosa

If heading off the beaten track gives you a taste for isolation, then take a ferry to the Chinijo Archipelago, right off the coast of Lanzarote. The island of La Graciosa welcomes tourists to explore its solitary, peaceful surroundings – perfect for a day trip of hiking or biking.

A different sort of island getaway awaits on Lanzarote: book your flight from Zurich to Lanzarote with SWISS and experience it for yourself.

Seaside dining in Lanzarote

Lanzarote restaurants specialize in Canarian dishes with Spanish and Latin flairs mixed in, all while taking advantage of the rich bounty of the sea and the gorgeous views on offer – which, science has proven, make the food taste that much better. Shellfish fans should try out the local limpets, while papas arrugadas, or “wrinkled potatoes” with mojo sauce are a perennial favourite. Gofio is a uniquely Canarian ingredient, made from various grains and starchy roots and made into golfio escaldado, a kind of porridge, or else incorporated into desserts.

Savor exceptional Lanzarote wine

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a wine in the place it was grown and produced. That goes double, where touring its barren, volcanic expanse would make anyone think that growing vines here would be impossible. But grow they do, in new volcanic soil, and a tour through the island’s wine route will allow you to see just how it is accomplished. If you want to enjoy the local wine, craft beer or other refreshments in a night out on the town, the most varied nightlife can be found in Playa del Carmen, with live music, karaoke and plenty more.

Open-air shopping in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the kind of place that you don’t want to stay cooped up, even as you look for that special find to take back with you. Luckily, its towns offer a variety of open-air markets and shopping malls where you can find deals and admire local crafts while continuing to enjoy the natural beauty. From the seaside Marina Rubicón shopping area in Playa Blanca to the Biosfera Shopping Centre in Puerto del Carmen, shopping areas offer boutique fashion and crafts while allowing you to enjoy the surroundings.

  • Zurich - Lanzarote
    Flight duration: 04:10 hrs total, Frequency: Tue,Thu,Sun,Tue
  • Departure Zurich
    Terminal: 1 / 3
    Counter opening time: 24 h prior to departure
  • Airbus A320-214
    Height: 11.80 m
    Length: 37.60 m
    Seats: 136-168
  • Crew:
    Pilots: 2
    Cabin crew: 4
  • Arrival Lanzarote
    Distance to city centre: 5 km